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The trade of Garoppolo is the beginning of the end of the Patriots Dynasty. Jimmy-G was supposed to be the link to the Playoffs AB (After Brady;) for the Pats. You cannot win the Super Bowl without a Franchise QB. That is just a fact of the modern era. Jimmy-G had a shot at being a top five QB.

Now? They don't even have a back up to Brady, never mind a successor. "We've completed the trade papers with San Francisco, so I'll just make a couple of comments on this situation," BB said. "First of all, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jimmy. I couldn't ask for him to give us any more than he's given us. The 49ers are getting a good player, and they're getting a good person, and they're getting a great teammate and they're getting a good quarterback. Jimmy is getting a good coach. His career is moving forward. He's a talented individual, was a great person to coach. I met with him weekly and, again, have a tremendous amount of respect for him. As his career moves forward we have to look to our team, both this year and beyond, and that's a consideration we have to make." San Fran will be better than the Pats in three years.

Remember what San Fran looked like BG (Before Garoppolo;), because that is what an NFL team looks like without a Franchise QB. Brady is at that age where he could be done in an off season, like Favre. Garoppolo was suppose to step in for him, but Brady kept playing more than aging. However, that doesn't mean that he is invulnerable to the aging process.

They went from the best QB situation, to tittering on a precious with no back up. "We probably had the best quarterback situation in the league for the last, let's call it two-and-a-half years," BB said. "It's just not sustainable given the way that things are set up. It's definitely not something that we wanted to walk away from. And I felt like we rode it out as long as we could. We, over a period of time, explored every option possible to try to sustain it. But at this point felt like we had to make a decision." I believe the rumors that Kraft stepped in to save his boy are true.

Because Belichick has seen the devastations to Super Bowl Dynasties, when their Franchise QB succumbs to age. "It's a very complex situation on multiple levels, and this is really the last window that we had, and we did what we felt was best for the team," BB said. "There were many things involved in this whole process and, again, on a number of levels; way too many to get into at this time. I'm definitely not going to get into any conversations that took place regarding the trade or with the player, but this is a decision involving Jimmy; in some form a decision that's been looming for the last couple of years." BB knows what is coming in the next year or two.

Kraft might not have had as watchful an eye on 80s 49ers. "I'm sure a lot of you have questions that are fair but, again, to try and put the whole puzzle together and there are so many different points in time that would and could change the entire conversation that it's just too complicated of a process and too unique to get into in depth. So, I'm not going to answer questions about the transaction and all of the follow ups that would be coming with those, which are fair questions, but it's just not possible. We'll address the quarterback positon and try to put our team in the most competitive position possible," BB said. "I will not discuss any roster changes until they've been completed, so there's not going to be any speculation about anything that might or might not happen in the future. That's where we are for today."  I think this compares to when Walsh left the San Fran Dynasty in the 80s.

The 49ers didn't die right away. But that move led to the trade of Montana. Which then led to the Steve Young taking the team for one more ride to the Super Bowl, and then oblivion. Maybe Jimmy-G isn't Young, but he could have won at least one Super Bowl with BB at HC for the NEP. The walking out of Walsh was really the beginning of the end for the San Fran Dynasty. Just like Jimmy-G wearing a 49er uniform on Halloween is the beginning of the end for ours.

But the 49ers did get lucky, and got one more Super Bowl victory out of their sort-ta young QB. "That's the hard part of this game, but that's the reality of it. I mean that's professional football. Every team in the league does that at various points during the year," BB said about losing a player you've worked with for years. "Sometimes it's during the season, sometimes it's at the end of training camp, sometimes it's in the offseason. Players come into the league and players go out of the league in one way or another and they go on your team and they go off your team. Every team in the league deals with that. Every player eventually deals with it. Every coach deals with it. We're all living in that world." The Pats still have a chance to win another one for as long as Brady can stand in the pocket.

However, the fuse has just been lit. And we don't know how long it is yet. When Brady goes, the Dynasty will blow up. They might have to use one of their top three picks on another young QB to develop in the short term. Or, BB will just ride off into the sunset with Brady. And will be stuck with the Sullivan Patriots again.


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