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The, Greatest NFL Game Ever played.


1st and 10 at their own Nine, the Pats lined up in a Double-Stacked Strong shotgun. Brady dropped. This was do or die play number 21, because Brady just got rid of the ball as Jarrett was diving at him with one foot in the endzone. If Brady doesn't dump that ball off it might have been a Safety.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. "He's laser-focused, and the entire time," Chris Hogan said. "There wasn't a time where we looked at Tom like he knew this thing was over. There wasn't a doubt in my mind. We have one of the best quarterbacks that ever played the game." Brady threw deep down the sideline, and the DB shoved Hogan in the shoulder from behind just as he tried to catch it. The refs didn't call it.

3rd and 10, 4-Wide Strong shotgun, with a Stack on the left. Brady got pressure. He had to throw, and I though he was throwing it away. "I don't think anything about a personal legacy," Brady said. "I mean, those words would never come out of my mouth unless I just repeated them. Those things have never been important to me." He got hit again as he threw to the right.

Hogan hauled it in six yards past the marker while being tackled by Coleman. "We looked to him when we needed him to get us going and he did," Hogan said. "We made some plays, and we just had to keep chipping away. There wasn't a doubt in my mind. We have one of the best quarterbacks to play the game. We were going to find a way to make this thing fly." That 3rd down conversion was do or die play 22.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun Trips left. Brady had a clean pocket. He fired at Edelman crossing over the middle in front of Mitchell. Both Mitchell and Edelman reached up for it. But it was really Alford who got his hand on it and knocked it down.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun, trips left. Mitchell broke open on an In again. "It’s impressive. It really is," Garoppolo said about Mitchell. "He’s a smart kid, though, so it’s not very surprising. But yeah man, I can remember my rookie year, it’s like speaking a whole different language, especially when you come from college where everything is so simplified and now you’re learning one of the most complicated offenses." He snagged it inside, and turned outside for the First.

He actually fell down. "The guy can play, there's no question about that," Malcolm Butler said. "He's got big, strong hands. He can catch balls in traffic. He can catch a lot of contested ball. I've had my hand on the ball, trying to rip it out, but he wouldn't let it go." Then got up, got his hands up, and caught the ball.

1st and 10, Pats Empty. Edelman ran down the Seam, angling outside cleverly. Then he angled back inside towards the Seam. Brady threw a laser 20-yards down field, over midfield. But Alford leaping in front of Edelman. "When I watched the replay, I said, 'Oh, I should have caught that.' I should have come down with it," Alford said. "All I could do was tip it in the air and hope one of my brothers came down with it." The ball doinked off a leaping Alford's hands.

It popped up in the air with three DBs, Edelman, and the souls of all Pats fans reaching out for it for a couple of second. "That's the best catch I've ever seen in person," Hightower said. "That's why they call Julian Incredible Man" It actually bounced off of Alford's shin next.

The ball hit Alford twice before Edelman got a hand on it. "It’s one of the greatest catches I’ve ever seen," Brady said. "I don’t know how the hell he caught it. I don’t think he does either." Edelman slapped the ball with his left hand towards his right.

Alford kicked the ball into Edelman's hands. "I knew I got it," Edelman said. "I felt like I had it. I knew I had like a good feel on it. I didn't know if maybe a piece of the ball was touching [the ground]. But I knew that [I had it]. But I didn't know what the dang rule was. No one knows what the rule is for a catch is. I was like, 'I'm pretty sure I got it.'" Then Alford's foot knocked the ball out of Edelman's hands.

Then he scooped it back in with both hands. "I was onto the next play," Edelman said. "We had a lot more to do. We had to get a touchdown, and a 2-point conversion. So 'Dola made a big play coming up next. Sweet Feet made some big plays. Great complimentary game from all the guys: Malcolm, Hoogs. It was unbelievable." One ref called it good, and I thought he was crazy.

Ironically, that play wasn't a do or die play. "We’ve been on the other end of a few of those catches," Brady said. "And tonight we got it." It was the best catch in Super Bowl history.

But it was on 1st down. "I saw the pass get tipped in the air," White said. "I was running in the vicinity of where he caught the ball. I just have no idea how he caught that pass, but it was an amazing play. The pass is like a centimeter from the ground. He was able to catch it. It was one of those unbelievable catches of Super Bowl history." The Pats would have had three more downs to get the 1st if Incredible Man hadn't dragged it in.

So the Pats would still have had a chance to win if he didn't drag it in. "There’s always one of those catches in the Super Bowl," White said. But that was when I believed again. The Football Gods were clearly on the Pats side for Incredible Man to make that catch.

1st and 10, incredibly at the 41, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady had time, and stepped up and threw to Amendola. "To convert two 2-point conversions, another 4th down to Amendola on another scoring drive, you have to make all of those plays right when you fall behind by 25 points," McDaniels said. "Our guys deserve all of the credit, because they’re the ones who executed under pressure." He caught it 16-yards down field, and ran to the Twenty at the 2-minute warning.

1st and 10 at the 21, the Pat motioned into a 3-Wide Strong shotgun, Twins left. Brady had some pressure on his left. "He just proved to you guys that he is the greatest, period," Chung said. "So all of you haters need to shut up and just own up to it that he is the greatest. We all saw that today. Whoever says he’s not the greatest, you guys are stupid." Solder punched Reed behind Brady as he threw.

Brady hit White sneaking out of the backfield. "To go from a rookie to working his tail off to become a big factor in all these games," Brady said "That particular role in our offense: the Kevin Faulk mode, the Danny Woodhead mold, the Shane Vereen mold. And ultimately what Dion and what James [have] done has been incredible for our offense. They’re tough matchups." He made a great one-cut cut-back that made Jones miss.

Then he had to dive into the ground inside the Ten as a crowd of defenders had gathered in front of him. "[Tom claiming White should win MVP] felt nice, but, I wouldn't get 14 catches if he wasn't throwing me the ball," White said. "So he's more than well deserving of that award. He's our leader, he's the reason we fought back into that game." I'll reluctantly call that the 23rd do or die play, even though it was on a 1st down.

It gave them a 1st and Goal. "Tom kept us motivated on the sidelines, 'just keep fighting,'" White said. "We didn’t play very well in the 1st half. But we knew we’d come out in the 2nd half and: the Defense [would] get stops, the Offense [would] put up points, and the lead would continue to decrease. And we'll be in position to win the football game." Plus, it after the 2-minute, in a do or die drive.

1st and Goal from the 8, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady hit White again. "Tom Brady has been playing for a long time, and you have to earn his trust," Edelman said. "You better know the fine details of everything. And not just your route, but the other routes being run. So you can help ensure the success of the play whether you’re the primary receiver, or whether you’re clearing out for someone else or on the back side or the front side of a formation." He flew around Cannon's outside shoulder, and angled inside as he looked back at Brady.

Brady hit him low in the gut. "We didn't substituted at that point, and Dion went out there right at the end of the game, and cramped up a little bit there," BB said. "James is a good runner. He has good vision. He does a good job of finding the openings. He's not a guy whose going to run over a lot of defensive linemen. [But] he's quick, and he's got good balance. He's got good vision." He caught it and dived down at the One.

2nd and Goal from the One, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback. Brady handed it to White as they tried to collapse the strongside. "I had a down block," Hogan said. "I knew what I had to do. I took care of my job." He didn't hold on to Beasley long, but he did hold on long enough.

Shaq and Cannon collapsed the rest of the side down the line and into the endzone. "You have to look at the physical part of it," Scarnecchia said about Cannon. "He lost 30 pounds. I think that was huge. He reshaped his body, and I think that helped a great deal. Then, he got the one thing that they all wish they had, and that’s confidence. As each game progressed and he became more confident in what he was doing and how he was doing it, I think that really helped him a great deal." Cannon drove the DE into the dirt in the Endzone.

Bennett had a beautiful block as well. "Three," Cannon said about LI being his third Super Bowl. "Even though we’re trying to stay focused, I’m still happy to be here, blessed to be here. I don’t take it for granted, but you’ve got to remember why you’re here." He shoved the DE into Cannon, and then blocked the LB on the 2nd level.

White just skipped to my lou into the endzone. "It’s really surreal," White said. "I was just living in the moment. I wasn’t paying attention to how many catches I had. How many yards I had. I just wanted to keep moving the chains no matter what it took." To incredibly get them within 2-points for do or die play 24.

They lined up for the 2-point conversion at the 2-yard line in a Patriots formation. Empty, with Brady under center. "I think James White deserves it (MVP), it’ll be nice for him " Brady said. "It’s a great performance by him when we needed it the most on the biggest stage. And he really came through for us." The Falcons had to respect the sneak, so they jammed in four guys between the guards.

Amendola was out widest in the Trips left. "What they were doing defensively, matching up with us throughout the game, I kind of knew the play call when we were getting that close into the red zone, on the 1- or 2-yard line," Amendola said. "So I knew it was coming, and it was just a matter of executing." He went in motion inside as Brady called for the snap.

Amendola caught the ball behind Hogan and Edelman. "To convert two two-point conversions, another 4th down to Amendola on another scoring drive, you have to make all of those plays right when you fall behind by 25 points," McDaniels said. "Our guys deserve all of the credit, because they’re the ones who executed under pressure." They both locked the two DBs in front of them, and out of the play.

They also caused just enough traffic for the two other DBs charging Amendola to not be able to reach him before he hit the goal line. "We were just worrying about beating them by one point," Amendola said. "We knew we had to come out in the second half and play no matter what. They were coming at us with a lot of things. We just wanted to be resilient, we wanted to be tough mentally, and we got it done." He scored the 2-point conversion to impossible tie the game at 28-28, for do or die play 25.

Wow! Did I just see what I just saw? "It was just an unbelievable game," BB said. "These guys competed so hard. Down: 21-0, 21-3, 28-3, missed an extra point, 28-9, couple of two-point conversions. But they just kept fighting. It was a total team win." That was simply not possible.

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