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Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

This Draft is Offensive on Offense.


This years Draft is a very odd Draft. I know every year is different, but this year is one of the worst years for offense I have ever seen (though the TEs and WRs had an impressive show). You have to almost manufacture players to Draft on offense. This years O-line prospects are one of the worst groups ever. Look at Ramcyzk and Bolles. They both had no business being considered as a 1st round pick before the season started. Neither had ever even really started. Now the overaged one-year-wonder underclassmen are being sold as 1st round picks. 

The best offensive players in this Draft are likely the four 1st Round caliber RBs, and no one wants to draft RBs in the 1st anymore. "It goes to show if a running back gets put in the right system, you put him in the right place, he can do a great amount of things for a team," Cook said about last year's fifth pick. "I feel like if I can put in the right system I can do the same things that Zeke did." Fournette, Cook, McCaffrey, and Kamara are the best offensive prospects in this Draft. 

You might have to put Cam Robinson and Mike Williams stuffed in there somewhere as well. "They're pretty good," new Chargers HC Lynn said. "They're big. They're strong. They all play fast enough. And they all create when they have to. I think it's a deep group that way." But after that you have to start manufacturing 1st Round picks on offense.

Now I'm not saying that this Draft sucks. "So the margin for error at the OLB position is really greater than any other position because most of the time it is a projection," Pitt GM Colbert said. "We'll probably say 'Well, they're probably just 4-3 defensive ends instead of 3-4 outside linebackers." On defense, the talent is plentiful. 

It seems college coach have been putting more and more of their top recruits on defense to try and stop all the no huddle offenses. "There are some really good pass rushers in this group." Thomas Dimitroff said. "For most of the league, who happen to be looking for pass rushers, it’s a positive. I think more and more everyone realizes the importance of having one, two and three pass rusher that can affect the quarterback as we are very aware of that." Like Ohio State, their top three DBs all played WR in high school and were considered more pure athlete than positional. But they were converted to defense, instead of offense, to try and slow down opponents duck and chuck offenses.

You will have half the 1st Round just from Edgerushers and Corners. "I think it validates what you see on tape on some players that you like, and players that you don’t like, it makes you go back and watch more film on the player and try and determine, 'okay, what did I miss on the guy?'" Titans GM Jon Robinson said when asked about the importance of workouts at the NFL Combine. "If it is a lineman that runs slow, well, he is really not going to be able to get out there on screens or he’s not going to be able to get downfield and block. Or this skill player, he is going to have a hard time outrunning somebody with the ball in his hands or catching somebody that has the ball. It goes hand in hand." If you watch the Senior Bowl and Shrine game, the defensive players were head and shoulders above the offensive players. Both games were the lowest scoring games in a very long time, if not ever.

And most maybe most interesting, half the 1st Round should come from just DE and CBs. That is just unprecedented. You could get eight DEs in the 1st Round: Garrett, Allen, Barnett, Charlton, Kpassagnon, Thomas, McKinley, and maybe Harris and McDowell. "I want to see if the guy can beat you to the punch," Falcons HC Quinn said. "As a pass rusher, having that get off to stress the offense tackle the most right off the bat. And to break down their technique based on the guy's initial quickness, that's what I look of the most. Past that, you want to find a guy who has a finisher's mentality." And that doesn't include DTs. 

The CBs are even more impressive. "It’s so deep at corner, I can't get through four quality rounds of corners," Mayock said. "I’ve never been able to say that before. There are probably eight to 10 corners that are 6-2 or taller. So it’s really intriguing from that perspective." Lattimore, Tabor, Humphrey, Jones, White, and Wilson are favorites to go in the 1st. 

And I think Awuzie and Moreau (Pats in my next Mock, if I ever finish it:) are 1st round talents. "He's big and strong but I just want him to play with more edge," an anonymous scout said. "He should be whipping and overwhelming some of these skinny receivers but he just lets them take too many liberties. I would want to bust their ass and let them know what's up early in the game." And if Douglas, Jackson, and Conley run great they could sneak into the end of the 1st as well as well. And that doesn't include the Safeties. 

I would be shocked if there weren't twenty or more defensive players taken in the 1st Round. "This league is a passing league," Colts GM Chris Ballard said. "So it's about protecting the quarterback and getting guys who can go get the other quarterback." And that opinion seems to have been proven on the 1st day of the Combine. 

Some OL Notes.

#1 Isaac Asiata, G, Utah, 6-3, 323 (5/35. 5/44)– Very highly thought of college guard. He was 2nd team all PAC-12 in 2016. Quick sort steps in kickslide drill. Not bad on right side. 

#2 Erik Austell- 5-21, OT, Charleston Southern, (5.21. 5.23)– He can run outside in space. Looked good in kickslide drill. Really liked his hips. This guy has the hips to play in the NFL. He showed some quicks in mirror drill. I would invest a Day Three pick on him. 

#3 Zach Banner, OT, USC, 6-7.3, 353, (5.58-5.6)– He had surgery on both hips. Right tackle only he looked slow and heavy at the Combine. Feet looked slow in the kickslide drill. He has some hops in his calves. His hips as smooth, but not real quick. Smooth sliding side to side. 

#4 Adam Bisnowaty, OT, Pittsburgh, 6-6 3/4, (S1.83), (5.34, 5.36)– He moves well laterally. His legs looked a little heavy. Smooth hips. Smooth and in control in mirror drill. He will likely have to move inside to guard.

#5 Garett Bolles, OT, Utah, ,6-5, 297, 34" Arms, (S-1.72, 1.76) (4.96-5.02)- Terrific feet moving backwards. But he leans forward a little too much in pass pro. He needs to get stronger, so he doesn't have to lean forward so much in Pass pro. Does a good job squaring his shoulders. Does a nice job sealing the Edgerusher outside for the RB to run under. 25-year old one-year wonder. His overextending will hurt him more in the NFL. Nice job running outside. Light hands sometimes. He did not look great on right, but showed a burst off the snap. I though he had a little tightness in hips. Nice focus in Mirror drill. He will sometimes show elite hands, and rip the DE to the ground on their face. It is very odd.

#6 Ben Braden, G, Michigan, , (S1.78) 6-6.4, (5.05.03) – A little too high. He showed some speed in pulling drills. You could see he had done that a ton. Light hands. He was excellent in mirror drill. He moved better than I though he could. 

#7 Daniel Brunskill, OT, San Diego St. 6-5, 273– Converted tight end. Nice long arms. He has to add 30-pounds of muscle. He has some quickness in his feet. He showed some speed turning the corner. He showed some heaviness in his hands. He showed some snap in his hips. Moved well in kickslide. A little stiff. Tight hips. He had to anticipate move in mirror.

#8 Collin Buchanan, OL, Miami (Ohio)– ORT. He is good protecting the edge. Little high cut. Smooth feet moving laterally. Liked how he moved back to right. Smooth hips. Twists well. I like his hips. 

#9 Aviante Collins, OT, TCU, 6-4/1, 295, (S1.73) (4.81-4.83)– He has some quick feet moving laterally. What he does best is move laterally. He played injured at the Combine. Did a nice job on pull drill. He got himself into the top ten in the 40 at Combine, and 9 of 10 O-linemen who ran under a 5.00 made it in the NFL over the past 10 years or so. He has some rare athleticism that pulling OL coaches like Scarr are going to like. Smooth gallop backwards. Hips weren't as loose as I thought. His base was a little wide. But he can really move side to side. I'd spend a Day Three pick on him. 

#10 Ethan Cooper, OL, Indiana (Pa.), 6-2.4, (S1.8) (5.38-5.36– Huge thighs. Big slid build. Big bubble butt. He is an inside mauler. He is not going to be dancing outside. He is going to be moving forward in run game. Nice job in pulling drill. Good feet and hips in kickslide drill for an OG. Nice base. He moved back very well. He showed some quicks, but was a little tight in mirror. 

#11 Julie'n Davenport, OT, Bucknell, 6-6 3/4, 318 (S1.8) (5.49-5.46)- A little slow in turning on pull. He move very well out in space. He looked like a pro bowler on pull drill to left. Great light athlete. Nice quicks blocking down to the left. He has some strength moving forward. Very smooth moving back in kickslide. He was very impressive at Combine. Great hips. He showed some snap in his hips. Very smooth moving side to side in mirror. He has to get stronger to play OLT in the NFL

#12 Dion Dawkins, G, Temple, 6-3 7/8, 324, (S1.88-.83) (5.11-5.15)- He has some suddenness in his hips, for an OL. He has some nice quick feet. He looked comfortable pulling down field. He had some suddenness in his shoulder turning up field on pull drill. He has some twitch moving back. Quick feet, but hoppy. Terrific in COD in mirror. I am starting to think I would invest a Day Two pick on him. 

#14 Jessamen Dunker, G, Tennessee St. 6-4 1/4, 318, (S1.8), (5.05-5.0)– He has some gallop in his lateral moves. Light on his feet for a OL. I like this Dunker kid. He gets a little tall, but I like how he moves at his size. Nice hop outside on pull. I like how he hits outside on pull drill. A little slow and had his feet wide in slide. Tight hips. Got low in his stance. His best drill might have been the mirror drill. 

#15 Pat Elfein, C, Ohio St, 6-3.5, 303 (S 1.88-), (5.33-5.33)- Ex wrestler. A little slow on pull drill, but he was a great puller at Ohio St. He can turn and open his hips. You could see why he was such a good pulling Center at OSU. He just seems to do everything well. A little choppy and tight hipped. He some great quick feet moving side to side in mirror. 

#16 Jermaine Eluemunor, OL, Texas A&M, 6-3.7, 332, (S1.8-1.86) (5.17-5.22)– He only started one year. He is an English rugby player. Developmental athlete. He can move really well on his feet. Not real smooth on pulling drill. He has some nice ankle flexion. Showed he could skip pull. He showed some quick pulling outside to his right. When he goes in a straight line, he can give a great hit. Smooth and tight moving back in slide. 

#17 Dan Feeney, G, Indiana, 6-3.7, 305, (S1.82-1.82) (5.28-5.25)- He looked really good in sliding drills. I like how he slid laterally in drills. Not real smooth feet moving out in space. He was better in pulling drills. He didn't struggle moving back in slide drill on right. His feet were a little too hoppy. Tight hips. He is not playing ORT in NFL with those hips. Great explosion off the floor. A little tight and controlled in mirror. 

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