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Greatest Super Bowl Game Ever played.


That was the greatest Super Bowl ever played: from front to back, to all the stories in between; from pomp and circumstance, to execution and physicality; from on the field beauty, to off the field friction, family, and revenge; from dangling off the precipice of despair, to the will of those who cannot give up; from the utterly despised to the glory of Champions.

Football has never seen a Super Bowl like this before, and not anything even close. The mental toughness of this team was unprecedented in prior Super bowls. The magnitude of the game, and the pressure within, buries teams that have the slightest sliver in their Champion's heart. Not fools or cowards, but men who are great at their craft, conquered many opponents, and have faced that pressure and failed.

Fran Tarkenton, who took the Vikings to the Super Bowl three times, wilted under the pressure of being down only 19-points in Super Bowl XI. Roger Staback, two-time Super Bowl Champ, got down 11-points in Super Bowl XIII. Those Vikings' and Dallas' teams didn't have the mental toughness of the 2016 New England Patriots.

Jim Kelly, who led his team to the Super Bowl four times. They were down only 14-points after three quarters, and couldn't overcome that pressure in Super Bowl XXVII. In XXVIII, they got down 14-points in the 2nd Half and folded. That was by a team that went to the Super Bowl four straight years.

There are too many stories of the avalanche of despair overwhelming HOF players, champions, and great teams. Three teams have overcome being down 10-points in a Super Bowl and won. No team has ever overcome an 11-point or greater deficit in a Super Bowl and won. This is the entire point. The Pats were down more than double the record for coming back in the Super Bowl and winning.

Even our beloved Patriots where taken to the slaughter in '86. They were down only 20-points at Halftime, and couldn't come close to coming back. And no other Super Bowl team ever came close.

Great leaders and Champions' knees shook and gave way to despair under lesser circumstances than the Pats faced down 25-points halfway through the 3rd quarter. John Elway two-time Champion was not able to overcome that despair in Super Bowl XXI (down 8-points in the 3rd and fell apart), Super Bowl XXII (down 11-points in 2nd quarter), and Super Bowl XXIV (down 10-points to start the 2nd and slipped off the precipice of despair).

The Super Bowl is not a normal game. It is the pinnacle of football. It is the pinnacle of professional athletic pressure. The world stops on Super Bowl Sundays, like it is Christmas. There are parties, presents, and fat guys wearing red uniforms. It is the one-day when the world is watching. Even non football fans, and even sports haters have to take a look.

There was an avalanche of momentum that buried the Pats in the 1st Half. "That’s the thing, nothing different was really said at halftime. It was all normal," Long said. "That team, I mean, they hacked us [in the 1st Half]. But in the end, we just had too much belief. I don’t think it was like [a choke by them], I think we just took it." The Falcons played as well as any team ever did in the Super Bowl in the 1st Half.

I had already taken my family home in defeat at Halftime and put the kids to bed with bitter taste despair in my mouth…

Their defense came out and dominated the Patriots offense in a way that I did not think was possible. "When we came out after halftime, Bill said to me, 'we'll be okay. Our guys believe. They will fight their ass off,'" McDaniels said. "I think when you’ve got Tommy, you feel like there’s never going to be any kind of panic in him, so there’s never going to be any kind of panic in us." They beat the crap out of the Patriots on both sides of the ball for almost three quarters.

There were so many things we have never seen before in this game. The Falcons scored a touchdown with 8:12 to go in the 3rd Quarter to go up 25-points. Well over half the game was gone, no team had ever come back from a deficient of over 10-points, and Falcons had more than doubled that lead.

The Falcons had utterly dominated the Patriots in all three phases of the game. "They were under tremendous pressure," Solder said. "We knew we had to put pressure on them. Those guys are a great team." It wasn't luck. It wasn't circumstance. It wasn't the refs. It was a beating brought about by impressive physicality, coaching, and execution.

I took my Pats' lucky hoodie off and despaired… 

Then Martellus Bennett slammed his helmet into Dwight Freeney's helmet so violently that the helmet's stuck together, like the fate of each team. He ripped the helmet off of Freeney's head, with his helmet. He stood there for a second with the two helmets on his head, as though siphoning the Falcon's fate off their conjoined helmets. Nothing in the game was the same again. He took the helmet off, and still his helmet refused to let go of the Falcons' victory. It was slow and silly, and full of meaning and metaphor.

The Pats scored their first touchdown of the game three plays later. Suddenly the Pats were the most physical team, as though they had siphoned something out of the Falcon's souls. The Pats coaches, who had looked puzzled and confused for over half the game looked strangely composed and in control. And most importantly, the Pats players executed like the Falcon players did in the 1st Half. As though their helmets had been magically reversed.

They had climbed to the pinnacle of the Super Bowl, only to fall off a cliff. They fought through a season of false accusations, an indignant exile, family sickness, the Haters National Parade, and an animosity from the Leader in Sports like nothing ever seen before. If you didn't hate the Patriots, you were no longer cool, all the kids were doing it.

The most powerful sports channel in the world, who also showed crap-ass Thursday Night Games, whose so-called reporters published purposeful lies and mistruths and refused to correct their propaganda even when it was proven conclusively that their stories were filled with falsehoods, banished their on-air faces and talent from appearing on New England and Patriots shows in an insanely unprecedented fashion at the Super Bowl.

It would have been Orwellian, if we hadn't had a Fascist President trying to destroy the Constitution. Which We The People can only hope is a foreshadowing for us patriots of take a beating, and then impeaching the megalomaniac to save our Country.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Jerkballs is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

I just couldn't put this on before the game, I was too afraid of jinxing the Pats. But this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while:

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