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2019 Pats Combine: Part I WR.


The Pats will be looking for a number of positions. None more important than WR, DE, TE, and a Slot-Guy (yes I put WR twice;). The reason that Edelman was the Super Bowl MVP is because Brady had no other viable options at WR to throw it to. If desperation is any indicator of Draft needs, the Pats have to hit WR a couple times, but three times would twice as nice. 

#1 JJ Arcega Whiteside- 6-2, 225, 33 1/4" Arms, 9 1/2" Hands, Stanford Day-2 - DNP.

#2 Miles Boykin- 6-3.3, 220, (U) 4.47 4.42, Notre Dame, Day-2– He made a lot of money at the Combine It will be hard for him to get out of Day Two. Nice feet on sideline. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. But he weaved. Nice adjustment slowing and going up and grabbing the late ball. Nice job tracking the deep ball. Nice feet on sideline. He can track it over his shoulder.

#3 Tyre Brady- 6-3, 211, 33.5" Arms, 9 3/4" Hands,  Marshall, Day-3– He can twist back and catch the ball in the sideline. Most underrated WR in the Draft. He can make the one handed catch deep. I loved this kid at the Senior Bowl. Getting him on Day Three would be a huge help to Brady. He showed all week that he could get open in pattern. He also showed great hand, catching everything.

#4 A.J. Brown- 6-foot 1/2", 226, (U) 4.57, 4.5, Ole Miss, Day-3– He is a 6-foot 225-pound Slot guy. If he is on the Board in the 2nd he should be a Patriot (please). He dominated the Slot for Ole Miss. A 4.57 is good number for the Pats. That is a 2nd round number. Nice feet on sideline. One drop in 1st gantlet. Nice quick hands. 

He can snag the bad throw without watching it in. Great quicks on out cuts. He made a great cone handed catch on the out. Tricky feet on slot catches. Excellent hands over his head. Great job catching it over his outside shoulder. H can catch it over his back shoulder. He can track it deep and catch it over his head.

#5 Marquise Brown- 5-9, 166, 30 1/2" Arms. 9" Hands,  Oklahoma (1) - Pure speed guy who is small and injured. Reminds me of Phillip Dorsett at Miami.

#6 Emmanuel Butler- 6-3, 217, (U) 4.49 4.5, 33" Arms, 10.1" Hands, Northern Arizona, Day-3– Amazing range. He can go up high and catch the ball thrown over the wrong shoulder. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. Nice feet on hitch route. He catch it in his chest nicely. He will double clutch the ball sometimes.

#7 Hakeem Butler- 6-5.3, 227, (U) 4.49, Iowa State, Day-2– Inconsistent hands caught up to him at the Combine. One drop in 1st Gantlet, and he weaved. He can make the great adjustment to the ball thrown behind him. Caught it on the 3rd level well at the Combine. He is an elite size-speed athlete, who knows how to get open in pattern.

#8 Parris Campbell- 5-11.7, 205, (U) 4.32 4.37, Ohio State, Day 1 or 2– He is a burner. He should be a pure outside speed guy, but he played mostly in the Slot like a Patriot's WR last year. Schiano also has the inside scoop on him. He was the leader of the offense, and the hardest working man in show business (that's right I went James Brown on your ass). Schiano will be talking about his elite work ethic and leadership skills to BB. 

QBs can have trouble over throwing him. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. He can stop instantly, on the ball thrown behind him, turn and snag it.  He almost had the best speed at the Combine (1 hundredth of a second off;), and he can get deep at that speed. He ran routes very well at the Combine. Nice break inside. Explosive at the break point. He can catch the bad ball deep down the seam. Pick 32?

#9 Jamal Custis- 6-4 1/2, 214, (U) 4.51-4.54, 34.5" Vert, 10'4 Broad, Syracuse, Day-3– Very fast, but not quick. One year wonder. Gets high. Not explosive out of breaks. He needs to get out of this cuts quicker. He didn’t have a drop in 1st Gantlet. Nice Flag route. Nice size and speed combo, but he is still a Day Three guy. Very interesting Day Three Developmental athlete.

#10 Felton Davis- 6-3, 211, 32 3/4" Arms, 10 1/4" Hands, Michigan State, Day-3- DNP.

#11 Ryan Davis- 5-10, 189, 7.09 3-C, 4.23 SS, 10-4 Br, 35" Vert, 12 Reps, Auburn, 7th/FA Slot Guy– Very quick feet on the sideline. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. Good job going up high for the ball. Nice feet on sideline. He looked like an NFL player in drills at the Combine. He looked like he could play in the Slot. He has some quicks in and out of breaks. Could be a priority free against for the Pats. He also ran the ball last season. Needs to be prepared to play Special Team, like... now.

#12 Johnnie Dixon- 5-10 1/2, 201, (U) 4.41-4.51, Ohio State, 7th/FA Slot Guy– He is very light and slight. He has that knack for catch it in the Redzone. He can stretch out and still get the back foot down on the sideline. He can catch the high one at full speed down field. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. Nice quicks on inside break. Nice athletic catcher. He can climb the ladder and snag it. Great adjustment to the ball thrown to far outside. Another Slot Guy Schiano can help BB with.

#13 Greg Dortch- 5-7, 173, 29 1/4" Arms, 9 1/4" Hands, Wake Forest, UFA- DNP.

#14 Keelan Doss- 6-2, 211, 8 Reps, 31 3/4" Arms, 9 1/2" Hands, UC Davis, Day 3– Nice job catching it deep. Couldn't run.

#15 Ashton Dulin- 6-1.3, 215, (U) 4.46 4.43, 13 Reps, 38" Vert, 10-1 Br, 7-flat 3-Cone, 4.22 SS, Malone University, 7th/FA– Small school speedster. High stepper, and long strider. One drop 1st Gantlet. Nice athletic catcher. He looks like an NFL WR. Ran the ball from scrimmage. Played special teams. Good returner. Very small school wunderkind.

#16 Jovon Durante- 5-11.1, 160, (U) 4.55 4.5, Florida Atlantic, 7th/FA– 4.5 is not a good number for him. Long-legged long-strider. He could be a Day Three find. One drop in 1st Gantlet. Nice catcher over the middle. Nice quicks turning up field after the catch. He has some burst in and out of breaks. Another one of those slot guys the Pats will be looking into late on Day 3.

#17 Jazz Ferguson- 6-4.5, 227, (U) 4.5 4.46, Northwestern State, 7th– A 4.5 is a good number for him. He can catch the low one and still get the feet down. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. Nice fake outside on inside cuts. He reminds me of Garcon.

#18 Travis Fulgham- 6-2 1/2, 215, (U) 4.58-4.62, 10-6 Br! 36.5" Vert, 15 Reps, Old Dominion, Day-3- He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. Smooth hands. He can create some separation in route. He had a good Senior Bowl. "We already knew that Travis was a special talent," his high school coach Curtis said. "But we challenged him to be a better blocker. And he eagerly accepted that challenge. He really wanted to prove that he could perfect his craft. And do the little things that would help us win." He is a good blocker as well. 

#19 Terry Godwin- 5-11.3, 184, (U) 4.6 4.55, Georgia, UFA– He was terrible at the Combined. He likely won't get drafted. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. He didn’t have drop in 2nd Gantlet. He has to get under a 4.5 at Proday.

#20 Emanuel Hall- 6-1.7, 201, (U) 4.4 4.39, 43.5" Vert! 11'9" Broad! 15 reps, Missouri, Day 3– 4.4 flat is a nice number for him. He is a good route runner. Great feet on the sideline. Not explosive out of cuts. Doesn't always run patterns to get open. Limited route tree. I liked him this past season. He got open better in pattern last year. But he will get the dropsies sometimes. When he is on he looks great. Good production last season.

#21 Mecole Hardman- 5-10, 187, (U) 4.36 4.34, 9" Hands. 36.5" Vert, 9'11" Broad, 17 Reps, Georgia, Day 3– Easy catching it over his head. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. Pure speed Smurf wide receiver. I thought he would run the fastest time for WRs.

#22 Kelvin Harmon- 6-2 1/2-10, 221, (U) 4.61, 4.64, 18 Reps, 32.5" Vert, 9'9" Br, 7.15 3-Cone, 4.32 Short Shuttle, NC ST– I like his feet on the sideline. Great adjustment to the ball. He didn’t have drop in 1st Gantlet. He didn’t have drop in 2nd Gantlet. He can slide down and catch it. Nice In route. Great hands catching it over his head. A 4.6 is a Day Two number for him. He is the best blocking WR in the Draft. Under-whelmed as an athlete in testing at Combine. 18 Reps was a good number for him, and it showed up in his blocking. Could go Day Three.

#23 N’Keal Harry- 6-2.3, 228, (U) 4.59 4.54, Arizona State 1st or 2nd– 4.5 is a good number for him. He has smooth easy hands. Lowers his back foot effortlessly. No one catches bad ball better than he does. One drop in 1st Gantlet. He didn’t have drop in 2nd Gantlet. He will lay out for the terrible pass. Great going up high for the ball. Nice breaks out of routes. He had the best catch of the season and the best punter return of the season against USC, and no one put up his USC game up on UTube (Come-on guys what are you doing, I got Tapes to make;). He could be a Patriot at 32 (my personal first choice).

#24 Lil'Jordan Humphrey- 6-3.5, 210, (U) 4.79-4.75, 33.5" Vert, 9'11 Br, 7.09 3-Cone, 4.29 SS, Texas, Day-3– One drop in 1st Gantlet. He didn’t have drop in 2nd Gantlet. He can make the catch with the ball thrown behind him look easy, Big target who can extend his hands. He looks like he can get up higher than anyone to snag the ball. Inconsistent running patterns. Inconsistent creating separation in patterns. But when he is hot it is something to see. A 4.7 is a terrible number for him. 

#26 Andy Isabella- 5-8 3/4, 188, (O) 4.31, 10'1 Broad, 36.5" Vert, 15 Reps. UMass Day-3 (2?)– I added him here at the end for obvious reasons (he is a little white slot guy;). But he had an elite Combine for a Slot guy. a 6.95 3-Cone is a Patriot number. Pick 101 is not out of the question for him after running a 4.31 as well. But they would prefer him on Day Three. He also had a 4.15 Short Shuttle. 

He looks like he was made to play for the Pats. An (O) 4.31 was a bad number for the Pats. That could be a Day Two number for a 5-9 guy. While the Pats will see him as a Day Three guy. His second run was very impressive. I like the guys that do better on the second run. He had one drop in the 2nd Gantlet. Great quicks and burst out of cuts and breaks. Smooth on Outs. 

He is very small. A sub 5-9 is tough number for him at the end of Day Two. He was a track guy in high school. So it is not surprising that he would have better numbers on the track than he showed on the football field. If the Pats pick up a TE at 32 and a WR in the 2nd, Isabella could be a nice end of the day at 101. Three weapons for Brady on the first two days of the Draft might be pushing it for Belichick. But Brady, Edelman, and Gronk ain't gettin' any younger.


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