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2018 Group One WRs.



#1 Marcell Ateman- Oklahoma State, 6-4 1/2, 216, 9" Hands, 32 7/8" Arms, (U 4.63, 4.65),- Great size and good speed. I think his hands are a little inconsistent sometimes. He has to hold onto the ball a little better. But he has the size speed ratio that can help a lot of teams. He will have to learn to run some route tree. A 4.6 for some one almost 6-5 is an okay number. 

He was a Number Two WR at OK ST, who almost always played on the QB's left. He has a shot at being a number two in the NFL, but with that speed it very tough to be the Alpha WR. He can catch the deep one over his head. He showed some consistent hands at the Combine which I didn't think he had.

Getting a 10'1" Broad jump is a great number for a WR his size. A 34" vertical jump is good at his size as well. I really liked his 7.07 3-Cone. An Official 4.62 is not a great number for him. He will be a Day Three guy who is going to have to work very hard to be more than a back up WR. 

#2 Braxton Berrios- Miami, 5-9, 184, 9 1/4, 28" Arms, (4.,)- He is a small slot guy who always seems to be open. He knows how to work open short all the way down the line. Ultra quick and breaks open with great cuts to either side. He was terrific in Senior Bowl practices. He made catch after catch, and got more open underneath than anyone else got open all week. But at 5-9 he is a Day Three pick. 

#3 Deontay Burnett- USC, 6', 186, 8 5/8" Hands, 31 1/2" Arms,- Fast little receiver. He is tough. He can get open all over the field. He is a small but extra feisty WR. He has great speed and competitiveness. Great feet and hands on the sideline to reach up and snag the high pass, but keep his tiptoes inbounds. 

#4 Deon Cain- Clemson, 6-1.7, 202, 8 3/4" Hands, 33" Arms. (4.46, 4.44)- Deon Cain is a WR I like more than most. His catch radius is great. He can twist, turn, shove off, and grab the off pass above behind and around the CB. He plays bigger than his listed size. He is long legged and thinner than I thought. Getting two 4.4s nest to his name where great numbers for him. 

I had him in the 2nd, and that Forty time justified my faith in him. He can slow and track the late throw. A 4.44 could put him in the 1st. I honestly wouldn't mind the Pats stepping up at 31, and certainly 43. He didn't have a drop in 2nd gauntlet, and he caught them all away from his body. He can catch the low one at his knees. He is a big clutch WR who had some big games when it mattered the most.

#5 Antonio Callaway- Florida, 5-11, 200, 9 1/2" Hands, 31 1/2" Arms, (4.44, 4.41)- This kid is nothing but trouble. To get thrown off the team in FLA! I mean, what do you have to do to get thrown off a football team in Florida? How about stealing and defrauding credit cards. 

A 4.41 helped him, but he was thrown off the team for off the field issues, and didn't play a snap in 2017, I don't think that is enough. Can coaches trust him? I still think he is a Day Three pick. He does have some great hands, and can snag it off his feet. He showed some smooth hands in 2nd gauntlet. Smooth hands catcher. Great talent. Troubling Character Concerns. 

#6 Dylan Cantrell- Texas Tech, 6-3, 226, 9 1/4" hands, 31 3/8" Arms, (U 4.59), 10'10" Broad!- He has great size. Not just height, but 226 is a big number for a WR. Getting under a 4.6 was a good number for him. Excellent athlete with a great story. Smooth easy hands in gauntlet. He kept impressing me at the Combine. Easer catcher with the ball over his head. He is a very underrated athlete. He has great hands. He will catch everything thrown in his radius.

A 10'10" Broad Jump is a great number for him. if he can run patterns with that explosion he could be very good very quickly in the NFL. 

#7 Darren Carrington- Utah, 6-2, 199, 10 3/8" Hands, 32 3/4" Arms, (4.,),- Struggles to catch the deep one sometimes He missed one high throw in gauntlet. Inconsistent hands. He can catch the fast ball on the sideline. Day Three WR at best. 

#8 D.J. Chark- LSU, 6-3, 199, 9 1/4" Hands, 32 3/8" Arms, (4.38, 4.34), 40" Vert, 10'9" Broad,-  Chark is my guy. He was a great WR last season. He had five or six great long receptions and/or TDs taken away from him by penalties. He had more bad luck last season than anyone I saw. His OC insists on have three guys motion before every snap. It is dumb and annoying. And it causes a lot of penalties: false starts, and illegal motion penalties. Which cost Chark at least three TDs. 

Running two straight 4.3s is huge. He chewed up the off season. He was the best WR at the Senior Bowl, and then he killed the Combine. He was open all week at the Senior Bowl, and then made the biggest plays of the game. He has the size. He has the speed. He has the athleticism. He has the hands. 

He was the smoothest tracking the deep ball. Smooth easy hands in 2nd Gauntlet. Nice quicks in break inside. Great speed and acceleration out of break. Quick hands going up to snag the high pass. I love the way he ran patterns at the Combine. Nice suddenness in shoulders on break inside. He really runs great patterns. He gets wide open in patterns all over the place. 

A 4.34 with a 40" Vert, and a 10'9" Broad are some serious explosion numbers. "He has his moments where you see it, but he just hasn't been consistent and he hasn't really gotten a lot better," A scout said. "He's tall and can run but I'm still torn on whether he is going to make the improvements he needs to be an NFL factor." He runs patterns with that speed and explosion. 

#9 Simmie Cobbs- Indiana, 6-3, 220, 9 1/4" Hands, 32" Arms, (4.68, 4.65)- He is a great power forward WR. Nice job catching the high one, and getting both feet in bounds on the sideline. Nice job tracking the deep ball over his shoulder. Caught them all in second gauntlet including a high one way over his head. He can spin back and catch the ball thrown behind him. Nice job catching the ball way above his head.

Running a 6.7 3-Cone makes him eligible to be drafted by the Patriots. He also ran a 80-yard shuttle in a top five 11.2. His Short Shuttle was a little disappointing at 4.32. Those are some excellent quickness numbers, which makes his 4.62 Forty less troubling. 

#10 Keke Coutee- Texas Tech, 5-10, 181, 8 3/8 Hands, 29 7/8" Arms, (4.44, 4.48)- Slot WR with some interesting speed. He could hurt a lot of defenses with speed down the seam. He also has the quicks to be a slot guy for the Pats. But he is a little small even for them. He didn't have a drop in 1st gauntlet, and the 2nd gauntlet as well. Smooth easy catcher. He has a great burst out of break outside. 

He ran a top five 4.15 Short Shuttle, which is a Patriots like number. Combining that with a 6.91 3-Cone makes him interesting to BB on Day Three. When you add his speed, you can see a slot guy who has the speed to cause trouble going down the seam, and breaking outside sometimes. He is also a slot waterbug right in the middle of the Box. 

#11 Robert Foster- Alabama, 6-2, 196, 9 1/4" Hands, 32 1/8" Arms, (4.45, 4.42)- A 4.42 was a great number for him. He ran an official 4.41 Forty. He reminds me a little of Hogan. He could be a better pro than college player (which isn't saying much). He certainly looked like it at the Combine. He did play with a run first QB most of the last two seasons. Not sure he has any WR instincts. He was not a great player at Alabama. 

He was steady, but didn't get the production expected as a senior. He can track the badly under thrown ball. He was a consistent catcher at the Combine. He leaped up and made a great spinning catch on the Out route. It was one of the best catches at the Combine. He looked like a Day Three steal at the Combine.

He got a 6.9 in the 3-Cone. "It may not seem like it but Saban misses too sometimes," a scout said. "He just misses on five-star guys and replaces them with five-star guys. Foster is going to run fast and workout well so he could still get drafted." He is likely an URFA, who is a great athlete but showed no ability to play WR in games. 

#12 Michael Gallup- Colorado State, 6-1, 205, 9 1/4" Hands, 31 1/2" Arms, (4.52, 4.51)- I liked the 4.5 in the forty for him. He is one of those ultra slippery guys that naturally creates separation from CBs in pattern. He also has good size. He doesn't need to run 4.4. He also has great hands, and snags everything through contact. CB struggled to stay with him in pattern. Great at getting open in pattern. He has some suddenness on inside breaks.

He has a 6.95 3-Cone, which is not a bad number for him at his size. "His production is a little better this year," a scout said. "But I thought his tape was a lot better, because he's learning how to really play the position. He has good size and he's going to run well. I think he will keep getting better." He was a great WR last season.

He produced 1,272 yards and 14 TDs on 56 receptions on only 11 starts. He was also great in Colorado State bowl game. He garnered 108-yards and 3 TDs on six catches. Those are some great numbers. He runs patterns to get open all over the field. Some compared him to Garcon, in that he doesn't seem great, but just keeps getting open. Only, what is more important than the ability to get open in pattern and catching the ball? Nothing. Pats at 43 or 63?

#13 Davon Grayson- East Carolina, 6-3/4", 199, 31 3/8" Arms, (4.52, 4.53)- He was a sprinter in high school. So he showed some of that speed on the field. I like this kid. Nice size and hands on the sideline. He can catch the deep one over his head. Caught them all in gauntlet. He can reach out and snag the low one at his feet. 

He is a guy who could go undrafted, and be a priority free agent. He has a bad back, and that has hurt his production. A 10'4" Broad jump as a great explosion number for him. He ran an official 4.51. He had a good strength number getting 19 reps on the bench. At his size and speed he could be a Flanker or Split End. 

#14 Daesean Hamilton- Penn State, 6-1, 203, 9 3/8" Hands, 31" Arms, (4.,)- He knows the sideline. He can bend outside, and catch the deep one over his shoulder. Nice quicks. Easily caught them all in gauntlet. Smooth catching the ball on an out on the sideline. He is a great slot WR. he is a guy the Pats could pick up in the second to play the slot guy like Edelman. He was amazing in the slot down at the Senior Bowl. He dominated all week run short patterns over the middle and break outside. 

He is a Patriots type NFL slot guy, only much bigger than they normally get. "In this job you deal with some really good guys and some not so good guys. He's one of the best," a scout said. "I think he goes undrafted, but I also think football is going to be a very small part of what he accomplishes in his life." He is an elite route runner in the slot.

He got the magic BB numbers: 6.84 3-Cone, and a 4.15 Short Shuttle. He will be on the Board in the 2nd. So the Pats might get two shots at him. With Amendola maybe leaving, and Edelman recovering from another knee injury, a WR early who can step in and play might be a priority. I thought he was an outside guy, until I watch him destroy every CB at the Shrine and Senior Bowl in short Slot-Guy routes.

#15 Quadree Henderson- Pittsburgh, 5-8, 192, (U 4.51, 4.51)- He is an ultra quick slot guy. He is a Day Three guy. He can catch the one behind him a little. Caught them all in gauntlet. Nice soft hands on 2nd level. He can make the big adjustment to the deep throw. He will make any team that drafts him as a returner. He is a great returner, but showed little else at Pitt.  

He is a one year wonder. He might be too short, but he has solid build. He is very short, but not very small. He might be drafted in the 7th, but more likely he is an URFA. He has dynamic instincts in the open field. He could really help a team on kick and punt returns, and see if he can improve in the slot. He only had 1 college TD at Pitt. Getting a 6.89 in the 3-Cone and 10' Broad are good numbers for him.

#16 Richie James, Middle Tennessee State, 5-10.1, 183, 9 Hands, 31 1/4" Arms, (U 4.48, 4.53)- He has a ton of production. Played special teams and returned punts. He can drag his foot down on the sideline. Caught them all in 2nd gauntlet. Love his hands and smarts on the sideline. I liked his hands at the Combine. 

He could be an interesting Day Three slot guy. He is ultra quick. He can use his quickness to burst open short. He had a terrific slot guy with a 6.87 in the 3-Cone. He ran a 4.26 Short Shuttle. Those are numbers BB might like on day Three. A 10'2" Broad jump was also a great number for him, to go along with a 35.5" vertical leap. 

#17 Christian Kirk- Texas A&M, 5-10.3, 201, 9 7/8" Hands, 30 3/8" Arms, (4.46, 4.48)- I have underrated him. I thought he was way too overrated for my taste. People had him in the top half of the 1st, which was ridiculous. But he will go in the 2nd. He has great speed, but doesn't have the height. 

He is a Great returner, who can change a game on returns. Smart kid who runs good routes. He didn't have the speed everyone was bragging about. He was not a 4.3 guy. He is a fast slot guy. He will play inside, but that is much less of a negative now a days. He was top five in Reps at 20. His 4.45 run in the Short Shuttle was not good, but he rebounded with a 7.09 in the 3-Cone. 

Terrific adjustment to the deep ball thrown away from his shoulder. He didn't have a drop in first gauntlet. Caught them all in gauntlet. Smooth catcher on Out routes. Great consistent hands at the Combine. Great character. Great route runner. He has the things that coach like, and teams need.

#18 Chris Lacy- Oklahoma State, 6-3, 205, (4.53, 4.51)- Good size and good speed. Didn't do much a OK ST. Big quick hands to snag the ball. Doesn't always track the ball well. He had a couple double catches. Dropped one in 2nd gauntlet. He can catch the pass a little high and inside. Runs nice routes with some nice attention to detail. A 33.5" vertical leap is not as bad with a 10' Broad jump. 

OUTLOOK: A smart receiver with good size and hands who emerged as a significant playmaker during the second half of his junior season. 2016 (Junior): A First-Team Academic All-Big 12 selection ... Earned the team’s Vernon Grant Award, which is presented to a player who shows outstanding leadership, spirit and enthusiasm ... Played in every game except the season opener and started at Kansas State ... OSU’s fourth-leading receiver with 31 catches and 489 yards ... One of four Cowboys to reach 100 receiving yards in a game in 2016 ... Set a career-best with 109 receiving yards on four catches in OSU’s win over TCU, marking the most receiving yards of any player in the game.

#19 Jordan Lasley- UCLA, 6-1, 203, 9 5/8" Hands, 32 3/4" Arms, (4.5, 4.58)- He is another maniac who teams want to forgive if he helps them win. But he did not run as fast as expected. So the forgiveness level just went way down. He has good size, but not great size. He has good speed but not great speed. That did not overcome all his off the field issue on Day Two. 

He showed inconsistent hands at the Combine. He can catch the quick one on the sideline. He can track the deep ball over his shoulder. One drop in 2nd gauntlet. Nice job twisting back in the air to catch the ball thrown on the wrong shoulder. He will drop the easy one.

He is a buyer beware player. "He can go!" a scout said. "You can't watch him and not be impressed, but he's got a pattern of behavior that isn't going away in my opinion. He doesn't hold himself accountable. He just acts any kind of way. He could go in the second round or seventh round but he has a lot of ability." He is a late Day Three lottery pick. 

#20 Allen Lazard, Iowa State, 6-4.5, 227, (U 4.62, 4.56), 38" Vert- He is a huge WR. A 4.56 is a great number for him. He has some inconsistent hands at the Senior Bowl, and that continued at Combine. He can tap his feet inbounds on the sideline. When his hands are good, and he really looks the part. He didn't have a drop in 1st gauntlet. He caught them all in the second gauntlet as well. 

A 38" Vert is a great number for him, especially as a compliment to a 10'2" broad jump. I would have like to see his 3-Cone and SS numbers. He had much better hands at he Combine than at the Senior Bowl. He looked like a smooth natural hands catcher at the Combine. That is my only question for him. He consistently runs patterns to get open, and uses his size to catch the ball through contact well.

#21 T.J. Martin- Washington State, 6-5/8", 177, (4.83, 4.8)- He can track the deep one over his head. Didn't have a drop in 1st gauntlet. Caught them all in gauntlet. Easy catcher on the ball over his head. But a 4.8 guy who weighs 177-pounds is not draftable. 

#22 Ray-Ray McCloud- Clemson, 5-9, 190, 9 1/4" hands, 30 1/4" Arms, (4.6, 4.54)- A 4.6 was a terrible time for him. But rebounding to get a 4.5 next to his name kept him in Day Three. He was labeled as a pure speed guy at Clemson. They kept saying he was a 4.3 guy. He is quicker than fast. He adds value as a returner, and should make any team the drafts on special teams. He showed consistent hands at Clemson. He played some CB as well. 

Nice hands on the sideline, and can get both feet down. He can catch the terrible throw at his shoes. He didn't have a drop in 1st gauntlet. Caught them all in second gauntlet, including a great high catch he had to leap way up for. He kept catching everything thrown to him at the Combine. I loved his hands at the Combine. He looked like a better WR at the Combine than at Clemson.

Career: Wide receiver and cornerback who made an impact with his elusiveness in the open field ... had 127 receptions for 1,226 yards and four touchdowns in 1,396 snaps over 40 games (20 starts) in his career ... had 50 punt returns for 485 yards and a touchdown ... had four kickoff returns for 138 yards ... wore jersey #34 for his entire career until the NC State game on Nov. 4, 2017, when he switched to #21; wore #34 against The Citadel on Nov. 18.

2017: Second-team All-American (punt returner) by Pro Football Focus ... third-team All-ACC (punt returner) by Phil Steele ... Honorable Mention All-ACC selection (all-purpose, specialist) ... had 49 receptions for 503 yards and a touchdown in 626 snaps over 14 games (14 starts) ... had 25 punt returns for 303 yards and a touchdown

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