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Super Bowl Champs.

2018 Senior Bowl. 


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Preview and Watch Sheet.


This is the only way to watch the Senior Bowl. Read and erase descriptions, and then write away during the game. .

North Offense:

#13 Tanner Lee- QB, 6-4, 218 Nebraska- He was a surprise entry to the Senior Bowl, but he can spin it. He was a guy that was a high school star and that stayed with him. When he has a clean pocket he can hit his WR crossing in perfect position. It is when things break down around him when there is trouble. When he can step into the throw he can throw a guided missile. Then the next pass can be wild. He only needs consistency to make his mark in the NFL.

He played on a terrible team. He threw to man INTs. He really struggled last season. He also took a beating this season. He is one tough kid, but he threw 37 INTs in college at Tulane and Nebraska. He has a cannon.

#3 Luke Falk- QB, 6-3.6, 211 Washington State- He threw some great throws in practice. I think his floor is 64. If he is on the boards the Pats will take him to end the 2nd. If BB wants to continue coaching the Pats he has to get the next QB in this Draft. I like Falk more than most because of his 2016 season. His coach put a ton of pressure on him, and he showed some clutch play, that wasn't Brady like, but it was close.

#6 Baker Mayfield- QB, 6' .3". 216, Oklahoma- He just can't be trusted. He showed up late to the Senior Bowl, and was accused of trying to dodge the weight in. Then he said he had a family issue, yet no one could really believed him. Though I do believe he has a legit family crisis and had to see to it.

But everyone questioned if he was telling the truth, because he has shown to not be trustworthy. They weren't accusing him of lying. But they did question whether they could believe him. He did nothing wrong, but it became all about him and disrupted everything. That is not the guy you want leading your Franchise.

#17 Josh Allen- QB, 6-4.7, 237 Wyoming- Nice touch throwing to the corner on the endzone. He struggled a little with accuracy, but not as much as the haters said. One problems is that he throws so hard that a lot of catchable balls were dropped, because of his arm. Gallop just dropped one on the sideline. He threw it so hard it went through his hands and bounced off his shoulder pads like a rocket. He threw a beauty to Gesicki crossing the goal line.


#84 Michael Gallup- WR, 6-0.7, 198 Colorado State- Great outside release. He knows how to get open on the 3rd level. He can adjust to the off throw, and drift outside and still pulls it in. He has a great extra gear on the 3rd level.

#85 Allen Lazard- WR, 6-4.2, 227 Iowa State- He looked great, but then kept dropping the ball. Then he made an elite catch high, through every kind of contact. He can catch it over his shoulder in the corner of the endzone and tippity-tap his feet inbounds for a TD. Nice hands over his head, which is so important for him. His advantage in the NFL is his height and length, and going up and grabbing the ball over the CB. He has a nice power release. Knows how to get open outside.

#5 DaeSean Hamilton- WR, 6-0.6, 202 Penn State- He looked like he was running NFL routes, while all his teammates were running college routes. He just kept running routes to get open all week. He had a few drops early, but as the week went on and practice went on his hands and competitiveness kept getting better.

He ran patterns to get open all over the field against the North's defenseless Corners. He looked NFL ready in practice. He took everything the CBs gave him, and ran patterns to get open every single time. He was the most impressive offensive player in drills.

#16 Jaleel Scott- WR, 6-4.7, 216 New Mexico State- He did a great job getting open on goal line drills. He has a nice burst outside to free up his outside shoulder from the CB. Great size. Needs to play in balance. He could be special if he puts it all together.

#11 Cedrick Wilson- WR, 6-1.7, 194 Boise State- This is my guy. He is going to be a great player in the NFL (Pats 64;-). Knows how to get off the line, and has great speed outside. Knows how to open. He runs patterns to get open. He knows how to get his outside shoulder to get open outside. He can burst open on the out. Nice hands reaching out for the ball thrown a little too far in front of him. Great job going up and catching the ball through contact.

#15 Justin Watson- WR, 6-2.5, 213 Penn- He really looks the part. He could be a legit NFL WR in a few years. He had the catch of Thursday's practice. Going up and grab the ball, one handed, in the corner of the endzone with a CB tackling him from behind. He can get very physical in pattern, and break free and catch the ball.

#8 Braxton Berrios- WR, 5-8.5, 177 Miami-You put him on the field and he gets open and catches it. He can take a beating and keep on ticking. He can turn the CB around in route. Great route runner. He looks little like Amendola to me. 


#80 Durham Smythe- TE, 6-5.2, 253 Notre Dame- He doesn't have great speed, but he knows how to run patterns to get open. He caught everything thrown to him at ND. He doesn't have the speed to get open consistently, but when you throw it to him he catches it. Plus, he is a great blocker in the run game and pass pro.

He turned DBs around in pattern at SB. Terrific catching the ball through contact, which the slower TEs have to do. He caught everything thrown to him in SB practice, even when he was tripled teamed.

#81 Troy Fumagalli-TE, 6-4.7, 247 Wisconsin- He does not have a good burst off the snap. But when he gets going he out physicals the Safety for the ball. He has some great quicks in pattern. He can get wide open with a stutter step, and a sudden burst outside.

#83 Tyler Conklin- TE, 6-2.7, 252 Central Michigan- He has a great release when the Safety tries to cover him. Nice hands catching the ball. I really like this kid. He is a guy who a team is going to be very happy with on Day Three.

#88 Mike Gesicki- TE, 6-5.3, 242 Penn State- Smooth hands catcher. He has some quick feet in pattern. He can make the DB miss in patterns with his feet. He kept going up and alley-ooping the ball over DBs like they were his kids. He looked like a man amongst boys in the end drills.


#25 Akrum Wadley- RB, 5-9.7, 188 Iowa- Phenomenal receiver out of the backfield. He has to add some weight. He looks like a 3rd down back who can't block in pass pro. He can spin around and do a 180 in the air to catch the ball thrown behind him. Great screen runner. Am I seeing Kevin Faulk? He did make some good blocks in pass pro in team drills, but he needs to get stronger.

#27 Kalen Ballage- RB, 6-2.1, 222 Arizona State- He is great in patterns. Terrific receiver out of the backfield, and in the slot. Elite athlete. For a big back he is a great receiver out of the backfield. Great hands catching away from his body. He has a nice burst on the 3rd level. Am I seeing Justin Forte'?

#21 Jaylen Samuels- RB, 5-11.4, 223 North Carolina State- He makes LBs look foolish in coverage. He knows how to get open in pattern. He is so nifty with the ball in his hands. And then he collides with a DB, and the DB goes down. He is big strong and tough, and when you match that with his speed and smarts you have something special.

#36 Dimitri Flowers- FB, 6-1.6, 253 Oklahoma-Smooth and natural catching the ball. Knows how to get open. He can catch the ball over the LB's shoulder. He has the ability to be a great receiver out of the backfield, and I liked the way he ran at OK. He just kept looking batter and better in receiving drills. DBs and LBs couldn't come close to covering him in practice.



#52 Mason Cole- OC, 6-4.2, 303 Michigan- He secured the starting OC role. He is not a lot of flash and dash. He is just a guy you stick into the lineup, and he starts without noise for ten years. When he plays with good leverage he can really move his feet well. He looks like a zone scheme Center to me. Maybe a bigger Dave Andrews.

#56 Scott Quessenberry- OC, 6-3.6, 314 UCLA- He has always left me wanting more. He should be a Day Three pick who plays in the NFL for ten years at OC.

#61 Cole Madison- OG, 6-5, 307 Washington State- Very impressed with him in SB practice. He could be a great Day Three option for a lot of teams. He will develop into a good starter for some lucky team.

#76 Will Hernandez- OG, 6-2.4, 340 UTEP- His ex-coach is now coaching the Broncos. He was great in the first Pass Pro drill. He may have worked himself into the 1st with his work in practice at SB. He dominated in the first pass pro drills at SB, while his mates were getting killed. He just stoned some really good DTs at the line.

#79 Sean Welsh- OG, 6-2.3, 296 Iowa- Welsh is an undersized OL, who can struggle against speed. He got best up in pass pro drills, but he will always play better in team situations. Justin Jones annihilated him with power in the Bullrush. But I still think he is a Patriot on Day Three.

#57 Wyatt Teller- OG, 6-4.4, 311 Virginia Tech- He is a big bruiser. He struggles against speed. He is an inside OG only, on a team that runs. The more he run blocks the better he looks. He looks the part. Huge build. When he gets his hands on rusher, and plays with leverage, he stones guys at the line.


#78 Brett Toth- OT, 6-5.6, 303 Army- His question is moving backwards. We know he can fire off the line and dominate the run game. But can he protect the QB's blindside? He has a two-year commitment to the Army, where he can work on his kickslide. He has the athleticism, feet, and long arms to play OLT in the NFL.

#73 Tyrell Crosby- OT, 6-4.7, 319 Oregon- He is a beast.  A lot of people think he is a 1st Round pick. I like him more in the 2nd. He is not as smooth as I like moving backwards. But he gets to the spot, and is help by his strength and balance. Great powerful hands and power. He is a beast run blocking. He can block down on the DT and collapse the inside of the line with him.

#70 Brian O'Neill- OT, 6-6.4, 298 Pittsburgh- Nice job turning and sealing the DE outside on short throws. He had a lot of trouble with inside moves. He has the feet and hands, but he has to get stronger. He will take a year or two to develop. He has to get a stronger base moving backwards. He is an elite athlete for an OT, he played Tight end (which old school coaches sees as plus athletically), and basketball in high school. He has to add strength to play OLT in the NFL. But in a year or two I think he is a starter at OLT in the NFL. Which makes me wonder who will start first at OLT in the NFL O-Neill or Toth?

#65 Jamil Demby- OT, 6-4.5, 323 Maine- He is a big guy. He moved backwards nicely. He plays well moving laterally with this arms extended to stop the outside rusher. Not sure he has the feet to play OLT in the NFL. He is a Day Three developmental guy. Great strong hands. He might look to grab a little too much. But that is his strength. He can lose his feet, get out of balance, and over attack to the wrong side, but when he grips shirt he looks great. He will need a year or two of development as well.


South Defense:


#39 Levi Wallace- DC, 6-0.3, 176 Alabama- He has that knack for sticking to the WR. He showed it in coverage in drills against TE as well. He is as sticky a CB as there was at the SB. I can't help thinking about him at 64 for the Pats. He has the best ball skills of the three Alabama CBs. He made himself a great player at Alabama. It seemed he made a play on the ball in every rep in drills.

Very smart player. "Tremendous kid," Saban said. "When I met first him he was like 6-foot, lucky to weigh 150 pounds. Just a respectful young man. Did everything you asked." He also has great instincts.

#22 Chandon Sullivan- DC, 5-10.5, 190 Georgia State- Looks like a Nickel. His coverage got stickier as the week went on. WRs had to start making 2nd and 3rd moves to get open. He made some money in practice. He has some suddenness in his shoulder. Now it is a matter of speed as to where he gets drafted.

#23 D'montre Wade- DC, 5-11.2, 201 Murray St.- Nice feet moving backwards. Showed nice patience staying in front of the WR to take him out of his pattern. Nice job staying with the first and second move. Turned his back to the QB, and focused solely with staying with the WR. He does a good job protecting the inside move first. But can get knocked off stride on physical outside move

#24 Danny Johnson- DC, 5-9, 182 Southern- He needs a plan. Reacts a hair late. Played off against Washington, so at least he's smart. Turns smoothly in press. But then jammed late, and actually shoved the WR open outside. Then he was able to use some interesting speed to catch up. Hot and cold Corner who I liked as the week went on. 

#26 M.J. Stewart- DC, 5-10.5, 198 North Carolina- Got a little grabbing early. Needs to trust his feet more. He reminds me of Logan Ryan. He could be a great steal for the Pats in the 4th. I am all in on this kid. But his speed will hurt him at the Combine.

#27 Kameron Kelly- DC, 6-1.5, 195 San Diego State- Likes to play Off. He is a converted Safety, and it showed a little. But he is big and physical. Nice initial burst inside, but will get high and loose WR on the second move outside. He has to show he has the speed at the Combine. But he is a great athlete, and I don't think that will be a problem .

#5 Siran Neal- DC, 6', 206 Jacksonville St.- He can get very physical in coverage. Uses his hands too much. Turns and runs smoothly. He has to stop grabbing so much shirt, and trust his feet. He does a great job jamming the speed WR with his arms extended at the line, and moving his feet, so he can't get off the line. He stoned Washington at the line with a great double jam. He has some nice size, and is as strong a corner as was at the SB.


#14 Jeremy Reaves- S, 5-10.5, 204 South Alabama- He can find the RB in the backfield. Not great in man coverage. He broke his back in high school. "It was a freak thing," Reaves said. "I went up to catch a pick and I landed on my butt and rolled over. Throughout the [next] week my back was giving me problems. And the next game, it gave out on me. I could barely walk. I went to the doctor the next day and they told me I had fractured my L5 and my L6 vertebrae." So he is a bit of a medical risk.

They had him play some press Corner in drills. He did a good job, but was a little susceptible to the double move.

#21 Tray Matthews- S, 6-0.3, 209 Auburn- He made some plays on the ball in practice.

#3 Quin Blanding- S, 6-2, 209 Virginia- Big Strong Safety. I like him when I watched him at Virginia.

#69 Ike Powel- lLB, 6-2.4, 244 Auburn-


#42 Uchenna Nwosu- OLB, 6-2 245 USC- He is similar to Okoronkwo.  They are both elite college edgerushers, with great production, but the size doesn't fit. He is more try hard than explosive like Okoronkwo. He is also as tough as it gets, and a team leader. He is better with the inside move, and rushing inside. He is one of those guys that you root for, but I'm just not sure he translates.

#18 Shaquem Griffin- OLB, 6-0.2, 223 Central Florida- He is the dude with only one hand. He has the quicks to turn the corner on the blitzed. Tough not to root for him. But he is small, and looks best moving forward as a rusher. But he just kept making plays at the Senior Bowl. Very impressive quick twitch. He was the quickest player on the field whenever he lined up. TMIWTMIL. He was simply unstoppable in drills. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen on the football field. But he only has one hand, and I don't know what you do with that.

#38 Marquis Haynes- OLB, 6-2.4. 233 Ole Miss- He chewed up the small school guys in drills. He is a 4-3 OLB, but is so natural rushing the passer. It can look like he is just toying with the blockers. Great quick twitch move inside. He plays with such great leverage that he beats up bigger blockers. He was great in SB drills. He made OLs look slow and stupid in some drills. I thought he had a bit of a down year, but I could not have been more impressed with him at SB.


#50 Darius Leonard- ILB, 6-2, 229 South Carolina St.- He did a nice job in coverage. He can really run. He has the hands to intercept the ball. He could be a four down LB. I like how he moves on the field.

#56 Dorian O'Daniel- ILB, 6-.4, 215 Clemson- Very small. He showed up at the SB the size of a FS. LBs have gotten smaller, as coverage has become more important then stuffing the run, but damn.

#30 Tre' Williams-ILB, 6-1.6, 238 Auburn- Very opportunistic ILB. He see it as well as anyone. Get to the ball with his eyes as well as anyone. I really like this kid. I like how he moves on the field in coverage.

#53 Micah Kiser- ILB, 6-3, 236 Virginia- Old school inside thumper. Teams will be looking for some thumpers in this Draft, as the best running teams had the most success in the Playoffs, as defenses have gone too far to pass defense schemes. So he should go in Day Three at some point.


#9 Da'Shawn Hand- DE, 6-3.6, 282 Alabama- He was so quick and twitchy at the SB. He showed great power in drills. Great Rip inside. Likes the spin-Rip. Loves to Rip all day and night. You can really see his elite blend of size and athleticism in one on one drills.

#93 Marcus Davenport- DE, 6-5.7, 259, 34" Arms  UTSAC- NFL guys love this kid, and consistently put him in the top 16. He has some nice length and burst. He is an all out all the time guy. Great hands. Knows how to use his long arms. When he uses his hands he looks like an NFL player. Nice double slap on outside arm of ORT. He needs more moves.

When I watch him play he had one move that he used to hit the QB against smaller school competition. He is an elite physical talent, but he has no idea what he is doing in the rush yet. He ran the arc for a sack in team drills. He shot off the line like a rocket in a 2-Point stance. They moved him inside on Day One, but he is an OLB not a 3-Tech.

He was an OLB in a two-point in college, and he can really run. "When Marcus was little, he used to like to chase rabbits," his Dad said. "He would always come close and almost catch them." Too often grabs blockers rather then tries to shed them, and get past them.

He has so much potential that it is frustrating how he deals with blockers sometimes. Right now he is an inside rusher only, (he pushes the OTs back, and then break inside of them to the QB). But if he can learn to use his hands, and find a rip, dip, or rip and dip, he could be special.

#11 Kylie Fitts- DE, 6-3., 259 Utah- Nice burst upfield. He will fight around the ORT, and hit the QB from behind on an extended arc. Excellent spin move inside. He had a great week of practice. He may have worked his way into the 4th. He looked like he belonged from day one.


#95 Poona Ford- DT, 5-11.5, 306 Texas- He keeps getting under blockers and driving them backwards. He was the first guy I ever saw get Bozeman off balance and off his feet. He is just an outlier that it is impossible to say where he goes. He has the physical traits of an undrafted free agent, but he plays and produces like a 1st Round Pick. He dug under every OL they put in front of him. He was one of the funest players to watch this week. 

#90 Christian LaCouture- DT, 6-4, 329, LSU- He has nice power and a quick burst inside. He looked more like a one-gapper in practices. More of a one-move player now. Just tries to get a shoulder and power or rips through it. He knows how to ride the OG's shoulder into the QB.

#94 Greg Gilmore- DT, 6-3.7, 318 LSU- He can get to the QB with second and third effort. He has a good first step moving laterally. He has the agility to try and spin back when caught. He surprised me with his quicks and suddenness. He had a great week, and looked like a Day Two DL. I don't think he looked that way at LSU. He needs to show that same effort in the game.

#99 Andrew Brown- DT, 6-3, 294 Virginia- All out hustle guy. He will get stoned and beat the blocker with a second or third move. Nice size and quicks.



North Defense:

#0 Isaac Yiadom- DC, 6-0.7, 187 Boston College- Showed well in coverage. Doesn't trust his speed. He played a lot of Off at Senior Bowl. He is as smart and tough as you want a CB. He is a Day Three sleeper who will be a starting DB at Corner or FS for a long time in the NFL.

#22 Michael Joseph- DC, 6-0.5, 186 Dubuque Division III- He has some nice size. Tough and quick. Great quick feet. He has some twitch turning and running downfield. He played in that sidesaddle technique. Nice job coming off his man, and going and tackling the ball carrier catching it underneath him. Nice physical tackler. He is a tough kid. Excellent COD mirroring WR, with his eye on the QB. Great quick feet. His Forty will decide where he is drafted.

#24 Duke Dawson- DC, 5-10, 208 Florida- He showed up very well at the Senior Bowl. He is like King from last year. He has everything you want in a Corner except great speed. He is a smart a CB who has ever play at the SB. He reads the route and looks like he is out of position, and then the WR cuts right into him. They will draft him as a FS, and play his at Corner.

#14 Darius Phillips- DC, 5-9.6, 188 Western Michigan- He can leap over the WR on the 3rd level and knock the ball down. Great athlete. He can play the ball in the air, and had an INT against Michigan State. He came off his man when he saw the QB throw, and leaped up over the WR and stole the ball. Terrific job staying in front of the slant, and punching the ball out. He is an excellent kick returner, who will make any team on special teams. He can protect the sideline, and rip the ball out when the RB tries to power over him.

He was truly dominate against Mich ST. He had a 100-yard kick return for a TD and a 50-yard kick return, 3 PBU (the 3rd one caused the QB to run down and tell at his WR), an INT, and he caused a fumble (by ripping the ball out of the RB's hands), and returned that fumble recovery for a TD, and a pick Six.

#26 Taron Johnson- DC, 5-11, 189 Weber State- He might be a Nickel, but he is tough tackler against the run. He was primarily the left Corner. Nice job weaving through traffic to tackle the WR on the bubble screen. He can hit the WR, and rip the ball out. He will get overaggressive sometimes when the WR catches the ball in front of him. Great COD moving forward out of petal to burst forward make the play. He can make a play on the ball on the 3rd level.

#7  JaMarcus King- DC, 6-0.4, 182 South Carolina- Great athlete. He can sky up and grab the high INT like a basketball player. Nice job slipping off coverage, and slicing in front of the WR, and then leaping in front of him to snag the INT. He has some clutch in him. He likes to trail under the WR, and not the side. He can get very physical at the line in the jam. He loves to leap and play the ball in the air.

#1  Christian Campbell- DC, 6'.5, 192,  Penn State- He has some great quicks and strength in coverage. He can play it rough. He is a good blitzer off the edge. He can find the RB in traffic. He can get beat bad on play action, when the WR stutter steps like he is going to block. Nice job protecting the sideline.

He can fight through the FB, and tackle the RB. He is a force against the run. He might be a FS. He can get so focused on the run that he forgets the WR. Great feet at LOS in press. When he gets low and mean he looks really good moving backwards in petal. I love his movement skills. He is better against the run than the pass. He turns and run well with the WR, and can stop and turn with his with great quicks and physicality.


#23 Armani Watts- S, 5-10.4, 191 Texas A&M- Great speed, but can get beat up by TEs in coverage. He struggled one on one against TEs. He recovered later in drills. Very aggressive with his hands in coverage. He looked worse in drills than he did in games at A&M.

#2  Marcus Allen- S, 6-2, 215 Penn State- He showed some abilities to cover in the box. Nice knack for hitting the TE when he wants to make his break He will give up the inside sometimes. Great athlete. Great hitter.

#39 Trayvon Henderson- S, 6', 204 Hawaii- He got beat by Gesicki inside. He can leap up and play the ball in the air. He can absorb the push off, and still one-hand snag the ball. When he reads it right he can really stick to the TE  in coverage. Inconsistent playing the ball in the air.

#28 Kyzir White- S, 6-2.1, 216 West Virginia- He is a little too physical in coverage. But he can run with TE all over the field. He competes in coverage. He is as physical as it gets in the box. He is the best hitting DB in this Draft. He is a strong safety they were trying to make into a free safety at SB. It didn't work in practice.


#0 Ja'Whaun Bentley- ILB, 6-1.5, 252 Purdue- He is good in the zone drop. He can play the QB's eyes and shifty to the side the QB's eyes are locked onto. Nice athlete who can leap up and snag the high INT in front of the WR slanting. Great speed in the open field to return the INT for a TD. He is a good blitzer up the gut. Good hitter. He can cover the tight end down the field. Makes plays in coverage, and has multiple interceptions.

#49 Nick DeLuca- ILB, 6-2.7, 243 North Dakota State- He can read the play instantly, and get out and get the RB on the ground. He is a good blitzer up the gut. He looks like a special teams guy to me.

#50 Myles Pierce- ILB, 5-11.2, 227 The Citadel- He can fill the hole with impact. Nice form tackler. Great hitter from the side. He can read the toss, and get outside quickly. He can cover the RB sneaking out of the backfield. When he sees the hand off, he can destroy the RB inside. He looks like a special teams maven to me.

#4 Fred Warner- ILB, 6-3.4, 235 Brigham Young- He can look a little small to protect the edge. Looks like a Will. Reads it quick, and can flash across the box to tackle the RB on the other side. Make more plays downfield than upfield. Better in coverage than run defense. Nice job covering the TE on the seam. Terrific covering Ins into the box. He looked like a limited 3rd down cover LB to me.

#9 Mike McCray- ILB. 6-1.1, 241 Michigan- He is not as big as advertised. Not the quickest guy. He is another ILB who is better in coverage than the run. Very physical bursting through tacklers. Quick in coverage. When he sees the handoff he gets to the RB. Good in zone drop. Not afraid to stick his nose in a pile. Tries to run around blocks rather than take them on. Not good taking on blockers.

#55 Garret Dooley- OLB, 6-1.7, 248 Wisconsin- Nice blitzer off the edge. He can get to the QB. He is fast into the backfield. He can drive the ORT into the QB. When the QB takes off, he can shed the ORT, and sack the QB. He was making a lot of plays against North Western. He did rush drills with the DLs. It didn't go well.

#58 Kemoko Turay- OLB, 6-4.3, 252 Rutgers- He was a twitchy surprise to me. OLs could stay with his speed on the edge. He was burning ORT's like they were marshmallows on a stick. He showed he could be a pure speed rusher. I wanted the Pats to draft him by Thursday. But he still has a ton of questions.

He has great natural bend and arc agility. He looked like the best pure speed rusher at the SB. He ran around the ORT, and then swooped into the QB almost effortlessly in drill. His ability to bend and turn is the most interesting aspect of his traits. His ability to counter his speed with a nice fast and strong Rip impressed me more. I love how he slaps at hands and arms, as he bends and runs the arc.

#94 Dewey Jarvis- OLB, 6-2, 236 Brown- He looked like he never dropped into coverage at Senior Bowl. He can be in great position and not be able to play the ball in the air.


#31 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo- DE, 6-1.3, 243 Oklahoma- Elite passrusher who doesn't have the size to do it in the NFL. I was a little disappointed with his performance. I wanted to see him move backwards. He was great moving forward in practice all week. But we knew that. He needed to show what he could do moving backwards in coverage. What if he is too small to stay on the line? Can he cover? Can he learn to cover like Van Noy? And Van Noy was bigger in college. We don't know. He is amazing getting the edge against a much bigger OLT.

#59 Tyquan Lewis- DE, 6-2.6, 276 Ohio State- He looked more explosive and twitchy in one on one drills. When you add that to his great heavy hands you have something special. He could be in the 1st after what I saw at the SB practice.

#90 Chad Thomas- DE, 6-5, 277 Miami-

#91 Jalyn Holmes- DE, 6-4.6, 279 Ohio State- Most underrated edge guy from last season. He has knack for finding the ball in the backfield. And not just the QB, but RBs as well. He was primarily a stand up rusher, and then showed up at the Senior Bowl at 280-pounds. I don't know what to do with that. He is the most underrated player in this Draft. They lined him up at 4-tech and he beat Welsh like a drum.


#97 Nathan Shepherd- DT, 6-3.7, 310 Fort Hays State, Division II- He hurt his hand in practice. His legend has become that he was the best DT down there before he hurt his hand. He will be able to participate in the Combine. He will be drafted, and maybe as early as the 4th.

#27 Justin Jones- DT, 6-2.3, 311 North Carolina State- Great straight-arm Bullrush. I wish he played like he did in drills during the season. He is a great physical specimen. He really looks the part. He can stuff the run at DT.

#66 Harrison Phillips- DT, 6-3.3, 303 Stanford- The more he played in drills the better he looked. He is a live wire. He reads the play, and uses his long arms to keep himself alive, then goes and gets the ball carrier.

#98 B.J. Hill- DT, 6-3.3, 321 North Carolina State-  Amazing quick spin move inside. He is a phenomenal in drills at the SB. Not as dominate at NC ST. Phenomenal athlete when struggled in college when he had to read. He really looked the part. He was elite in one on one drills, but didn't find the ball as easily in games. He is a great physical specimen.

South Offense:

#5 Kyle Lauletta- QB. 6-2.5, 217 Richmond- Struggled in goal line drills as well. The North QBs are so superior to the South QBs that I don't know how the South wins. He came back a little with a nice Corner throw to 16. Made a nice throw on a crossing pattern on 7 on 7s, but it would have made it over the lines if the OLs and DLs were in. He showed some juice on throws in 11 vs 11. Hit the RB over the middle and then spiked the ball in two-minute drill. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders Though he did keep going over the middle.

#6 Kurt Benkert- QB, 6-2.5, 214 Virginia- He showed some nice toughness in the Endzone. He can throw the short touch throw to the big WR. Then a bad throw. The South QBs really struggled in drills against the South defense. Nice read throw to Ito Smith.

#12 Brandon Silvers- QB, 6-2.3, 224 Troy- He dropped the ball in two-minute drill, and then picked it up and completed the pass. I thought that was a great play. I like to judge QBs when everything is going wrong, and not when everything is going great. He likes to throw to the RB over the middle. Nice job avoiding the rush, and then throwing to the WR on the 3rd level. This kid has something.

#14 Mike White- QB, 6-4.1, 221 Western Kentucky- He showed some bad accuracy on short throws in the Endzone. He has the cannon, but not the finesse. He can throw accurately with pressure on his side and behind him. He still lets the ball get away from him, when he tries to take a little heat off the ball. He ran one of those wacky spread offenses, and he threw the ball all over the place at a very fat pace. So you know he has some smarts. But those guys have a tough time translating.


#16 J'Mon Moore- WR, 6-2.5, 209 Missouri- Great one foot break. Great speed with the ball in his hands. Struggled with some drops in practice. He is as quick lightning. He has great suddenness in pattern. If his hands are good, he is an NFL WR.

#89 Byron Pringle- WR, 6-1. 201 Kansas State- Great quicks. This guys is as quick in patterns as any WR at the SB. He exploded inside in one pattern, and then broke back outside and left the CB flatfooted. Very nice hand slap to chop the CBs hands off his shirt. He can make the great adjustment to the ball thrown behind him. Nice hands extending out to catch the ball way away from his body. I really like this kid.

#13 Marcell Ateman- WR, 6-4.2, 216 Oklahoma State- He showed more quickness in pattern at SB than I saw at OK ST. He was a baseball player, who came back to college. He has the size and really looks like the part. But seems to lack concentration sometimes.

#7  D.J. Chark- WR, 6-2.5, 196 LSU- He runs patterns to get open. I was surprised at how well he ran patterns at SB. Great lateral burst on outside cuts. Great inside-out double move that left CBs in the dust. He has everything you want physically from a WR, but something it just seems something is missing. He made a lot of money in drills. He was catching every as the week went on. They couldn't cover him on Day 3.

#28 James Washington- WR, 5-10.7, 210 Oklahoma State- He was timed with the highest speed at 21.25 MPH at SB. He is an elite athlete. I heard some guys say he wasn't a great athlete, But he was timed as the fastest player at the Senior Bowl. He was a star in high school in track, tennis, and football. If that is a great athlete than I don't know what is. Plus, he was the best deep threat in the FBS the past two years.

#4 Tre'Quan Smith- WR, 6-1.5, 202 Central Florida- It was ridiculous that Central Florida gave themselves a made up National Championship, it was positively Trumpian. However, I was very impressed with all the Central Florida players at the Senior Bowl.


#20 Rashaad Penny- RB, 5-11, 224 San Diego State- I really like this kid. He is going to be a Day Three steal. He has a great burst to the second level when he gets a lane. Great speed RB, who doesn't get caught from behind. He also returns kicks. He was the offense player of the year, and special teams player of the year for SDSU. He is also strong and a tough inside runner.

#29 Darrel Williams- RB, 5-11, 229 LSU- I thought he had a better season than Guice. When he was in the LSU offense worked better. Huge powerful thigh that make it very difficult to take him down. Great suddenness with the ball in his hands. He looked bigger than the FB when they lined up. He is also a good receiver out of the backfield. I'd take Williams in the 3rd over Guise in the 1st any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

#25 Ito Smith- RB, 5-9, 201 Southern Mississippi- Nice blocker in pass pro. He has to be a great blocker in pass pro, because he looks like a 3rd down back to me. Knows how to use his blocker. Shows some patience behind his big O. He can catch the ball on the 2nd level. He showed he could block a little in pass pro in practice. I like this kids toughness block for his QB.

#15 Nick Bawden- FB, 6-1.7, 244 San Diego State- Terrific job in pass pro. He can step on the field and block on 3rd down right now.


#80 Ian Thomas- TE, 6-3.3, 256 Indiana- He knows how to get open with physical play. I was really impressed with all the TE down here. He is another guy who is going to be a great pick on Day Three.

#81 Adam Breneman- TE, 6-4, 241- Great receiver, but I just can't get past his terrible blocking.

#88 Jordan Akins- TE, 6-3.2, 246 Central Florida- He can catch through all kinds of contact. Terrific physical player. When it gets tough and physical he wins. He has some juice blocking. This guy can really move on the field. He can get open in pattern. If he can block consistently he could be something special at tight end.

#86 Dallas Goedert- TE, 6-4.4, 260 South Dakota St.- This kid was very impressive. He will make a great Day Three pick.






#73 Austin Corbett- OC, 6-4, 310 Nevada- He moved inside to OC at Senior Bowl. He made some money. He looked excellent at OC. He was able to get low and stuff the stocky guys. He has great size. Very strong inside. He has to stay low. He also lined up at OLG. He is going to switch inside in the NFL, like Bitonio.

#75 Bradley Bozeman- OC, 6-4.5, 317 Alabama- He just stays low and wide, grabs shirt, and moves his feet. He is so tough to beat. Great job grabbing the shirt with the big DT tries to cross his face, and once he is clamped on the rush is done.

#78 Austin Golson- OC, 6-4.5, 310 Auburn- He played some ORG in practice. He can hold his base while getting punched in the face.

#79 Skyler Phillips- OG, 6-2.4, 314 Idaho State- He played ORG. Got to the ILB on run to the other side. He got his hands on the big DT, and washed so far outside the QB that he hit the ORT protecting the edge from the DE. Then he stoned him on an inside move to the other side.

#51 Taylor Hearn- OG, 6-4.5, 319 Clemson- He looked like he earned a start with the first team in team drills. He played OLG. He can get outside to the second level and seal the OLB. He can over lean in pass pro, and fall down. He has to stay patent in pass pro.

#70 Colby Gossett- OG, 6-4.6, 304 Appalachian State- Good base. He was a little behind in first practice. He has some quick feet and hands. He does a good job getting his hands on the rusher first. He knows how to hold on and not let the blocker get past him.

#77 Isaiah Wynn- OG, 6-2.4, 308 Georgia- He lined up at ORG to start the practices at Mobile. Knows how to use his arms. Nice recovery. He has the suddenness to cut off the strong inside move, after he get beat a little. He moved over to ORG as well. He dominated Hand in their first rep. He grabbed his shirt, turned as Hand tried to dip, and then shoved him to the ground with some interesting violence. He looked better at OLG than OLT, and I though he has a chance at OLT (before I saw he was 6-2.

He was spectacular in practice in pass pro drills. He is a 1st Round OLG, who can also be an emergency OLT like Mankins. Great power step. 

#68 Joe Noteboom- OT, 6-5, 306, TCU- He has some quick feet. Understands position and how to use his hands. He looks like a legit prospect to me. He is probably an ORT.

#72 Brandon Parker- OT, 6-7.2, 303 North Carolina A&T- He certainly has the length, but he struggles with outside speed. Nice power step inside. His school said he did not give a Sack at A&T. Great twitch outside moving backwards off the snap. He has some interesting quicks moving backwards. He has to stay and play lower. He would beat the rusher to the spot, but let him get under him, and got jacked. But he did a good job holding on, and barely didn't lose.

Great balance and base. He can really move his feet, and not get himself off balance.

#71 Alex Cappa- OT, 6-5.5, 299 Humboldt State- He was a killer amongst boys at Humboldt. Not sure he has the feet. But he has the upper body strength. Great heavy hands that he uses to punch and grab at the same time. They played him at OLT and ORT. Not used to the quickness yet. He gave up the inside gate to Haynes like he was his daddy. He has to keep his feet moving. He stops moving his feet sometimes. Level of Comp was showing early at SB. When he grabs rushers he can use great hip torque to toss them off balance with his powerful hands. 



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