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2019 Pats Combine: Part III DE.


I know you'll find this shocking! But the Pats will be drafting a D-end early. Flowers is gone... 

As free agency ravages it's way through the Pats, it is the same old story. What are the Pats doing? Why aren't they over spending Cap cash on big names. Because they rarely do. Do we have to hear the same crap very year? "What are the Pats doing letting Odell and Brown get away?" They are doing what they do every year. 

They let the big names get off the Boards, and let all the desperate teams fill their Caps with giant new contracts and Cap busting signing bonuses. Then they sweep in and get the guy who fit their system in positions they need, or to do tasks that need to be done. Free Agency for teams is not about spending Cap Capital on big names. It is about building a team that can get to and win a Super Bowl. 

The Pats have gotten to the last three Super Bowls and won two of them, by using the off season the exact same way they are doing it this year. Find he guys that can fit into specific needs, with sane contracts. Then try to fill the rest in the Draft. 

The Pats have been on a roll when in comes to drafting DLs in the 4th Round. So if a top Edge guy isn't on the Board at 32 they could wait until 97, 101, or 134. Players like Ledbetter, Omenihu, Anthony Nelson, Winovich, and Joe Jackson, fit that profile with the Compensatory picks after the 3rd, and the Pats 4th Round pick. 

#23 Zach Allen- 6-4.1, 281, 34 3/4" Arms, (U) 4.95-5.01, 7.34 3-Cone, 4.36 SS, BC, DE, Day-2- He looked like an Edge in cover drills. "You just got to put on the tape and press play. Thereís a saying in the football world, 'Your tape is your resume,'" Allen said. "And if you press play, I think a lot of people are going to be impressed and see I can do a lot of different things and do them at a high level. [And] it wasnít like I was playing against any Joe Shmoe. I was playing in the ACC against some of the best competition. I proved that I can do it against the best of the best." His hips got a little tight. He had a great catch. 

He was at his best at BC as a 9-Tech. "I had a lot of different roles during my time at Boston College," Allen said. "I played in a lot of fronts: 4-3, 3-4, overs, 5-technique. Pretty much everything. At BC we did it all. Iím fine with whatever helps the team. Iím open and willing and donít really have a preference." Some think he is a 3-Tech. 

That is not a good thing when you play the Edge. "There are a lot of players like that I like to watch: Joey Bosa, Carlos Dunlap, Melvin Ingram, Ryan Kerrigan, DeMarcus Lawrence," Allen said. "I feel like if I can take a piece or two from players like that from everyoneís game thatís huge. Iím really looking for is an opportunity to play. Special teams, whatever." 

He is the strongest Edge guy in this Draft. And because of that he can play 3-Tech and 5-Tech, he could still slide into the 1st. Great upper body strength. Nice feet high stepping. Nice moving backward and forward. He has some nice quicks and COD. He just keeps growing. It looked like he outgrew the Edge at the Combine. Nice job moving backwards in drop drill. He showed his quick feet in Cover drill. 

Elite character. It is hard to believe a 280 pound can move back in space like that. Allen is another DE who use the swipe to great effect. When he gets to the OTís hands or arms fast, he is at the QB quicker than he can throw. He is so good at grabbing the OTís arms and pulling himself past him. 34 3/4" arms was a good number for him. 

#24 Ben Bangou- 6-3, 250, (U) 4.58-4.62, 40" Vert! 11'2"! 7.02 3-Cone, TCU, DE/OLB, Day 1 or 2- Great smooth athlete in cover drill. He blew up the Combine. He had the longest Broad jump in the history of the NFL, which is an explosion measurement. An 11-2 Broad at 250 is as great a number as you will ever see. He can really move left and right. Elite moving forward and back. Great agility in spin move. 

He looked like an LB moving backwards in coverage. The elite Edge athlete. NFL defense is still about hitting the quarterback. He is now a 2nd Round pick, and could slip into the 1st. You'd like him to show better rush instincts and that knack. But he did garner 8.5 Sacks two years in a row at TCU. He also garnered 34.5 TFLs the last two seasons. Those are very good numbers. 

Elite mover in open field in coverage. He had some of the best explosion numbers in the Draft ever. Those numbers will put him into Day Two. Especially if a 3-4 team or a team with a multiple fronts needs an OLB/speed-rusher. He didnít play up to those explosion numbers. He had made the best Combine of any DL. He will not slip out of Day Two. 

#25 Nick Bosa- 6-4, 266, 33" Arms, (U) 4.84-4.79, S-1.65, 7.1 3-Cone, 4.14 SS, Ohio State, DE, Top-5,Ė Not bad moving in space drill. Not great hands. He was a little slower in the Forty than I thought he would be, but he still beat his brotherís time. Very smooth moving backwards. Smooth mover going forward to back. He can fly. He looked good moving backwards. He has hands like fish catching the ball. Pumped up. 

Feet not coordinated when moving back in coverage drill. Scout's Quote: "I love Nick Bosa. I wasn't 100 percent sure on Joey coming out (stupid me), but I won't make that mistake twice. He's the real deal. Excellent instincts and feel for the quarterback as a young rusher."

What Nick does, like his brother Joey, is that they attack the OLs hands and arms better than any edge I have seen. When Nick grabs the arm or hands of the OL first, he is unblockable, like his brother. They are both masters of the Swipe move, where they grab or swipe the arms down so the OL canít grab shirt and run past him. Great upper body strength. 

He is just tight and efficient in everything he does. "If there's anything he'd like to re-test, then he'll go to the Ohio State pro day and re-test there. But I'm pretty sure he's going to be pleased with everything he does at the combine," Joey's Dad said. "His training was a combination of rehab and training. Health-wise, as of about three weeks ago, now it's 100 percent training for the combine. So he's 100-percent healthy and ready to go." He looked like a top five pick at the Combine. 

#26 Jordan Brailford- 6-3, 255, (U) 4.72-4.66, S-1.62, 10'6 Broad, 37.5" Vert, 32 1/2" Arms, Oklahoma State DE, Day-3- They like to move him around. He had to line up in the slot, outside, inside, and he didnít play at a set position. He played in Shrine Game, and faired very well with a nice Sack off an outside spin move. He had a good Senior Season. He garnered 9 Sacks and 16 TFLs. 

#27 Austin Bryant- 6-4, 271, 34.5 " Hands, Clemson, DE, Day-2- DNP. 

#28 Brian Burns- 6-5, 249, 33.7" arms, (U) 4.56-4.64, 7.01 3-Cone! S-1.61, 10'9" Br, 36" Vert, FLA ST, DE, Day-1- Elite natural athlete. He can really move in coverage drills and catch the ball. Love the way this guy moves in space. He is a 3-4 OLB. He was one of the best movers in space at Combine. Elite testing numbers in the Combine will move him up into the top half of the 1st. 

He really looks the part. If you look at him vs. Polite, he wins. But Iím not sure he has that knack for hitting the quarterback. Polite does. Burns gets a lot of pressure because of his explosion, size and athleticism, but doesnít reach the QB. He gets lost in the pocket a lot, and canít find the ball, but it still disrupts the offense. 

Long tall legs. He can get a little gawky. Needs to use hands more. He showed some heavy hands at the Combine. Nice COD in open field. Nice blast off. He has great hands and made a great catch off his shoe tops at the combine. Nice feet moving sideways. 

#29 Malik Carney- 6-2, 251, 33.3" Arms, (U) 4.7-4.76, S-1.68, 33" Vert, 25 Reps, UNC, DE, Day-3- Smooth moving through the bags. Everything he does is under control and working it. He has some great quicks on bend. He can lumber a little in COD drills. I need to watch more Tape of him. Very impressive at the Combine. He missed four games in 2018, but still garnered 6.5 Sacks, 12.5 TFLs, and an impressive 5 FF.

#30 L.J. Collier- 6-2, 283, 34" Arms, (U) 4.85-4.96, S-1.75, 25 Reps, TCU, Day-3Ė He is a big thick D-end. He looks like a 5-Tech at 293-poundds. But he is an Edge guy. Heavy hitter. Great quick hands. Needs to learn to use them better. He did not look like an OLB. He can really move in space. He garnered 4 PBUs last season to along with 6 Sacks. 

#31 John Cominski- 6-5 1/4, 286, (U) 4.66-4.71, 7.03 3-Cone, 4.38 SS, 33.5" Vert, Charleston, DE, Day-2?- Nice movement skills. I like him moving forward and back. Nice slap and dip. Great quicks and hands. Amazing burst for a 6-7 guy. He has some snap in his hands. Very impressive Combine. He looked like one of the top athletes at the Combine. He could slide into Day-2. 

He is a great athlete. He is a small school well-built tank. That Forty would have gotten him into Day Two in a normal year, but this is not a normal year. Some one could steal him in the 4th. He is a bit of developmental guy, but he could make a great pick for someone in the 4th. Not bad moving backwards. 

#32 Byron Cowart- 6-3, 298, 33.3" Arms, (U) 5.15 -5.23, 26 Reps, DE, Maryland, Day-3- He was great at the SB. He looks like a 5-Tech. Strong upper body. You can see he hit the weight room. Better moving forward and back than I thought. A little slow around the corner. Lacks a late burst. He can lose feet when he bursts to quick. Didn't test as well as you want. But he seemed to take to Pro coaching at the SB, and could be a Day Three surprise. 

#34 Maxx Crosby- 6-4.7, 255, 32.7" arms, 6.89 3-Cone! (U) 4.64-4.67, 4.13 SS, 10-2 Br, 36" Vert,  Eastern Michigan, DE, Day-2- He has some snap in his hips. He looked good in coverage dills. Nice mover in space. Terrific size speed athlete. Terrific speed and Quicks. He knows how to use his hands to keep blockers off. Great burst to the side. He can really move. Great athlete. Great pedal and feet. He is a small school wunderkind who could slip into Day Two.

He can struggle turning sometimes. Great moving over the bags and side to side. A little high. A little lanky. He has some suddenness in his hips when he stays low. He has to stay low. He gets gawky when he gets high. Tall and skinny looking. Nice hands. He looked really good dropping. That might have been when he looked the most athletic at Combine. He garnered 19.5 Sacks, 35.5 TFLs 4 PBUs, and 8 FF in the last two seasons in the MAC. 

#35 Jamal Davis- 6-4, 240, 34 1/4" Arms, (U) 4.66-4.65, 39" Vert, 10'2 Br, 7.0 3-Cone! Akron, DE, Day-3- Nice core strength. Good upper body strength. Good mover, Great core and upper body strength. Light on his feet. Nice pedal. Got a little high, but he has great feet. A little high. He can catch the ball. He is a small school explosive athlete who could surprise on Day Three. 

#36 Clelin Ferrell- 6-4.3, 264, 34.1" Arms, 4.4 SS, 7.26 3-Cone, 25 Reps, Clemson, DE,- He looked a little like McGinest on the track field at Combine. Great initial burst to the side. He has some suddenness in COD. Great quicks moving forward to backwards. Nice bend. Nice hands. Nice arm over. He looked good in coverage drill. Nice moving forward. He can catch the ball. He garnered 20 Sacks the last two seasons. 

He is not a pure speed rusher. He has some nice power to him as well. He can stand up in the run. He can set the Edge with some power. He seems to be falling out of favor. Some have him falling down to the Pats. So keep bashing him! The Pats are waiting. 

#37 Rashan Gary- 6-4.3, 277, 34.1" Arms, (U) 4.61-4.59, S-1.63, 38" Vert, 10' Br, 26 Reps, Michigan DE, Top-5Ė He kept screwing up drills by guessing, but did a great job recovering once he got himself out of balance. Great feet moving backwards. Smooth athlete when he isnít trying to cheat the drill. A 4.6 Forty at 277-pounds is incredible. Then he did better in the second run. 

He is a huge guy. But he doesnít have that knack for hitting the quarterback. He has to stay on the field. Great mover on the field. Wow, he is great moving backwards. Elite Mover. Great COD moving forward to backward. Nice inside slap. Elite closing burst. He showed a great spin at Combine. Nice burst forward. He has hands like feet trying to catch the ball. 

#38 Carl Granderson- 6-5, 254, 34" Arms, (U) 4.81-4.8, S-1.71, 35" Vert, 9'11" Br, Wyoming, DE, Day-3- Long legged. Nice feet moving backwards. He has some typewriter feet (thatís how old I am;). He can really move. Nice long legs. He can really move laterally. He has some suddenness in his shoulders. Very balance and agile moving back and sideways in cover drill. Smooth easy hands. He was better in 2017 than 2018. 

#39 Gerri Green- 6-4, 252, 33" Arms, (U) 4.66-4.64, S-166, Mississippi State, DE,Ė Solid base. Nice upper body strength. He can really move. He can turn the hips. Cheated the bags a little. Hands are little finesse. He can sink his hips. He can dig and get the low ball in coverage. Nice burst backwards in coverage. He looks like he could be excellent in coverage. Terrific athlete. I need to watch more Tape of him. 

#40 Joe Jackson- 6-4.1, 275, 22 Reps, 27" Vert, 9'1" Broad, Miami, EDGE - Much bigger than I thought, but can still move inside. He looked a little heavy. Heavy hands. His weight showed in his hands. Good hips. Nice snap back in coverage drill. Caught the ball. Great size for an Edge. His Very and Broad jump were very disappointing. He needed better explosion numbers. He did not have a great season, garnering 9 Sacks and 14.5 TFLs. 34.1" Arms was a good number for him. 

#41 CeCe Jefferson- 6-1 1/2, 266, 33.5" Arms, (U) 5,03-4.,S-1.76, Florida, DEĖ Quick feet. Nice moving side to side. Great feet moving side to side. Hips need a little work. Great feet moving laterally. Light on his feet. Nice COD. Moves quick back. Nice agility and caught the ball in drop drill. Nice hands in coverage. 

#42 Jalen Jelks- 6-5.3 256, 4.59 3-Cone! (U) 4.93-4.95, S-1.7, Oregon, OLB/DE, Day-3- He can really slide sideways. He looked bigger than I thought. Great feet moving side to side. Nice COD forward to back. Nice quicks on bend. Nice speed around the corner. He has to do a better job staying low. He has some snap in his hips. Nice Pedal. Smoothest hands in coverage. He really moved well backwards in coverage drills. 

Jelks is a guy the Pats could be looking at in Day Three. He really was more of an OLB in Oregon's defensive system. So that 4.9 number is a Day Three number for him. He did not look like an OLB at the Combine. He is a versatile guy who can rush Standing up and with a hand down. He also had great longs arms, 34.5" arms was a good number for him. 

A 7.22 3-Cone might be a Day Three number for the Pats. He is a very tough kid who rushed inside a little the last couple years. His stats last season were not good. 3.5 Sacks for an Edge guy is a Day-3 number. He had 6.5 Sacks as a Jr. He was expected to garner more sacks in 2018. He didn't. 

#43 Darryl Johnson- 6-6, 253, 33.7" Arms, 20 Reps, North Carolina AT&T, DE,- DNP.

#44 Jonathan Ledbetter- 6-3 3/4, 280, (U) 5.15-4.21,S-1.81, Georgia DE, Day-3- He looked like a 5-Tech running. He can really move for 280. Great movement skill laterally and side to side. That is what makes him great. Nice slap. He can bend off his slap. He can moving when he is heading to the QB. Very versatile DL. 

He is a Day Three DE like Flower and Wise, who the Pats can pick up and develop into a nightmare for the AFC East. Vastly underrated. One my favorite DLs in this Draft. The Pats can wait until Day Three to take a chance on him.  

#45 Shareef Miller- 6-4 1/2, 254, 33.5" Arms, (U) 4.71-4.7, 1.67, Penn State,Day-3- Not as good a mover as I thought heíd be. Nice snap in his hands. He looks like and Edge moving. Nice quicks and COD. Nice burst forward out of pedal. Nice quick feet. Looks good in coverage. Nice burst forward. Thinks more of himself than his production showed. 

#46 Anthony Nelson- 6-7, 271, 34.7" Arms, 6.95 3-Cone! (U) 4.83-4.83, 1.67, 35.5" Vert, 9'10" Br, Iowa, DE/5-T, Day-2?Ė Better bursting forward than back. Nice punch. Struggled a little get low. Not the quickest and smoothest in Coverage drill. He can adjust to the ball in the air. Excellent hands catching the ball. Great size speed athlete. Underrated athlete. 

His forty was a huge number. He showed he could rush from the edge, but he looks like a 5-Tech. I donít remember a 6-7 guy ever running that fast. They can move him all over the line. He has that knack for hitting the Quarterback. He can move in space. Great pedal moving backwards. Nice moving backwards. You cannot tell me that the Pats won't target a 6-7 280-pound DL, who ran a friggin' 6.95 3-Cone. 

#47 Charles Omenihu- 6-5.3, 280, 36" Arms! (U) 4.97-4.93, S-1.76, 36.5" Vert, 9'7" Br, Texas, DE/5-T- He ran a 5-Tech number, which he did play in a lot of Odd fronts at Texas. That could be a great number for the Pats. Do they go another way in the 1st and try to pick him up in the 2nd. Powerful upper body. Not great in space. Great feet moving laterally. He can burst forward to back nicely. Nice sinking hips. Great quick feet. 

Not bad moving sideways. Keeps his base. He garnered 9.5 Sacks and 18 TFLs playing inside and outside. He would line up at 5-tech in Odd fronts, and outside at Base End to even  stand up sometimes outside the ORT. 36" arms is a freakish number for him. He knows how to use his long arms and hands. Great punch, swipe, and slap turning the corner. 

#48 Jachai Polite, Florida- 6-2.5, 258, 32.5"Arms, (U) 4.84, S-1.71, 32" Vert, DE, Day Two- He has that knack for hitting the quarterback, but his size is an issue. Arm length was not a good number. He needed longer arms at 6-2 to stay in the 1st. He is an explosion to power guy. A pure dip and rip rusher. Good swiper as well. He knows how to use his hands against the OT. 

He only started five games last season, but he was on the field for most of the game. He garnered 11 Sacks and 17.5 TFLs. One year starter, who was benched for an attitude problem and whispers persist. Zierlein compared him to Vic Beasley, and I like that comparison. I think he slips into the 2nd, which could give the Pats a tough decision at 32. 

#49 Wyatt Ray- 6-3, 257, 32 1/2" Arms, (U) 4.-84-4.87, S-1.68, 25 Reps, 34"Vert, 9'10"Br, BC, DE, Day-3Ė They dropped him in coverage a lot. Nice pedal. He can really move side to side. Great opening up his hips. Nice burst back. Nice feet moving laterally. Nice Rip. Nice lean. I wish he showed the heaviness in his hands he showed at the Combine. Nice job sinking hips. Not as productive as you need to get out of Day Three. But he has a lot to like as an athlete and football player. I question his instincts. 

He looked great moving back in coverage drill. "Iím comfortable with anything thatís been asked of me," Wyatt Ray said. "I like to wreak havoc and I am comfortable playing rush end, or even [the] Will and Sam." He has some snap in his hips. 

#50 Sutton Smith- 6-3/8, 233, 30 3/4" Arms, 3-C 6.75! (U) 4.7, S-173, 9'10"Br, 25 Reps, Northern Illinois, OLB, Day-3Ė He had 15 sacks. He is a small rusher, but he is a tank. He has to make a team on Special teams. A Day Three guy who could be a designated rusher. Looked the quickest moving backwards. Short arms. 30" arms is not a great number for him. Small school super producer who has to prove he can move up a few level and still produce. 

Great quick feet. He can really move. He is a great foot athlete. Nice explosion off the snap. He can really burst forward. I donít know if he is an NFL DE, but he can move. This cat is an LB, not an edge. He was the fastest moving back in coverage drill. A sub-7 3-Cone is a great number. He garnered an astonishing 15 Sacks and 26.5 TFLs last season. 

#51 Montez Sweat- 6-6, 260, (U) 7.0 3-Cone! 4.42-4.44! S-1.55-S-1.58! 10'5"Br, 36"Vert, 4.29 SS, Miss ST, DE, Top-2Ė Great feet and hips. Great lean and hips. The longer he runs the faster he looks. He should be the first rusher taken. Everyone said he is not a great athlete or fast. Then he showed he was the fastest DL, and a great athlete, to go along with his elite production. He looked like the top pick in the Draft at the Combine. 35 3/4" Arms! That is as good as a number as an (Official) 4.41 Forty! 

He is a top Ten pick all day and night. I hoped he would reach the Pats, but that ainít happening now. Iíd take him over Gary all day and twice on Sunday, and I'm leaning towards over Bosa. He has some snap in his feet. No one explodes up field, gets low, and flattens to the QB like him. He is so great at playing low. Great hands and arms in rush and run game. He can shed the ORT and toss him to the ground. 

Great job shoving of the ORTís arms inside, as he bursts and pushes outside. Love the Dip. His speed rush is great. Great inside out move. When he gets his hands on the ORT and his eyes on the QB he gets there. Elite knack for hitting the quarterback. Great Rip. Great going through trash and traffic. I love how his arms are always moving and his hands are always attacking. 

#52 Chase Winovich- 6-2 3/4, 256, (U) 4.6-4.69, S-1.57-S-1.66, Michigan, DE, Day-3- Nice lateral burst. Nice pedal. Strong upper body. Nice tight pedal with focus. Very smooth hips moving side to side. Great feet going forward to back. Heavy hands. He get as low as anyone dipping around the corner. Great Dip and Rip. Heavy puncher. Nice lean. Great push pull. 

He has some snap in his hips. He has some suddenness in his shoulders. Nice snap back in coverage. Nice snap outside. Is It just me or this a guy the Pats steal in the 4th? He gets into the backfield as quick as anyone, but doesn't have that knack. He gets into the backfield more than he makes plays. He gets lost in the backfield sometimes. 

#53 Oshane Ximines- 6-3.1-, 253, 33" Arms, (U) 4.86-4.79, S-1.72-S-1.72, 7.13 3-Cone, 9'10"Br, 24 Reps, Old Dominion, DE, Day 2-3, Day-2- He can really move sideways. Nice high stepping. Nice burst forward with his hands. He can use some speed to power. Nice suddenness in his shoulders. He has some snap. He can really snap back in coverage. Nice burst outside. Nice hands to catch it easy.  He is an ultra productive small school wunderkind. 

12 Sacks last season to go along with 18.5 TFLs. He plays the run as well 144 tackles the past three season.  He is going to need some time. But he has a lot of what NFL teams look for in an Edge guy. He played on the Strong side as well. He has that knack for knocking the ball out. He had 8 FF the past two seasons. He is a fifth year senior. 

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