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Greatest NFL Game Ever played.


2nd and 11, the Falcons finally lined up 3-Wide Winged shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 2-4 Nickel with all six guys up on the line. They rushed four. Sheard beat the ORT. He grabbed Ryan by the shoulder, but couldn't drag him down. That may have been the first hit on Ryan in the game, but it definitely was the first hit of the 2nd Half.

Ryan spun a little, and took off to his right. He spotted Hooper heading to the right as well, and hit him in the hands. Hooper caught the ball, and turned up field the ball still out in front of him. Chung dived over and punched the ball out. That was play number seven where if they don't make it they lose.

That looked like a fumble to me. "You just saw that for yourself," Chung said. "He brought us down [the field], and he brought us another Super Bowl. So whoever says that he is not the greatest, you guys are stupid." Hooper made a football move turning up field before it was slapped out.

3rd and 11, the Falcons lined up in a 4-Wide Bunch-right Strong shotgun. The Pats matched up with five rushers on the line looking like they were coming. Sheard got pressure, but Ryan danced away from him. Then Flowers slammed him from behind, and Van Noy cracked him in the front. It the first Sack of the game for the Pats to force the punt.

That was as big a play as there was in this game. "All the preparation throughout the week, we knew we’d get after this quarterback," Flowers said. "There was a great quarterback on the other side. We just kept-on pluggin' away." This was the 7th win or lose play of the game.

They finally put a big hit on Ryan, and let him start to feel the pressure. "[Ryan] likes to step up in the pocket so anytime you get some inside penetration he was right there for the sack," Flowers said. "I was just blessed I had the opportunity to make the play when the time came. Nobody ever wavered. Everybody was all positive." It was just starting to feel like this game might not be over.

The Pats showed they could beat up the Falcons O-line in the run game and in the passing game. The defense did not show that before this series. They were forced to punt, and they somehow ran out the quarter after they got called for a delay of game. The refs mistaken started running the game clock again.

The Pats lined up to start the 4th at their own 13, in a 4-Wide strong shotgun Trips-left. Brady had a ton of time. "I’ve always believed, my mom instilled in me to work hard," Mitchell said. "Everything that I do, I always try to do my best. If opportunities come up, I try to take advantage of them." He finally hit super rookie Malcolm Mitchell on a deep comeback. 

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in the same formation. "When your name is called and you get an opportunity, you try to do the best you can do to help the team," Mitchell said. "You never know so it’s important to go out there and compete every play." Brady hit Super Rookie Mitchell crossing over the middle.

2nd and 3, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. They ran White on what looked like a Dive, but a linebacker filled the hole, and lowered his head to hit him. "It was just a great team effort," White said. "It's really surreal. I was just living in the moment. I wasn’t paying attention to how many catches I had, how many yards I had. I just wanted to keep moving the chains no matter what it took." White juked the LB with a hop-cut outside, and lowered his head for the First.

That was a great run. "It still feels surreal to me," White said. "I mean I really haven’t wrapped my head around it. Once I get home to my family and everything, it’ll be a great joy to be around them. Just, probably re-watch the game and whatnot. I can’t put it into words." He made a guy miss, and powered for a few more.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a Trips-left Weak shotgun. Brady had a ton of time and tried to hit a deep one to Edelman, but it was just a foot too long.

2nd and 10, Empty, Brady hit the Super Rookie on a short Post. "He just kept us motivated every step of the way," Mitchell said. "Tom told us that the game’s not over until it’s over and that as long as we’re out here we’ll compete and give it all we've got." He took off over the 50, and dragged a DB for about 10-yards. That was play number nine.

1st and 10 at the 41, Pats Empty. Brady hit White outside. "Some of his run after catch plays [were totally awesome!]," BB said. "[He hit] a couple of screen and things like that. He's a good football player. Two years ago [in the Super Bowl] he was inactive. He's had two great years for us at that sub-back position, and he came up big tonight." He snuck past the DB as he tried to get the First, but he stepped out of bound.

2nd and 1 at the 31 (that's right, the refs spotted the ball a half an inch short), Pats Empty. Brady had to stepped up in the pocket. He fired it at Amendola slanting into the box, and Brian Poole grabbed his shirt from behind and yanked it as tried to catch it. He couldn't hold on.

3rd and half an inch, Pats Empty. Brady lofted a perfect pass to Bennett on a Fly down the sideline. He caught it at the ten, and was flipped down inside the Ten. That was play number ten.

1st and Goal from the eight, Pats empty. The O-line was solid. "You’re never out of the fight. Keep throwing punches," Andrews said. "You get back up when you’re down and that’s what we did. We knew we could do it all along. Just have a little faith and keep going." But then Brady hopped up into the pocket. Grady "Friggin'" Jarrett, cut inside of Cannon and sacked Brady.

2nd and goal from the 12, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun, Trips right. Brady hit White sneaking out of the backfield, as he got pressure from three guys. "I just want to be an accountable football player, accountable person," White said. "I love each and every one of my teammates. I just try to go to work each and every day and give everything I have. And just be a viable option no matter what the coach asks me to do, I just want to go out there and do it." But he was hit instantly by Collins.

3rd and Goal from the 10, Pats Empty. Brady got sacked by Garrett, again. "If it was shorter on fourth down," McDaniels said when asked if he though about going for it on 4th down. "But that made it a two-score game. We knew we’d get the ball at least a couple more times." This forced the Pats to kick the field goal to get within the mythical 16-points, and "within two scores". Pats-12. Falcons-28.

This was the 10th play of the game, were Gostkowski hit the field goal, or they lose. Like I said in my earlier review, in the thousands of football games I have watched I had never seen a team down by the mythical "16-points", and go on to score two TDs and two 2-point conversions to tie the game.

They somehow had kept their cool in this game. "No panic," Slater said. "We practiced in pads on Super Bowl week. We are squatting 80 per cent of our maxes on Super Bowl week. We worked for this. Our bodies and minds were ready, and we just kept believing in one another." And as impossible as the "getting to within two scores" scenario is, the math does work if the other team doesn't score.

Never mind then go on to win the game. "When you fall behind by a lot in a game like this?" McDaniels said. "You have to make a lot of great plays and have a lot of things go right." The Pats were still in a hole that I had never seen a team climb out of before.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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