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Pats Vs Falcons: Part III. 


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3rd Quarter.


Falcons came out to start the 2nd Half with all the choking pressure taken off. They fly down field on an unsuspecting Patriots Defense that looked like they were in bend but don't break mode. "We were clear in how we wanted to go and attack," Quinn said. "We did take some chances on some fourth down [opportunities], we felt that was the right thing to do, continue to give our guys chances." But the two best plays were a run by Ryan, and a run by Freeman.

But when they got into the Redzone everything tightened up. Ryan took two shots into the Endzone and misfired on both to force the field goal. "We missed field goal and blocked field goals," Ice said. "Third down on both sides of the ball I thought cost us. The red zone is certainly a factor in tonight’s score."

The Pats defense bent, and ran 4:25 off the clock. But didn't break in the Redzone. Then the Falcons broke, when they missed the field goal. "I've said it all season. I thought we executed our game plan perfectly tonight," McCourty said. "Our coaches have been on us about just make a team make a play to beat us. You know, Julio Jones catch in the end zone, Sanu's catch on the 1-yard line, like, those are great catches. I thought we competed and made them earn every yard." We are watching a Championship Defense being formed during the season, again.

The Pats Offense marched back out onto the eerie field, like Halloween was coming. "That fog was pretty crazy," Gronk said. "I mean I have never seen anything like that or played in any fog. A deep ball up in there was definitely tougher than with no fog." They march over midfield like a band of ghost crossing a haunted graveyard. Then Brady ran a little playaction, and threw a perfect pass to Hogan.

1st and 10 at the 40, the Pats lined up in an I. They run out of this formation 90% of the time. So they ran playaction. Brady hit Hogan on a deep cross. He was knocked off his rocker at the Nine, and we lose another WR.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in another I with one WR. They ran a draw to Dion. He hopped skipped, and jumped inside the Five. "We were just being physical at the end," Dion said. "We talked about being physical in the running game and there's no better way than being physical to close the game out in a four minute situation." That was great run.

The Pats lined up again in the that odd offset Big Ugly I with one WR, which is apropos on this haunted night. "Whatever it takes to make plays," Dion said. "I try not to be a one trick pony. I'm small but I'm not little." Dion danced around the line, and a tackler seemed to shift through him like he was ethereal.

Then he bolted forward to the One. "Dion did a good job the few times that they pressured the safety on Sunday. He took care of his responsibility and handled that well." McDaniels said. "We ask all our backs to really do a good job in blitz pick up, whatever down that is, whatever the protection may be. It's difficult to play in pro football if you can't block blitzers as a running back. So, we ask all our guys to be prepared to do that.

"Some guys have to do it on different situational downs. James White usually does it on third down or in two-minute situations for us and does a really good job of that. You know, the guys that play on early downs, like Dion and Mike, and Rex and Brandon, those guys. There's a different set of blitzers and packages sometimes that you've got to be ready for. But, I thought they did a good job of being ready and prepared for those things when they came up on Sunday. It certainly helped us in the game." No one makes guys miss in less space than Dion.

3rd and goal from the One, and there are now no WRs on the field. It is all blockers on the field. "They competed right at the end," BB said. "I thought the last five plays when we were able to get a couple of 1st downs there and run out the clock were a good exclamation point for the play of the offensive line and the running backs, Dion. They ground out some tough yards there. We needed those." They ran Gillislee outside, where the Atlanta speed could get to him. He didn't make the corner. The Pats had to kick the field goal. Pats-20. Falcons-Zip.

Falcons marched back out into the graveyard with all the ghosts of the Past Super Bowl haunting them. "The first half, start of the 3rd quarter, it's all right. As you get into the middle of the third quarter and on, for those of us with aging eyes, it's a little strain to see it," BB said. "Then there's a point where you can't really see it at all, especially from the sideline." Their specters had settled into Foxboro.

The Falcons lined up in a Singleback, and the Pats matched up in a 4-3. They ran Freeman in a zone scheme to the right. He cut back to the left and then curled back to the right into Harmon and Harris.

2nd and 1, Falcons lined up in a two TE Singleback eerily similar to the Pats off Set I. The Pats matched up in 3-3 Nickel, knowing Atlanta had to throw, as the 3rd quarter was wafting away. "The end zone cameras are a little bit lower and they get a little tighter shot, so the picture is a little bit clearer," BB said. "But on that shot you're not always able to see all the guys on the perimeter. It's an inline shot." They ran play action. Ice hit Freeman slipping outside. But he stopped running upfield for some reason. He had to cut back across the middle and fell down. Guy and Bademosi tagged him.

1st and 10, the Falcons lined up in a spooky 4-Wide Singleback. The Pats have to match up in a spread out 3-3 Nickel, with a lot of holes in their zone. They ran right again. Freeman cut back behind the line for a nice run. Hightower and Wise slowed him, as he broke their tackle. Then he dived forward into Chung and Harris for the First.

1st and 10, the Falcons lined up in an eerily similar 3-Wide Singleback, and then shifted a second TE back to the line. The Pats stayed in their 3-3 Nickel with both Safeties way back in the mist, protecting the deep ball. They ran a zone toss outside.

Bademosi did a great job protecting the edge, then shedding and tackling, when Freeman cut inside. "We're excited because we finally see our hard work come into show," Harmon said. "It's not perfect; we still left some plays out there. We still did some things that we know we need to learn from. I just feel like the energy that we played with, the excitement, how fast and physical we played kind of covered up a lot of the mistakes that we made. We just got to build on that." That was a great play by Bademosi.

2nd and 2, the Falcons lined up in an H-back Singleback. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel with a Chung in the box. Ice finally threw a deep Out to Jones. "We have to tip our hats to them, they're a good team," Jonathan Jones said. "We went out and we were able to make those plays and in the end they came out and helped us win." Harmon knocked him out of bounds at the 24.

The Falcons are doing a good job getting down field, but they are ticking the 3rd quarter into a gloomy grave. They lined up slowly into another 3-Wide Singleback, like they are trying to run out the clock. The Pats just stayed in their 3-3, but the Safeties are up a little closer as they are running out of field. Matty-Ice hit Julio underneath. He was taken down by Butler at the ten.

1st and Goal, the Falcons go into a 3-Wide Winged shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel, with a Chung in the box. They ran Freeman right at Chung like he was lost in the fog. "It wasn't bad field level," McCourty said. "I mean, it was rough for us to see on the big screen when the offense was out there. But once we were on the field, you could see the ball. It wasn't a problem, I don't think, for either side." Branch and Chung bring him down at the LOS.

1st and Goal from the 10, Falcons go 4-Wide Strong Shotgun, and the idiots ran the clock out to end the 3rd quarter down 20-points. That was one of the dumbest things I've seen on a football field. They are playing like they are ahead and just have to run the clock out of the spooky 3rd quarter.

1st and Goal from the 10 again, Falcons lined up 4-Wide Strong shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 4-2 Nickel. "I've said it all season. I thought we executed our game plan perfectly tonight," McCourty said. "Our coaches have been on us about just make a team make a play to beat us. You know, Julio Jones catch in the end zone. Sanu's catch on the 1-yard line. Like, those are great catches. I thought we competed and made them earn every yard." Ice hit Sanu angling outside over two DBs, and they all crashed down inside the One.

3rd and Goal, at the One-foot line, and Ice has to burn another time out. The Falcons motioned into a 2-Wide Winged shotgun. The Pats had to go big, and lined up in a 4-3. Ice dropped, then waggled outside. He tried to throw the ball to Julio.

But big play Malcolm Butler laid out like a banshee on the wind. "There's going to be some trash talking out there," Butler said. "But we just wanted to make sure we protected [the home field] in Foxboro, and just get the win. Go out there and compete." He knocked it down in a spectacular play from the Pats Number One Corner again.

4th and Goal at the One-foot line, and the Falcons have to go for it. "It kind of surprised us at some point," Flowers said. "They had to make a play and they wanted to make a play. So they figured it was the right opportunity to try to make it. We had to play four downs." They go into a Patriots formation, Empty with Ice under Center.

The Pats crowd the line as much as they can, but they have to respect the 5-Wides. But the Pats stuck four guys right between the Guards. They run a Jet sweep, which was a surprising call, but not for the Pats. Flowers shot outside like a wraith in a rainstorm, and shoved Gabriel off his line.

Then Van Noy bolted outside of him, and took Gabriel down to end the game. "It's a little bit of an unusual play to run down on the goal line, but we've seen it before. It's a tough play because in your goal line defense when you're trying to stop the run down there you're almost always in some type of man coverage principles," BB said. "So when the receiver, Gabriel, comes across in a fast motion like that it's almost impossible for the guy who has him in man coverage to get through all of the traffic, and get over the top on everything, and he's there on the other side.
"Kyle made a great play, made a very instinctive play. He recognized the motion and then saw that the defender was a little bit behind the receiver. And so he moved into position to have better leverage on the play. Trey Flowers also saw that and it might have forced him a little bit deeper. Kyle might have made the play anyway, but Trey got a good read on it, too, and was able to partially disrupt the play.

"If you can just force that play to not get around the corner immediately through a belly back and give ground or if the runner has to slow down and gather it all then you're in position to get there. That play is really dangerous if they can just hit it on the outside and then you have no way to catch them. Trey made a good play on that and Kyle's awareness and the quickness with which he got outside with all of the traffic so that he could kind of have a clear shot to come up the field was a real heads up play on his part." Game. Set. Match. Pats.

In the end the Falcons only scored one TD. "When those plays needed to be made we stepped up and we were able to make most of them," BB said. "I mean, the catch Julio made in the end zone! That's a great play. We were right there, and he just went up there and made a Julio Jones play that he makes. I don't know how many other guys in the league make that. So, even when we didn't make [plays] we were close." My defense's back and your gonna be in trouble.


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