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2018 Group 2 QBs.



Group Two:

#11 Kyle Lauletta- Richmond, 6-2.5, 222, 9 3/4" Hand, (4.85, 4.77)- The reason I compared him to Garoppolo is because he did at the Senior Bowl this year what Garoppolo did at the Shrine game four years ago. That's it. I never saw either play a snap in college. After the shrine I watched tape of both. Both Tapes I found pretty much useless. Garoppolo played in a wacky spread system, but he called all the plays. Cerebrally he was the most interest prospect in that Draft.

Lauletta played at a lower level, so his tape is tough as well. But he played well on 3rd down, which is one of the first test for me. He showed he could take a hit and complete the next pass. But when he stepped up a few levels. He  was the best player at the Senior Bowl. The way Garoppolo stepped up at the Shrine, Under all that immense pressure, and be the best QB down there. It was amazing.

He also has similar size. In fact, it may be exact. Garoppolo was listed at 6-3, 222 at the Shrine, and 6-2 4/8" 226 at the Combine. Lauletta was listed at 6-2 5/8", 222-pounds at the Combine. he showed a similar arm, similar athleticism, and a similar great job throwing on the move at the Senior Bowl. I have only broken down to games of his, and was a similar player, on a small school level, as Garoppolo. 

He grasps all the concepts at the Combine. He turned his back to the defense, and ran NFL play action in college. It sounds simple, but it takes years for spread QBs to learn how to do it. He throws a nice deep ball to let his WR run under it, like Garoppolo. Terrific accuracy, he throws it consistently on the opposite shoulder as the DB. 

#12 Tanner Lee- Nebraska, 6-4, 218, 10" Hand,  (U 4.99)- Terrible QB who cannot stop throwing the ball to DBs, You cannot have a QB who turns the ball over twice a game, or more. His problem when he went to the Senior Bowl was turnovers an inaccuracy. He consistently threw it to the same shoulder as the CB was on. So he threw two or three INTs. He should have stayed in school. That was his first bad decision as a pro. Lower lever guys need to stay in school.

#13 Chase Litton- 6-5, 230, Marshall, (4.87, 4.9)- Big solid guy with a solid arm. He got better every season and seems to have solid knowledge of the game. He is just solid. He could develop into a solid starter if a team is patient and can give him a solid 3 to 5 years to develop. But his first decision as a pro was to come out when he should have stayed in school. That is not a god sign. 

#14 Baker Mayfield- Oklahoma, 6-5/8" , 215, 9 1/4" Hand, (4.81, 4.88)- I don't get it. He played in a system that doesn't translate to the NFL. He played in a Conference where QBs don't translate to the NFL. He did almost nothing in college that he will do in the NFL. He never went under center until he went to the Senior Bowl, and looked like a confused crab trying to figure out how to drop from under center sideways. He never turned his back to the defense. He didn't appear to read the Safeties.

It takes years for QB's from Red Raider programs to learn to do the simplest NFL concepts. Like running play action, turning your back to the defense. Then turn back and finding the safeties, read it, and then making the correct throw. Just look at the two QBs who started in the NFC Champ Game Foles and Keenum. They both took five years to develop into NFL QBs after playing in that horrible system, like Mayfield. Plus, the OC had to add college concepts IPO to make him comfortable.

If Mayfield goes in the top ten? He is not going to be given 3 to 5 years to develop, and he will break under the pressure. He will turtle against NFL defense. He will bust. 

I have never seen a QB with so many read flags, that are usually so beloved by Draftnics. I just don't know what they are watching. The comparison to Manziel is legit. But not just the good. His character is not as bad as Manziel's. But his is closer than guys want to admit. I think it is too close for a QB to be successful in the NFL. 

#15 Josh Rosen- UCLA, 6-4, 226. 9 7/8" Hand,- Great natural athlete. Great natural thrower. He has the best arm talent in the Draft. He can throw the beautiful perfect pass more than anyone else in this Draft. He has everything you want in a QB. He seems to have the brains to play in the NFL. But he needs to get physically stronger. His biggest negative was that he couldn't stay healthy.

He has had to play injured a lot in college, because he couldn't stay healthy. So he has to learn how to move in the pocket to avoid rushers better, and throw the ball away quicker. He might also want to get on the TB12 method. 

#16 Mason Rudolph- Oklahoma State, 6-4.5, 235, 9 1/8" Hand, (4.85)- I like this kid. He throws maybe the best deep ball in this Draft. He s a great athlete. If can get 3 to 5 years in a system he could be an legit NFL QB. I watched him a ton the past two season. He does a lot of good things, but is not there mentally yet. 

He has to learn to turn his back to the QB. He has to learn fid the Safety, read, and make the appropriate throw. That is as foreign to him as Mjolnir is to me. But he has some smarts. He can take a huge hit and complete the next pass. I saw him take some big hits, and get up like nothing happened. He plays injured, and in obvious pain. You cannot play QB in the NFL if you cannot play hurt.

#17 Nic Shimonek- Texas Tech, 6-4, 220, (4.86)- He threw all over the field and over the place. He is a Case Keenum-like QB. My problem is that Texas Tech has become the poster boys for the Red Raider QBs. So it is hard for me to like this kid. He didn't do anything wrong, but he played in that QB killing offense. If took Keenum 5 years to drill the spread QB out of him.

He has to learn to turn his back to the QB. He has to learn find the Safety, read, and make the appropriate throw. He has to be able to read coverage, and not just throw to a spot. He has to understand the route trees his WRs are running. He has to learn to throw accurately at the right time in those routes. It is a lot of learning spread QBs have to do.

#18 Mike White, Western Kentucky, 6-4.5, 224, 9 1/2" Hand, (5.08)- I could not have been more impressed with this kid at the Senior Bowl. He has legit NFL talent. However, rumors that he did not do well in interviews at the Senior Bowl hurt him. But he knows his progressions. The Pats are taking a long look at this kid on Day Three. If he can past the interview test with the Pats, which was his main question from the Senior Bowl, he could be a Patriot on Day Two or Three. He had a great interview at the Senior Bowl, where he broke down about five reads on the play, and ran down the progression like Rainman.

I really like this kid. He can speak the OC's language. I thought he was great at the Senior Bowl, and he threw the ball all over the place at WVU. But like all these spread QBs he is going to need 3 to 5 years to develop. Garoppolo got three years in the Pats system before he started a game, and dominated. Plus, he got four years in the Pats system before he was tragically traded to the 49ers, and become the permanent starter and not the backup forced into the starting role. And big surprise he had developed mentally into a legit NFL starter.

#19 Logan Woodside- 6-1.2, 213, Toledo, (4.72)- He is a good player, but he doesn't have a strong arm. His best asset is smarts. He reminds me of Brain Hoyer. He could develop into a good back up. And if his arm is good enough, maybe a starter in 3 to 5 years. He was the MAC player of the year in 2017. He is not an accurate thrower. He can take the snap and throw it as quick as anyone. He does struggle to complete the next pass after a big hit. He was one for four after the first four hits against Miami

Miami Notes: He played well against the much more talented Miami team. Good job throwing on the move when he has to bail to his right. Lacks accuracy sometimes when he has to put a lot on the ball. He seems to throw on the wrong side of the WR's body a lot early in games. His deep ball sometimes dies a little early. He has an arm that is a little better than Hoyer's but not much. Looks like a career and valuable backup to me.

When there are break downs in coverage he can exploit them, and hit the wide open WR deep downfield. He always seems to make his WRs adjust to the ball, and rarely hits them perfectly in stride. It is always just a little off.

He got better completing passes after he was hit as the game went on. After going 1 for 6 after big hits, he hit two straight to start the 3rd. He can scramble out of the pocket and pick up some yard with his feet sometimes. He ended up 3 for 9 on the next throw after being hit against Miami.

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