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Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

Where to Begin.


Holy crap! I don't even know where to begin. How about the negative. I hate losing Logan Ryan. He was a truly great player the past couple seasons. And I say that because he did some things I had rarely seen. I have never seen a guy who could cover Number Ones, and be one of the top three defenders against the run every game. He was a remarkable talent.

Also, trading the Number One pick is just mean. I mean, I just mocked Fabian Moreau to the Pats at 32, and now have to throw it all away. "It's one of those things, as a competitor, I was frustrated," Cooks said. "But at the same time, our offense was moving the ball, and we won the game, so that was the bright side of it. I'm just thinking from a competition standpoint, I always want to help." I mean, how boring is a well mocked 1st Round when the Pats don't have a pick? It sucks.

"I saw it this morning. I would say this: It’s not uncommon, at this event, where there’s a lot of discussion in regard to picks, players. I said this before, Brandin is someone we value tremendously in our system," Sean Payton said at the Combine. "He’s been extremely productive. He’s everything we were wanting when we drafted him. Now, that being said, these news items come up and there are a lot of meetings that take place here. I wouldn’t say he’s on the trade block but certainly when a team calls, a team that’s looking for a receiver, and we’re looking to improve our defense, we’re always listening. I know Mickey has probably spoken to a handful of GMs or presidents with other teams, but right now I’m comfortable, we’re comfortable with [Cooks] in a Saints uniform."

Last year… it sucked. So now I'll probably have to speculate on trades again to find a 1st for the Pats in my Mock. The goods news is the Pats 3rd they sent to the Saints wasn't theirs. Well it was theirs, but it was their Compensatory Pick and not pick #96. So at least we got that and 64 to mock. Ug, as they gave up their 2nd for Ealy, but we did also get the Panther's 3rd back in return.

Coleman still has two years left on his rookie contract. "We think the world of him and his skill-set," Sean Payton said. "[Compensation for him] would have to be something real significant. That’s part of being at the Combine, it’s one of the things that takes place here and that news certainly spreads quicker now than it would 10 years ago." But if he doesn't fit in this season, they don't have to pickup his 8-Mil option in his rookie contract in 2018 (though I don't that as a problem).

Speaking of the trade, I am big fan of Brandon Cooks. In fact, I like to take credit for him getting picked in the 1st Round. He was barely seen as a 3rd when I proclaimed him a top WR, mocked him in the 1st, and made one of my infamous tapes of him as my proof. Within a week or two he was in the 1st in most mock Drafts around the Universe.

He had as elite a blend of speed and quickness at Oregon State I had ever seen. "And really, if you really want to cut down to the chase, he's a magnificent kid," Payton said. "A worker. [Though] he's not a kid anymore. He's a tremendous player. He practices 100 miles per hour. You have to slow him down some. He's got a great rapport with Drew." When he was out in space you couldn't touch him, because he could beat with speed, quickness, or both. Usually they with with one or the other. It's very rare for a guy who can beat you with both elite speed and elite quicks.

He was as young and talented a WR as has been available in years. "Brandin Cooks will get a lot of interest if on the trade market. Since 2014 Cooks has 11 TD grabs of 30 yards or more. Only Odell has more." Wingo. When he is on, he is gone.

Now he comes to the Pats with some Cap baggage. "One reason Brandin Cooks traded now is he had a $781,599 roster bonus due on 5th day of league year - Monday. Now Patriots responsibility." Schefter. But that is not really a big deal.

Also, gulp, the Pats may get their 1st back. "Saints and Patriots still could consider a trade later on for CB Malcolm Butler, whose name arose in talks for WR Brandin Cooks, per source." Schefter. Though it would make my Mock infinitely more interesting, I would rather have Butler than the 1st back.

Plus with all the Garoppolo stuff going on, Cooks brings up an interesting question. As my man Trey pointed out, he has been the 2nd best deep threat in the NFL since he was Drafted. We all know that Brady doesn't throw the ball well deep. He has shown an odd chemistry with Hogan. But other than that he has only thrown well deep to Gronk and Moss. Who some would say are the best, or close to the best, ever at their positions.

We haven't really seen it here, but Garoppolo was great throw deep at Eastern Illinois. I see Coleman as a better fit for Garoppolo than Brady. Coleman is an elite deep space player. He needs to run those deep patterns to make the team better. While Brady is the GOAT, he is not the greatest of all time throwing deep by anyone's measure. I think Garoppolo will show to be a better deep thrower, and should easily have a better chemistry with Coleman than Brady.

Is this a sign that this could be Brady's last season in New England. If the Pats don't trade Garoppolo to Cleveland for multiple picks, than they will Tag him after this season. He will be on the Pats in 2018. I'm not sure you can say that about Brady. Garoppolo's value to the Pats this season is in trade. The only way you keep him this off season is because you expect him to start in the future. Otherwise it is a vast waste of value. 

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