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2018 Group One RBs.



#1 Josh Adams- Notre Dame, 6-2, 213, 18 Reps, - I am so disappointed he didn't work out at the Combine. He is such a great blend of speed, explosion and size. I wanted to see if it transferred to the track. He better have a great day at his Pro Day. I hope someone televises Notre Dame's Pro Day. There are a ton of guys on that team that could be Patriots.

#2 Kalen Ballage- Arizona State, 6-1 1/2, 228, , (4.45), 15 Reps- He showed he was a top power runner, and almost set the NCAA record for TDs in 2016. His play was off last season, and you have to suspect that he was injured. Then he showed that he was the best receiver out of the backfield at the Senior Bowl. He had a very bad year in 2017, yet was still impressive. He looked like he was injured to me. He did improve as a blocker a little, and showed that could use great technique sometimes. But like everything he did in 2017, it was inconsistent and frustrating. He showed could stone LBs with perfect form pass pro, and then would dive at their feet and miss on the next three blitz pick ups.

#3 Saquon Barkley- Penn State, 6', 233, (4.41),  29 Reps, - He got a bad start out of the blocks, and still ran a friggin' 4.41 at 233 pound. I stop having words for him. Great speed, lateral explosion, and quicks. Effortless in Texas route drill. He makes everything look so easy. He runs like he is gliding on skates. He is as smooth a runner on the track as I have ever seen. Effortless, smooth, and fast. Great hands out of the backfield. However, there is an old scouting cliché, don't draft RBs from Penn State. 

That is the only negative I have for him. After Blair Thomas and Ki-Jana Carter (1st pick in the Draft by Cleveland) busted I said I would never project a Penn State RB into the 1st. Granted, his bust was because he blew out his knee. But that was also after Curtis Enis was taken top five. 

#5 Nick Chubb- Georgia, 5-10/7, 227, (4.53-4.58),  29 Reps- I thought he slowed down as a Senior, and wasn't at fast. He ran faster than I thought. Getting two 4.5s next to his name was a great Day for him, but I still don't think he is a Day One RB. He was an elite RB prospect coming out of Georgia who suffered knee injury after knee injury. He is more elusive than given credit. Great job running behind his blockers. He made himself a Day Two lock at the Combine. Smooth burst outside. Nice job bursting side to side. Smooth hands in Texas route drill. Nice catch on flare route.

#6 Lavon Coleman- Washington, 5-10.6, 215, (4.66-4.60),  23 Reps, - Long legged. He runs with nice power. Nice quicks, and make guys miss. He has a huge thighs. He was listed at 235 and was a huge power back in college. He lost weight to try and gain speed. Nice feet and one cut. Needs better balance. He has some nice quicks in out of quick cuts. Easy hands Texas route drill. Dropped two in wheel route. Smooth receiver on flare route. 

#7 Justin Crawford- West Virginia, 5-11.3, 199, (4.65-4.65),  11 Reps- Dropped into Day Three at the Combine. Nice quick cutting of blocks in trash drill. Caught the high hard one on flare route. He could slip into the back end of Day Three. But probably more of a URFA. 

#8 Chase Edmonds- Fordham- 5-9.1, 205, (4.57-4.56),  19 Reps- He is a terrific 3rd down back. Excellent catcher out of the backfield. Small but strong. Great quicks out of the backfield. Nice lateral explosion. He can make a living catching the ball out of the backfield. Mayock compared him to James White. Nice feet. He has some suddenness in quick turns. Easy catcher in Texas route drill. Natural catcher in flare drill.

#9 Donnie Ernsberger- Western Michigan, 6-2.6, 241, (4.84-4.78),  15 Reps- He is a FB who ran with the RBs, and then work out with the TEs at the Combine. He is a RB/H-B. He might have to be an H-back with a 4.7 next to his name. He could slip into the end of Day Three. But he is more of an URFA, who is going to make a team on special teams. 

#10 Dimitri Flowers- Oklahoma, 6-1.7, 248, (4.83-4.87),  17 Reps- I think he is a very underrated runner. He is a great runner for a 248 pound guy. He is great out of the backfield in the receiving game. Very underrated athlete. He can carry the ball when they need him too. When Oklahoma handed him the ball he was very impressive. He is quicker and more elusive than he is given credit. Now he is not going to juke guys like a scat back, but he is a nice slasher he can make a move at the line behind his blockers.

#11 Jarvion Franklin- Western Michigan, 5-11.4, 239, (4.63-4.63),  18 Reps- Great stats at W Michigan. Great hands in passing drills. Smooth easy hands in flare drill. He looked like he can play on 3rd down. He also has the size to be a great blocker in the backfield.

#12 Royce Freeman- Oregon, 5-11.4, 229, (4.59-4.55), 17 Reps- He looked slower and slower to me every year. He became more of a pure power back every year. He was more elusive early in his career. He had a great productive career. He is big and strong, and can help a lot of teams. He is shifty at the line. He can lower his head and pick up a could of dust. He is a terrific athlete who is excellent catching the ball out of the backfield. 

Very nice feet and explosion in trash drill. He really moved through the weave drill. Smooth hands and turn upfield in Texas route drill. He looked like a great natural receiver. Great natural catcher in flare route.

#13 Derrius Guice- LSU, 5-10.4, 224, (4.49-4.6), 15 Reps- 4.49 was a huge number for him. He looked slow and injured, and tentative all season. But when you watch the tape in 2016, he was an easy 1st. He had a bad season last year. He was injured, and his O-line was devastated in last years Draft. I don't think he was able to overcome the loss of leadership of his O-line getting Drafted in 2017. 

But he was bad in 2017. He was a different guy as well. He probably played a lot of games when he shouldn't have. But if he can get back to the slashing and the speed he ran with in 2016, he is an elite RB just behind Barkley. Forty times were very inconsistent, just like his play last season. He would look like a 1st one week, and than a Day Three guy the next. But, if you ignore last season he is the second best RB in this Draft.

He looked like he got his speed and athleticism back at the Combine. Great feet and explosion in trash drill. He looked so good chancing direction in drills. Soft hands in Texas route drill. Great hands to spin back and catch the ball thrown behind him in flare drill. 

#14 Kyle Hicks- TCU, 5-10, 210, (4.64), 13 Reps- He a some good size. 4.6 is no the end of the world at 210-pounds. He has to be a slasher at the line. He had a good career at TCU. He is a guy a team will take on Day Three, and hope he develops into a weapon late in games. This kid can really move when the ball is in his hands. Great quicks in COD drill. Caught the pass effortlessly in Texas route drill. 

#15 Nyheim Hines- N.C. State, 5-8.3, 198, (4.39-4.38), 9 Reps- Track kid playing football. He will be a super fast 3rd down back. You need to get this kid the ball out in space. He had three returns for TDs. If you wing it to him outside, he can get down field fast. He is a pure speed guy, but his size is still going to hurt him. But if you swing the ball to him outside, he is going to scare a ton of DCs and defenders.

He will not last long in the NFL. He needs-needs-needs to return kicks to make a team. He has great quicks. He looked great in COD drill. Great soft hands in Texas route drill. Caught the ball easily with his arms fully extended in flare drill. .

#16 Justin Jackson- Northwestern, 6', 193, (4.5-4.53), 13 Reps- Good receiver out of the backfield. Ran for  a 1,000 yards every season. Better football player than athlete. He knows how to run with the ball in his hands. His stats might not be the best, but he is smart and tough, and just keeps getting yards. Running two 4.5s are great numbers for him, but he is still a Day Three guy.

Durability was not a problem for him, but he needs to add some size and strength for the NFL as a Day Three RB. Needs a little more balance. Needs to get a little lower. Nice hands reaching out of the deep one in Wheel route drill. Snapped his hands out fast with ball high and outside in flare drill. 

#17 Kerryon Johnson- Auburn, 5-11, 213, (4. did not run), 11 Reps- He is fun to watch with the ball in his hands. He runs hard and mean. He has some Bell-like patience stetting up his blocker at the line. He can really take a hit and hold his feet. I question his speed. He has no long speed. He has nice balance but runs too high and will not last long in the NFL if he doesn't drop his shoulders and hips much more consistently.  

He looked more athletic with the ball in his hands in drills. Great feet in COD drill. Soft hands in Texas route drill. Smooth soft hands in flare drill. He had a lot of Character Concerns in college. But he is the top power Back in this Draft. I think he is a Day Three steal, who can really help a team until his character blows him up.  

#18 Ronald Jones- USC, 5-11, 205, (4.66), 9 Reps,- He pulled a hammy as he ran his Forty, and still got a 4.66. He has to get stronger. His NFL story is going to be how strong he can get and still hang onto his elite speed. I'm not sure he is strong enough to be elite in the NFL. 9 Reps is not good for an RB. He can run through tackles with his legs, but when he lowers the shoulders he is going to get killed in the NFL with 9 rep strength in his shoulders. 

Then he pulled a Hammy. He just took himself out of the 1st. If the comp is Kamara, then he is a 2nd Rounder like Kamara. I had him as a 2nd for a while as a great value pick for an RB. He is a terrific receiver out of the backfield like Kamara as well. He played stronger than he looked and weighted. 

#20 Sony Michel- Georgia, 5-10.7, 214, (4.58-4.), 22 Reps, - He ran slower than expected. 4.58 was not a good time for him. I thought he could go in the First with a low 4.4. Now I'm confused. Chubb was the big power runner, and Michael was the speed guy who made guys miss. He is still explosive running around outside, and can make guys miss with his quicks. 

He finds a lane as well as anyone, and than makes great lateral burst outside to make guys miss at the second level. Great effortless catcher out of the backfield. Elite agility and balance. With his knee woes, I never thought he could go in the 1st. He is an excellent blocker. You can line him up in the shotgun, and he can dominate by protecting his QBs back from blitzers. 

He is the top 3rd down back in this draft, because of his blocking. But he only carried the ball at 14 times a game. He never carried a full load at Georgia, and he still was consistently injured. That is why he is not a 1st. He is not a bellcow. He is a rotation guy. Who you have to have in on passing downs, because he is so invaluable as a blocker, and nasty swinging out of the backfield. So how often can you run him on 1st down without losing him? 

He might be a 1st Round talent, but he a 2nd Rounder, like Kamara. And I'm not saying he is worse than Kamara, and can't have that kind of impact. I think he can be as good as Kamara (though Kamara showed he could carry the ball 20 times a game in the last quarter of the season). I hate to use other guys comps, but that was a great one. They both also split carries, and didn't have a ton of carries in college. But everything went right for Kamara last year, and I'm not sure that can happen for two rookies two years in a row. 

He is so smooth making great quick cuts. I'm just not sure how early you can take him. Someone might bounce on him in the 1st, but I would be shocked if he went in the 1st. He is so smooth in COD drills. Struggled a little in Texas route drill. He is so smooth when the ball is over his head, and snags it like it's nothing. Not a great receiver. He was not asked to catch a lot on 3rd down at Georgia. He struggled a little in catching drills at Combine. He is not the elite receiver that Kamara was coming out of Tenn.

#21 Ryan Nall- Oregon State, 6-2.1, 232, (4.67), 15 Reps, - Big power back with okay speed. Terrific receiver. He was suppose to be an H-back, and was moved to RB because of injury. He looked like an H-back running his forty at the Combine. He could add a little weight and be a move guy out of the backfield. FB/H-B/RB. 

He is a Day three special team utility guy out of the backfield, who can also line up on the line when a team shifts Empty. Or some one will just steroid him up and play him as he move TE.  If I were him I'd start adding weight and running patterns in the slot. He looked better than I thought he would in COD drill. Lost balance in Texas route drill. Easy catch in flare drill. 

#22 Rashaad Penny- San Diego State, 5-11, 220, (4.47-4.47), 13 Reps- I am a hugh Penny guy. he is the most underrated RB in this Draft. Elite blend of runner and receiver. He is going to be a great steal in the 2nd. He just checked all the boxes. He is a poor man's LaDainian Tomlinson. Great runner. Great receiver out of the backfield, but he doesn't have LT's speed. 

Elite special teams returner. He was great in COD drill. Caught it away from his body in Texas route drill. Great quicks and hands in flare drill. Not a bad block in blitz pickup. He also lined up in the Slot at San Diego. He is very underrated in passing game. Great runner with the ball in his hands. He is dynamic all over the field. 

#23 Kamryn Pettway- Auburn, 6', 235, (4.75-4.), 22 Reps- A 4.75 is a disaster for him. Great size. Great run instincts. But bad character and slow is a Day Three combination at best. Better than I thought he'd be in COD drill. He caught it in passing drill. Nice hands in Out drill. Natural catcher in Texas route drill. Leaped out and snagged the ball way out in front of him in flare drill. 

"I've talked with teams about [getting suspended]. Just tell them what it is, tell them the truth. Learn [from my] mistakes. Everything you've got to learn from experience," Pettway said. "I don't let it bother me because I know deep down how good of a person I am and other people know that also. I don't let that bother me. It's nothing I have to worry about."

#24 Demario Richard- Arizona State, 5-9, 218, (4.71-4.71), 12 Reps, - Took over for Ballage at ASU when he got hurt. Huge thighs that he does a great job of running behind his blockers. Pure power runner who hurts guys on the 2nd and 3rd level. He is the guy you want running when you want to wear down the defense. Day Three pick who could develop into a nice piece that can run and be a weapon out of the backfield. Nice catcher in Texas route drill. Easy catcher in wheel route drill. 

#25 Bo Scarbrough- Alabama, 6-1, 228, (4.61-4.52), 14 Reps- Disappointing year in 2017. He never looked right from the start. I think he was injured most of the season, I thought he had a chance to go in the 1st after the 2016 Season. But he looked like a Day Three back in 2017. He did not have a lot of carries, and has a lot of tread on the tires. But he has to get those shoulders lower in the NFL. 

High cut upright runner, who is going to take a beating in the NFL. He is more explosive than given credit. He had a 40" Vert. He has to use that burst to get started faster. He has the explosion, and it looks like he reads his blockers slower than he has too. He has to hit the hole faster, and not read and dance. Elite receiver out of the backfield. He has great hands and can catch any pass out in space. He is an elite extra-sized receiver out of the backfield. 

He has to run lower through trash. He is going to take a lot of hits in the gut and legs in the NFL. He had some great quicks in COD drill, but had to slow a little at the top of the cone. Not elite COD. Nice hands in Out drill. He has easy natural hands. Natural catcher in Texas route drill.  

He is the most underrated catcher out of the backfield in this Draft. He had a great catch in deep passing drill. The ball was way over his head, and he leaped up and snagged it. Looked slow in flare drill outside. He caught everything they through to him at Alabama. I would Draft him on Day Three as a backup/3rd down back.

#26 Roc Thomas- Jacksonville State, 5-10, 198, (4.56-4.63), 16 Reps- Likely undrafted. He has some nice suddenness in his shoulders. He looked great in COD drill. Nice hands in Out drill. Caught the high one, easy, in Texas route drill. Nice hands over his head in wheel route drill. Easy catcher in flare drill. He is going to be a 3rd down back in the NFL. He might get drafted late in Day Three after that Combine, if he shows he can block and protect the QB's back. He could be a nice weapon out of the backfield in the NFL. 

#27 Akrum Wadley- Iowa, 5-8.7, 194, (4.59-4.54), 12 Reps- Speed is very important to Wadley. He is a scatback/returner. He put up elite yards in college because he was a good runner, receiver out of the backfield, and returner. He will make any team that takes him as a 3rd down back and on special teams. He is a little small and a little slow. But he can make guys miss in the open field. 

He struggled all post season. He could be a steal for the Pats late in Day Three. He is probably more of a 3rd down back than RB. He is going to be a good pick on Day Three. The Pats should be able to pick him up easy in the 4th, about where they got James White. 

He has some nice suddenness in his shoulders. Loved his quicks in COD drill. Nice hands in Out drill. Dropped high pass in Texas route drill. Nice hands and tracking in deep pass drill. You can see he had done this before in flare drill. 

#28 Mark Walton- Miami, 5-9.4, 202, (464.-4.61), 18 Reps, - Another speed back who ran slow at this Combine. But he is quicker than fast, and makes guys miss. He missed the end of the season with a knee. Another guy who looks like a Day Three RB to me, who could be a good one. He has to get faster at his Pro Day. He had a bad knee injury, and has to show he was still a little slow, because of the knee at the Combine. He is a great 3rd down back, who can pick up the blitz as well as anyone in this Draft. When he is healthy he is as dynamic as anyone in this Draft. He was looking like a Day Two lock before he hurt his knee. 

He did a great job adding weigh this off season. He was listed at 195 at Miami, but was 203 at Combine. That 8 pounds of muscle will help his durability a lot in the NFL. Great smooth runner in trash drill. He has some nice suddenness in his shoulders. Loved his quicks in COD drill. He got a bad throw at his ankles in Out drill, and al most dragged it in. Ball hit his hands hard in Texas route drill. He had to slow and body catch in deep pass drill. 

#29 Chris Warren- Texas, 6-2, 250, (4.7), 25 Reps- He will play in the NFL. He was the best blocking RB I saw in the past two or three seasons in college. He blocks rushers like an OL. But he has a ton of Character Concerns. He is another big 3rd down back miscast as a runner. He struggle in a lot of drills at Combine. 

He showed nice hands in Out drill. Smooth catcher in Texas route drill. Nice natural receiver in deep drill He caught it away from his body. He is a big 3rd down back in the NFL, only. If teams try to turn him into a pure runner he is a bust. But he is the best blocker in blitz pick up in this Draft, and he caught the ball better and more naturally at the Combine than I thought he would. Looked slow in flare drill, but caught it effortlessly. 

#30 Jordan Wilkins- Ole Miss, 6-1, 216, 16 Reps, - I loved his quicks in COD drill. Nice hands in Out drill. Nice route in Texas route drill. Smooth and easy tracking the deep ball in drill and caught it softly with his hands. He is a surpassingly good athlete when they went to football drills at the Combine. Natural catcher in flare drill. He has a chance to be a nice late Day Three story. I don't remember him from the season, but he was a very impressive athlete at the Combine. 

I really like this kid. He is an early Day Three guy dude who could slip into Day Two. He averaged 6.5 YPC in the SEC for 1,011-yards. That has to impress a lot of teams. He Was a one year wonder at Miss, but he has a lot of tread left on those tires. 

2017: Started all 12 games as primary running back ... Carried the ball 155 times for 1,011 yards and nine touchdowns ... Became just the fifth Rebel to surpass the 1,000-yard mark ... The 1,011 yards rushing ranks fifth all-time on Ole Miss' single season charts ... Ranked second in the SEC and 13th nationally with 6.5 yards per carry.

#31 Darrel Williams- LSU, 5-11.5, 225, (4.72-4.73), 22 Reps- He is a guy the Pats can steal on Day Three. He was terrific at LSU last year, and in a lot of ways was better than Guice. He is a terrific big slasher inside. He is also a great catcher out of the backfield. He is a terrific blocker in blitz pickup. He can do it all on the field. But I found his Forty shocking. He plays much faster than that. A 4.7 was a bad number for him. He should get a 4.6 at his Proday. 

Nice smooth burst outside. Not a lot of suddenness in shoulders making cuts. Not bad in COD drill. Nice hands in Out drill. Nice soft hands. Caught it easy over his head in Texas route drill. Nice job speeding up once he spotted the ball in deep drill, and then extending his hands away from his body to catch it effortlessly. Leaped up and sagged the high one in Wheel route drill. He caught the tough one thrown to the wrong shoulder in flare drill. He played a ton of special teams.

Career: One of the unsung heroes of LSU football during his four years with the Tigers ... Playing in the shadows of 1,000-yard rushers Leonard Fournette and Derrius Guice, quietly amassed 1,651 yards rushing and 19 TDs ... Added 38 receptions for 462 yards ... On any other team, would have been the featured back and a 1,000-yard rusher ... True team player that can do it all from the running back position – talented runner, dominant.

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