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This Draft is Offensive on Offense.


The tight end class may be the best ever. "When you can put a tight end in so many places on the field, it’s hard to defend," OJ Howard said. "We have a great class this year. To be the first guy off the board would be a great accomplishment. But I still have a lot of work to do." He ran an incredible 4.51 Forty.

After a disappointing Day One at the Combine, the TEs stepped out on the field. "This class is so deep," Mississippi H-B Evan Engram said. "But, myself I feel I can do everything. I see myself as the total package. To be part of the best tight end class in a while is cool. It’s so talented." He ran a 1st round locking 4.42 Forty.

There were three clear 1st round TEs on the field, and maybe four. "I think it feels pretty good to be with such great tight ends, the elite caliber," Gerald Everett said. "Coming from a small school, we don’t really get as much publicity as some of those SEC programs. But to be able to be at the same threshold and on the same pedestal as those guys is monumental for me." He was also the SEC's leading receiver, before his QB lost his mind again.

But, Njoku has been the star of the show so far. "Njoku is a freaky kid that looks like a wide receiver," Mayock said. "And you can't believe that he's actually as big as he is. He catches the ball well, can get vertical and what I like is if you watch enough of his tape, he gets after some people in the run game. He's not really a good run-blocker yet. But the key is he gets after it. And as long as you get after it and you have a willingness to do it, you can be taught. So I'm bullish on Njoku." But he fights the ball a little sometimes on Tape. 

Which started me thinking on the formation of the 1st Round. If half the 1st Round picks are DEs and CBs. Then you get two DTs and three safeties, that is 21 players. Just one extra CB or DE makes it 22. Which leaves only ten slots for the rest of the positions. It gets to 25 fast if three QBs go One-Two-Three. 

Then you have the top four RBs. "I like where we are at running back," Redskins HC Jay Gruden said. "But there are some special guys [in this Draft]. We got a chance to talk to a few of them yesterday and I’ll tell you what, they’re going to make teams better." They might be the most impactful offensive players this season from this Draft.

But can all four fit in the 1st? "When you get a great one? It makes your team different. It makes your team from a pretender to an immediate contender and we’re all looking for that," Gruden said, then continued. "It’s very important but again it comes to your team thing. How good is your offensive line? I don’t care how good the back is if he doesn’t have a good offensive line he’s not going to be very productive so I think it all goes hand in hand. It’s just a matter of how you want to build your football team but we value the running back position." Those four RBs along with three O-linemen, and it gets to 32 fast.

And that doesn't include the 3 WRs who are guaranteed to go in the 1st: Williams, Davis, and Ross. I thought this years Draft was an exceptional one. And with 35 guys ready to go in the 1st, before we even take about LBs and surprises, it is looking like I will be right. This is going to be a productive Draft, especially defensively, for a lot of teams.  

Some TE Notes.

#3 Cethan Carter- 6-3 1/4, 241, (4.68-4.67), Nebraska– Not the best hands. Very nice speed for his size. He has some heaviness in his hands. Nice hands. 

#4 Darrell Daniels- 6-3 1/4, 247, (4.56-4.58), Washington– He came out of high school as a WR. 18.1 YPC last season. Light hands. He can look like a WR catching the ball sometimes. 

#5 Evan Engram- 6-3.3, 234, (4.43-4.42), Ole Miss– He is not getting out of the 1st Round. He can spot the ball behind him and adjust. He is a try hard blocker. He has some heaviness in his hands for an H-B. Great natural hands. No trouble tracking the ball downfield. 

#6 Gerald Everett- 6-3, 239, (4.6-4.59), South Alabama–He was a slot WR in college. Great natural hands. 

#8 Bucky Hodges- 6-6, 257, (4.58-4.61), Virginia Tech– He can catch the ball deep down the seam. His blocking looked terrible at the Combine. He was a slot receiver last year. Doesn't always trust his hands. 

#9 O.J. Howard- 6-5 3/4, 251, 30" Vert, (4.51-4.56), Alabama– Nice hands and feet on the sideline. He can catch the ball behind him. No trouble turning back and catching the ball. He actually had his first drop I've seen him have this year at the Combine, when the QB threw it in his knees. He had more drops in the Gantlet than he had all last season. 

#10 George Kittle- 6-4, 247, (4.56-4.53), Iowa– Exploded in the Forty with an official 4.52, and had a 11-foot Broad jump! He went to Iowa, and he had to block every game. One drop in gauntlet. He was inconsistent, but showed he could get open on the 3rd level and make the catch. 

#11 Jordan Leggett- 6-5, 250, Clemson– He will drop the ball on the 3rd level. Nice blocker. He can stick his helmet right into the defender. Nice hands. Drop in each Gauntlet. I like the way he runs patterns. He can catch the ball looking back over his shoulder. He doesn't always seem to go all out on the field. 

#12 David Njoku- 6-4, 246, (4.7-4.64), Miami- He is a good blocker. He can catch the ball through contact. He can run away from the safety on the 3rd level. There might be more TEs drafted in the 1st than WRs. 2 Drops in Gauntlet. The reason I have Mayo over him is blocking and hands. Had a drop in 2nd Gauntlet. 

#13 Scott Orndoff- 6-4 7/8, 253, (4.81-4.8), Pittsburgh– He can catch the ball on the 3rd level. Works hard blocking. Weaved in Gauntlet, but didn't drop one. Had a drop in 2nd gantlet. Got hit right in the face. He can catch the ball on the 3rd level. 

#15 Michael Roberts- 6-5, 270, (4.86-4.86), Toledo– Needs work on blocking. 1 drop in Gauntlet. "Everyone always compares my game to (Martellus Bennett). They call him my big brother," Roberts said. "That comes up very often." Held on in second Gauntlet. He is already getting interest from teams. "I’ve talked with Miami quite a bit, and it’s a great organization," Roberts said. "As they’ve shown interest in me, I’ve shown interest in them. I didn’t grow up watching them and didn’t see them on TV much last year, but as I’ve done my research, I’ve learned a lot more about them." He is an interesting prospect.

#16 Eric Saubert- 6-5, 247, Drake– Very nice hands. No drop in gantlet. He has a nice second burst in pattern. Good size. He impressed a lot of guys at the Shrine Game. Drops the ball too much. Lacks focus on the field. 

#17 Adam Shaheen- 6-6, 278, (4.79-4.79), Ashland (Ohio)– He can raise his hands up over his head, catch the ball on the sideline, and get his feet in. For a guy his size that is very impressive. He showed some speed. He can catch the deep one over his head like Gronk. Nice blocker. He had a drop in the gauntlet. He can move in patterns. He has some smooth natural hands. He can catch the ball on the 3rd level. 

#18 Jonnu Smith- 6-3, 248, (4.63-4.64), FIU– Needs work on blocking. Nice hands. He can catch the ball on the second level. He is a super athletic H-Back. Great with the ball in his hands after the catch. Measured as one of the top athletes in the draft: 38" Vert, 10'7" broad, 4.16 SS, and 11.57 60-yard shuttle. 

#19 Jeremy Sprinkle- 6-5, 256, 34.1" Arms, (4.74-4.76), Arkansas– He can make the tough adjustment to the ball behind him and get his hands on it. Fires off on snap blocking. 1 drop. Didn't have a drop in second gauntlet.

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