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The, Greatest NFL Game Ever played.


Now that the Pats got to within the mythical "two scores", they had to stop Atlanta from scoring a single point. "We were going to make sure that we had to execute at a better level than we did in the first half," Patricia said. "Just go out and just keep playing one play at a time." They hadn't come close at this point in the game.

They didn't panic at Halftime (like me), and knew they just hadn't executed their game plan. "I think once everybody looked around in the locker room, and realized we weren't giving up, that it kind of changed the whole mindset of everybody and we went out there firing off on all cylinders," Alan Branch said. "Honestly, we just started finally executing. We were on the field and we knew what we had to do, but we weren't getting it done in the 1st half. When we came into halftime, we talked to each other. We weren't down, we didn't give up. We weren't talking about rolling over or anything. We just started talking about being on our job, being more positive, having fun out there." The offense had just done their job, and now it was time for the defense.

Atlanta lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback, at their own 22. The Pats matched up in a 3-4. They ran a toss outside to Coleman. He turned the corner and was taken down by Chung.

2nd and 2, the Falcons lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback with Twins on the left this time. The Pats matched up in a 4-2 Nickel. They ran a Toss designed to go up the middle. The Pats D-line held. Brown and Branch held the point, and Ryan and Flowers swooped in from the side.

This was a big play because Coleman got knocked out of the game on this play. "Do your job," Dont’a Hightower said. "Finish. We knew what they had. We drew up what they were doing. We had to come out and execute and we did just that." This put a lot more pressure on Freeman.

I'm calling this the 12th play that if the Pats don't make they lose, because Coleman got knocked out of the game. Coleman was primarily their 3rd down back, and Freeman their main back. Now there was a lot more interchange between the two then backs in those roles normally. I'm not saying that.

But that was clearly supposed to be Coleman's series, and Freeman had to come in off the bench. He was clearly not ready for the next play. It was a small thing that turned in a huge thing, like a lot of things in this game.

3rd and 2, Falcons Empty. The Pats matched up in a 3-4 with six guys on the LOS. "Hightower's sack was a huge play for us," BB said. "We really needed that after our two turnover offensively in the 1st Half. It’s hard to beat Atlanta, whose a very opportunistic turnover team, when we turn the ball over like that. So to get one back was big." Hightower got a free rush to Ryan.

Freeman stayed in to block and was looking inside, and he didn't see Hightower until it was too late. "Earlier Freeman had me in protection and I was a little bit closer to the line of scrimmage so he kind of [eyed] me," Hightower said. "I guess this time he didn't. I'm not sure. This time I was able to get by him, and by the time he realized I was there it was a little too late. I took advantage of the opportunity. That was really kind of the thing. We had to make a play, whether it's going out and being overly aggressive or taking advantage of those small opportunity windows and we definitely did that." Freeman tried to block him, but had gotten himself out of position to block the outside blitz.

He was so late that he barely got a hand in Hightower's chest that didn't slow him down at all. "It's not a complicated blitz, just blitzing outside, and they had run the play once or twice the previous series," Hightower said. "I guess Freeman didn't see me outside and went to chip or release, and lost sight of me. I see Matt Ryan with the ball in his hands and I wanted it, so I went and took it." Hightower flew past him like a man on a mission.

He slammed into Ryan just as his arm went all the way back. The ball popped up and lofted lazily over Ryans head, and bounced off the ORG Chester's thigh. Ninkovich thought it was the play of the game. "I think Hightower’s sack-fumble was the turning point," he said.

The play was clearly the most memorable defensive play of the game. "I don’t know if it sparked it, if it did or if it didn’t," Hightower said. "All I know is coming out of halftime, we just knew that we had to get a three-and-out or a turnover or something to get moving." I can guarantee you Dant'a it sparked them.

Freeman gave him a free path to the QB. "I saw Matt Ryan with the ball in his hands, I wanted it so I hit him and took it," Hightower said. "Man, I'm just doing what my teammates expect me to do. Matty P put me in position to make the play, all I did was go out and execute." And he did.

Then he just needed his 350-pound buddy to scoop the ball up. "He’s been doing an unbelievable job," Flowers said about Branch. "You see him getting penetration into the backfield. He’s knocking blockers back into the backfield. He’s been doing a great job. It’s one thing to be big, but he’s able to move with all that weight." He had really become their essential big man nose tackle.

The Bigman on the saxophone Alan Branch immediately dived on the ball. "Alan has done a great job for us," Belichick said. "Along with his play, which is certainly significant, one of the things that has been really impressive about him has been his play time. In addition to his overall production, he's played a lot more than he has in quite a while in terms of number of plays." He scooped it up.

But he didn't quite have it in his hands. "Honestly, I fell on the ball weird so I was like directly on top of the ball. I didn't really have my hands wrapped around [the ball] there," Branch said. "So I was trying to UFC. [I was] top-heavy, like I was in the top position in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Just try to stay heavy on the ball. And Rob Ninkovich had a smart play. He started punching the ball to where it went into my bread basket, and I was able to hold on to it." Then he grabbed it ever so gentle and cradled it like a baby.

That was probably the biggest momentum changer in the game. "That's really all up to the coach what we're gonna do," Hightower said. "They dialed some stuff up at Halftime. We came over to the sideline, and they said this is what we are going to do. We went outside. We came outside, and got the quarterback." Do I even need to say that those were do or die plays number 13 and 14, because if Branch doesn't scoop it up the Falcons get to punt.

1st and 10 at the 25, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback, twins right. They ran play action to Blount. Brady got sacked by old enemy Dwight Freeney. 2nd and 15 at the 30, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Trips-left Strong shotgun. Brady had time. He threw it to Whites. He had swung out of the backfield on the opposite side of the Trips.

3rd and 11, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide, Trips right Weak shotgun. Mitchell was lined up on the outside. He got an outside release. Then he swam over the CB, and the CB slid down. He turned back to Brady and put his hands up.

The ball was low and inside. "It's always been that way," Mitchell said. "Even with the stuff I do off the field, football has always been the forefront. Because I'm very passionate about it. It’s what I’ve been doing since I’ve been little." He caught it as he fell down inside, and then spun the ball over his body and slammed it on the turf to make sure it was a First.

It is amazing how much Brady trusts the rookie WR. "Malcolm’s been incredible for us," Brady said. "And I mean, I love Malcolm as a player, as a person. He sits right next to me every day. He’s just such a mature young man. And he's taken everything that the team’s done with him and dealt with it head-on." That was the 15th do or die play.

1st and 10 at the 19, Pats Empty. Brady hit Amendola dragging underneath Mitchell. "In the end we got a lot of plays from our guys: our back, our tight ends, and receivers," BB said. "Our defense and offensive line did a tremendous job in the passrush. I mean, they hit us. But we were able to gain quite a few yards in the passing game, and special teams. [Allen] gave us some great kicks that put the Falcons in some bad field position, and we covered it well. That was important too." He turned up field for a few more.

2nd and 3 from the 7, Pats Empty. Brady hit Amendola curling outside for a touchdown. "Danny’s really just another returner trying to masquerade as a wide receiver," Edelman said. "And he’s been getting away with it." But he just had the biggest play of the game so far.

Not a lot of WRs in the NFL could have made that play. "I wouldn’t say that you can take just anybody and plug them into things on our team and it would work, because we’re good athletes who work hard at it," Amendola said. "But to play for the Patriots, it might be just as important to be smart, clever and precise. That's the real key as much as speed, quickness, or size." That was a clever route where he: got the outside shoulder of Collins, broke it outside, and left him in the dust.

Then he caught it, and fell backwards into the endzone to make sure he scored. "We were just worrying about beating them by one point," Amendola told reporters after the game. "We knew we had to come out in the second half and play no matter what. They were coming at us with a lot of things. We just wanted to be resilient, we wanted to be tough mentally, and we got it done." That was the 16th do or die play.

The Pats lined up Empty for the 2-point conversion. "Oh, my man was balling today," Dion said about White. "What did he have, 14 catches? Three touchdowns? Man, he came through big for us. That’s the thing about this team. It’s always somebody different. [James] worked so hard. I’m happy for him. He deserved it man." White motioned next to Brady in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun.

They ran the Kevin Faulk play. "It’s a play that we practiced every day, every week," Faulk said a few years ago. "But we only ran it one time a year. It was that type of play." Brady faked like the ball just flew over his head, but Andrew had hiked a direct snap to White.

White headed right, and gave a shimmy. "Felt like everything went in slow motion," White said. "That's [what I] dreamed about as a kid: ball in my hands with the game on the line, I've got to find the end zone. All the hard work you put in all season long just for that moment, just trying to get a victory for my teammates, is really amazing." Then he dived into the endzone between Cannon and Shaq for the 17th do or die play of the game.

He was credited with three TDs, but in my book a 2-point conversion is a TD. "I think James White deserves it (the Super Bowl MVP)," Brady said. "[MVP would] be nice for him. James White is like my oldest son." White had four TDs in that game.

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