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The, Greatest NFL Game Ever played.


The Pats had to kick the ball off after their 17th do or die play. Gostkowski pooched it to the Two. "I think once everybody looked around in the locker room, and realized we weren't giving up," Branch said. "That it kind of changed the whole mindset of everybody and we went out there firing off on all cylinders." Justin Hardy returned it, and Jonathon Jones flew in and forced him out of bounds at the Ten.

This was do or die play number 18. "Special teams is a big part of the game in New England, and it should be," Jonathon Jones said. "There are three phases of the game, and we do a good job on focusing on all of them. You can't really control or dominate a game if you don't dominate in all three phases, and I definitely think we do a good job of doing that." Because they had to stop Atlanta from getting any more points, or the game was over.

1st and 10, the Falcons lined up at their own Ten a Twins-Twins Singleback. The Pats matched up in a 4-2 Nickel with both Safeties up in the box, and Branch on the Nose. "He just told us to stick to the game plan. He didn't go crazy or anything," Branch said. "He just told us to go out there and we were able to definitely come back from that score deficit. So he said, 'If everybody does their job, we have a great chance of coming back to win the game." Everybody was expecting a run.

They ran play action. Ryan had all the time in the world, as the Pats had clearly keyed run. Ryan looked down field. Then he Spotted Freeman, who had snuck out into the left flat after the Play action. Ryan hit him with no Pats within 20-yards of him.

He ran to the 35, and juked out two defenders. "I would say heís definitely physical, definitely has a violent play style," Pats LB coach Flores said about Roberts. "Heís got speed. Heís got quickness. Heís smart. Heís done a good job of trying to learn our defense. Itís hard for a rookie coming in, trying to put everything together because thereís a lot of info and terminology, along with the other things that come with being a rookie, moving to a new city, meeting a bunch of new people. Thereís a lot going on for rookies specifically. So heís done a good job." Roberts took him down from behind at the 49.

1st and 10, the Falcons lined up in a Singleback. The Pats matched up in a 3-4 with Chung in at ILB. "I never know what's going to happen on any play," Chung said. "You've got to do what you've got to do. You've got a job, do your job or you won't have one." Chung held the edge and meet Freeman at the line on the Numbers on an off tackle run.

Sheard and Branch got in to the tackle as well. "He just told us to stick to the game plan," Branch said. "He didn't go crazy or anything. He just told us to go out there and we were able to definitely come back from that score deficit. So he said, 'If everybody does their job, we have a great chance of coming back to win the game.'" But it was Chung's setting the edge that made the play.

2nd and 9, the Falcons motioned into a 3-Wide strong shotgun, twins left. The Pats matched up in a 2-4 Nickel, with all four LBs on the line, and Hightower in the A-gap. "Everybody did their job," Van Noy said. "Honestly, I was trying to go for the ball and Matt Ryan did a good job of keeping the ball cause I was going for it. I wanted that thing." Van Noy got pressure and forced Matty Ice to take off to his right.

However, Ice is often at his best moving to his right. "We were in field goal range [after this pass], and then we got pushed back out of field goal range," Matty Ice said. "We knew we had to come away with points in both of those." This was certainly a case of that.

He hit Julio Jones high and outside along the sideline at the 22. "Sure, we did some good things, [but] just made some mistakes in certain situations that put us behind the chains," Ice said. "And we were not able to overcome that, and that part was disappointing." Julio dragged in what would have been the play of the Super Bowl, if this wasn't the greatest NFL game ever played. Then he fell out of bound to stop the clock.

That was such an incredible play that it won the game. If they just lined up and kicked the field goal? They win. "We just made some mistakes," Matty Ice said. "And against a team like New England, those mistakes ended up costing us" If Ryan just kneeled on the ball three times and then kicked the field goal? They win.

Now obviously that is a preposterous scenario that you could only say in hindsight. "There's nothing you can really say," Ryan said. "That's a tough loss. Obviously, very disappointed. [The Falcons] were very close to getting done what we wanted to get done, but it's hard to find the words." However, what they did next will go down in infamy.

I don't like blaming a coach when things go bad. But if they just slammed the ball in the Big Man Alan Branch three times and kick a field? They win. They would be up eleven and that would have added a 3rd and 4th component to winning for the Pats. They would have had to: recover an onside kick, after they scored a TD, and after they converted a 2-point conversion, and then kick a field goal, in two minutes.

1st and 10, The Falcons do what they need to do. They ran Freeman. "Basic reason for me is I donít feel accepted in the White House," McCourty said. "With the president having so many strong opinions and prejudices, I believe certain people might feel accepted there while others wonít." McCourty was their to wrap him up behind the line.

That was the 19th do or die play. "Honestly, we just started finally executing," Alan Branch said. "We were on the field and we knew what we had to do, but we weren't getting it done in the first half. When we came into halftime, we talked to each other. We weren't down, we didn't give up. We weren't talking about rolling over or anything. We just started talking about being on our job, being more positive, having fun out there." Because they had to stop the RBs short and force the field goal at all cost.

2nd and 11, and this was a coach choke. "Itís 28-20 and you are now in cold field goal range," Francesa said. "Youíre going to go up two scores. You donít have to do anything except ice the game now. Itís over. That play shouldíve ended the game if youíre a thinking coach. Instead, two plays later, they have had a guy run out of bounds, a holding call and a sack and theyíre out of field goal range." A little harsh, but not wrong.

The Falcons lined up in a 3-Wide Winged shotgun. They win the game if they run here. The Pat matched up in a little confused in a 2-4 Nickel, with both safeties creeping up into the Box. The Pats knew the Falcons needed to run to win the game, but everything they did screamed pass. The Falcons knew that the Pats knew that they had to run to win the game.

Ryan dropped.

Freeman went out in a pattern, and the H-back Hooper stayed in to block. "To be honest, we expected it. And Iím glad to have him as my teammate," Hightower said. "I honestly donít think it mattered if Trey wanted it (the Sack) or not. Because we were going to give it to him." Then friggin' Flowers burst right up the middle.

He flushed Ryan as he was being Held. This actually helped, as Ryan ran backwards. "We got the play called," Branch said. "We had a stunt on that. Someone was supposed to stunt on that play. Trey stepped up. He was like, 'Look, let me do the stunt.' He went in there. I just went in there and covered him and let him do work." It took Flowers a second longer to hit him.

Ryan lost four yards moving backwards. "We knew then it was just one play away," Flowers said. "Now we just need one stop, one big-time play and we were able to get it. We were able to get the stop and put our offense out there with a lot of time left, and they marched the ball down the field and got the two-point conversion." They spotted the ball at 35 instead of the 40, but it still made it a tougher field goal.

I would just like to say that someone said that Trey Flowers was a "rising star" this Preseason. "Trey Flowers is one of the better players in the league," Branch said. "Heís definitely going to have a lot of people paying attention to him next year because that guyís a monster. I think heís one of the better pass rushers and one of the better all-around defensive linemen in the league. I give him all of the credit in the world. To me, heís one of the best." Oh yeah, that was me who called him rising star Trey Flowers.

3rd and 23, can you call a call from the refs as a do or die play? Sure! Super Bowl sure! The Falcons lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun, Stack left. The Pats matched up aggressively in a 2-4 Nickel with all six guys on the line and Chung and McCourty skirting the box. The Pats get a good rush, but Ryan threw quickly to Sanu. To get them into field goal range, and win the game again.

Boom! "Itís crazy," Flowers said. "I still canít believe it. Itís going to be amazing waking up tomorrow because this is like a dream. It feels like a dream." The shot heard round the world.

I saw a tear fall from Matty Ice's eye as the little yellow flag hit the ground just beneath Jake Mathews strangling Chris Long to the ground. "Huge!" BB said. "That pushes it back to a two-score game. That was a huge defensive stop. We got the sack (Flowers). We got the holding penalty [on Long], and we were able to push them back out of field goal range. So that was a huge defensive series for us." That flag was unequivocally the 20th do or die play of the greatest NFL game ever played.

Just think about this: the Falcons got themselves in range to kick a field goal, and the Pats knocked them backwards on three straight plays, to make it 3rd and 33 at the 45. "The thing that makes a champion? It's not about shutting everybody out, making everything easy," Logan Ryan said. "It's about getting knocked down and getting back up and how you respond. That's what this team did all year. We kept getting knocked down. We kept responding. We kept coming to work and no one in that locker room. Not one person lost faith in the play-calling, and how we were playing. We all knew we were going to win. We never lost faith. We kept it going." Simply incredible.

3rd and 33, the Falcons motioned into a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 2-4 with all six guys on the line of scrimmage again. The Falcons really need at least 10-yards here to get back into field goal range. Matty Ice dropped. The Pats stunted on both sides. Ice had time, and threw a timing pattern to Gabriel on an Out.

Butler had him blanketed. "Itís been great to watch him develop and mature and really grow his knowledge of the game and become a football player thatís playing more than just within his own position," Patricia said. "He understands the concept of what weíre doing from a scheme standpoint, understanding how we can change things, or how we can switch up game plans from week to week. I think thatís the growth that weíre really looking for. And thatís been the best part about it." The only place Ice could throw the ball was uncatchable out of bound.

This forced the punt. "I'd bet on Julian in a lot of critical situations," McDaniels said. "He's a clutch guy. Heís a clutch player. He wants the ball when the pressure is at its greatest. It doesnít surprise me at all that he made the play." Edelman caught it at the Nine.

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