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1st Quarter: Part II.


Pitt came out in a Big Singleback. Jags matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. "They run well. Posluszny in their base defense and then Smith and Jack on all downs. They are always in there. They cover a lot of ground. They are fast. More than fast though I would say they are instinctive," BB said. "They find the ball, they anticipate plays well and they get a good jump on the ball. They are good tacklers and they are good at stripping the ball. Everybody is good at stripping the ball, their whole team is. Their front guys, their linebackers, their secondary, they are all good at taking the ball away with strips, interceptions, tipped balls and so forth." They had their three run and chase LBs spread out on the 3rd level.

The Jags want everything in front of their great speed at LB and DB. "That's why they have so many of them (fast LBs). They are a very explosive group on defense," BB said. "They can score when you have the ball and that's always a very threatening thing. Not only can they take the ball away, but they can take the ball away and score. I think that speaks to the explosiveness of their team." That is the fastest defense I've seen this season.

1st and 10, Pitt ran up the middle. Campbell and Jack stuffed Fournette at the line. 2nd and 9, Pitt went 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Jags matched up in that spread out 4-2 Nickel. They ran Bell, and Malik Jackson and Yannick Ngakoue got him behind the line. 3rd and 11, Pitt went 3-Wide Strong shotgun. The Jags matched up in a spread out 4-3 with Posluszny playing the safety.

Roethlisberger threw it outside to a TE. "It shows how good they are. They have a crazy amount of interceptions this year, eight touchdowns during the regular season on defense they have produced," Gronk said. "They are good. They are competitive. They compete every single time the ball is around them. They can go and get the ball. They are good at reading where the ball is, reading the quarterback and reading the plays. That is why you have to be ready at all times and you have to compete because they compete at all times. That is what helps them get the turnovers." The LB Jack got in front of him and intercepted the ball.

Jags came out in a tight I at the 18. They ran Fournette off tackle to the right. He got outside, and it looked like he skipped over the TE on the ground for a TD. Jags-14.

Pitt had to go shotgun. The Jags matched up in their unconventional 4-2 nickel, with a row of two ILB and two Safeties behind the D-line, almost forming an umbrella. Brady is going to have a tough time reading this defense. They are light years ahead of the Titans. Pitt ran a draw, and Bell finally got past the LOS. He ran over half the defense for a 20-yard run.

1st and 10, Steelers went into a Patriots Formation (Empty, with the QB under center;). Jags went 4-3. The D is tough to clock, because they will play Posluszny and Jack at Safety. Their speed is incredible. Pitt ran off tackle right. Smith blitzed from the other side of the LOS, and got to Bell before he reached the Line on the opposite seam. Pitt looked like they don't belong on the field with the Jags defense right now.

2nd and 10, Pitt went 4-Wide Strong shotgun. The Jags lined up in a 4-3 Nickel. Roth threw outside to Brown short. He fought for the First.

1st and 10, Pitt in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Jags went 4-3. It was tough for Roethlisberger to read the D. He finally hit Rogers over the middle. He was being covered by two LBs.

1st and 10, Empty. Jags matched up in a 4-2 Nickel. "They have some fast players," BB said about the Jags' D. "Some big players, too, like Marcell Dareus, Malik Jackson and guys like that. I mean, they've got a lot of good football players. They bring a lot of problems. They bring speed, size, power, instincts, athleticism. Ramsey! I mean, he's a big corner now. They've got a lot of good football players that have a lot of skill." They have no trouble leaving in an extra LB or two in coverage, because of their speed.

Their LBs confused Roethlisberger. He threw a wild pass to nowhere. 2nd and 10, Pitt went 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Jags stayed 4-2 Nickel. They sent Five, a safety blitzed off the corner. Pitt ran Bell for a great eight.

3rd and 2, Pitt in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Jags stayed 4-2 Nickel. They pitched it outside, and four defenders reached Bell, and stuffed him short. 4th and less than a foot, Pitt went Bunch-right Singleback.

The Jags crowded the line with a 4-3, and then called timeout. "They're very well balanced and you don't see that a lot," BB said. "You don't see that type of balance with good pass rushers. But as you said, they have a lot of good ones and they do a good job. They have good players that do a good job with their scheme." Pitt came back out in the same formation, and the Jags matched up in a 4-3.

This would have been a sneak from Brady. But Pitt ran a toss into the Jags speed. Ramsey was in the backfield before the pitch reached Bell.

You cannot run sideways against this D. "They've got really fast linebackers that are very disruptive that can do everything that you need linebackers to do: they run, they tackle, they cover, they turn the ball over, they blitz well," McDaniels said. "And then you've got a really, really good secondary that contests a lot of throws and makes it very difficult to have a lot of success in the passing game. So there's nothing they don't do well. They're very talented, their scheme is difficult and they're well-coached. So this is going to be a huge challenge for us. We're excited to start our preparation today for them with our players." You have to power straight ahead.

The Jags came out in a Twin-WR-left I, and I would be shocked if this wasn't a run. I was shocked. They ran a play action. This is going to be very tough on the Pats D. Bortles threw on the move, and it oddly wasn't caught. 2nd and 10, Jags went 2-Wide Strong shotgun. 

They ran a Draw up the gut. "Obviously where we are right now in the season with Fournette, just a big, strong, physical runner," BB said. "A guy that really can get the ball vertical into the defense quickly. He has a great combination of size and power and athleticism that makes him very difficult to bring down. So I think his run game obviously fits the style that they block in front of him. His ability to continually just be that workhorse for the offense definitely just pops out on tape." Fournette slashed back the right for five.

3rd and 5, the Jags lined up in a Trips-right Weak shotgun. "He's a good quarterback. None of the guys that say things, they're not in here. Obviously, once again, he's a good player," Marquis Flowers said. "He's controlling the game, and he's in the AFC Championship Game. So what more can you say? Obviously he's a good player. It's going to be a tough challenge. He's another guy that can make plays happen with his feet, throw the ball, and he can make big plays. It's going to be a good game."  Bortles hit Hurns on a short Out for the First to end the First quarter.

Jags came out in a Bunch-Left Strong shotgun to start the 2nd, and Bortles ran an option run. "The guy is a winner," McCourty said about Bortles. "Whether it's dropping back and throwing the deep ball in a drive where Pittsburgh cuts it to seven and you need to make a big play and he stays in the pocket and finds Yeldon after surveying the field.

"Or in other games, against Buffalo, he drops back, they drop into coverage, everybody has their back to him, and he scrambles for 15 yards [and] a big first down to keep the drive going. To me, you see a winner. A quarterback that is smart and makes all the right plays. When he is out there, he's trying to put the team in the best situation, and it shows up. I think you can throw out stats and you can do all that stuff, but at the end of the day, the only thing anybody cares about is winning, and obviously his team is playing in the AFC Championship. They've won a lot of games this year." Bortles kept it and got outside.

2nd and 1, the Jags went Twin-TE-R Singleback: 1 for 1 Pass. They ran Fournette on a Dive. He got the First, and broke outside for a long run. But a Hold was called downfield, but Fournette ran so far downfield that it was still a First.

1st and 10, Jags lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Which has been a passing formation. Bortles dropped. He got flushed to the left and ran for the First.

1st and 10, Jags lined up in a 3-TE Singleback. They are showing run here. They ran play action. Bortles got grabbed by a rusher. He fought him off, and grounded the ball. 2nd and 10, the Jags lined up in a Bunch-Right Singleback. They ran when they went Bunch-Right I. They ran Fournette, and he ran over a tackler, and spun for a lot more.

3rd and 2 at the 8, The Jags went into a 4-Wide Bunch-R Weak shotgun. They ran Fournette and he followed a blocker inside the Five.

1st and Goal from the Five. Jags motioned into a Bunch-Right Singleback. They like to run with a Bunch on the Right, which is the first trend I feel comfortable confirming. Yeldon got a yard on a Dive. 2nd and Goal from the Four, the Jags went 3-Wide Weak shotgun, which they passed on last time. So they ran Yeldon for a TD. Jags-21. Pitt-7.

I-formation: 2 for 2 Run

Motion 2-TE-I: 1 for 1 run

3-TE I: 1 for 1 Pass

3-TE Singleback: 1 for Pass

Twin-Twin I: 1 for 1 Run

Twin-WR-L I: 1 for 1 Run

Tight Singleback: 1 for 2 Pass

Twin-TE-R Singleback: 1 for 2 Pass

Tight-WR Singleback: 1 for 1 Pass

Bunch-Left Singleback: 1 for 1 Run

Bunch-R Singleback: 2 for 2 Run

Bunch-Left Strong shotgun: 1 for 1 Run

Double Stacked 4-Wide Weak shotgun:

1 for 1 pass

2-Wide Strong shotgun: 1 for 1 Run

3-Wide Weak shotgun: 1 for 2 Pass

Trips-R Weak shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

4-Wide Bunch-R Weak shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass



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