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The Greatest NFL Game Ever played.


As the game went on the math just didn't work. I was frozen watching the game, afraid any movement would jinx any chance of victory. I didn't even high five the wife when White scored the first touchdown, and got them to within 17 with 2:06 to go in the 3rd, with almost 3/4 of the game gone. My hands were stuck on the back my head, with my arms over my head in tension, anxiety, and superstition.

When my chicken wings finally fell down, I started putting them back up on every play. Because the Pats defense was suddenly the most physical on the field. They made plays in the Falcons backfield in the next series, and hit Ice, knocked his passes down, and amazingly forced a three and out, with a Sack on Ryan by Van Noy, Flowers, and Sheard. But the punt that followed (or didn't follow) essentially ended the 3rd quarter with the Pats still down 9-more points than any team had ever overcome in the Super Bowl.

They were still down a tick less than double the deficient that no team had overcome in Super Bowl history. "When it comes down to game time, he’s the best," Danny Amendola said. "He’s our leader. He’s so competitive. We rally behind him." Only now they only had the 4th quarter to overcome a 19-point deficient.

But Brady was suddenly Brady. "He's the Michael Jordan of football," Harmon said. "Two Super Bowls, down multiple scores, and he has got the job done." He drove them right down the field.

But this was the greatest Super Bowl ever played. So Grady Jarrett sacked him on 1st and goal. The Falcon defense used that momentum to force the Pats to kick the FG, and bring the score to within 16-points, and within the mythical "two-scores."

Which sounds great. But 16-points isn't really two scores, it's four. It's two touchdowns, and two 2-point conversions that you can garner in two possessions. But I have never actually seen it done. In the hundreds (maybe thousands) of College and NFL game I have watched I have never seen a team down 16-points tie a game with two TDs and two 2-point conversions. Never. Ever.

I no longer even believed that it could be done. "I know we talk about legacy a lot," Slater said. "We get caught up in that in our society. But come on. He's the best quarterback in history. You put him up against anybody, he's still the best. Someday I'll tell my kids I had the opportunity to share the field with one of the finest men, [the] finest leader of football players, that ever lived." Because the team that is up 16-points also has to not score again.

After dominating a team to the point where they allow the other team to score, and are still up 16-points means the offense is having a very good day as well as the defense. The math was nice, but I just don't buy it anymore. The ill-fabled down two scores by 16-point deficient, needs the offense, defense, and special teams to suddenly dominate, after being dominated for three quarters of the game in all three phases. It is a myth.

Nope, not buying it. "We all brought each other back," Brady said. "We never felt out of it. It was a tough battle. They have a great team. I give them a lot of credit. We just made a few more plays than them." Then the GOAT threw an improbable TD pass to Amendola, after the defense created a turnover.

Okay, big whoop! They were within 10, but still had to convert a 2-point conversion, and get the ball back without the best offense in the NFL scoring again, and score a TD, and convert a 2-point conversion with only 6-minutes left in the game. "It’s just so hard in this job and profession to win," Brady's backup in the 2001 Super Bowl Damon Huard said. "How they are still doing it is amazing. I was looking out there and I said to myself, '[what a wonderful world] that’s #12 out there, and it’s still Bill [Friggin' Belichick].'" But this was the greatest Super Bowl game ever played.

At-friggin'-lanta then drove down to the 22-yard line. You see, the fatal flaw with the "two-scores" math? It is that one score by the other team kills it. Nope! Not buying it. But then the Pats defense knocked the best offense in the NFL backwards. The team that dropped 18-Points on the Pats in the 1st Half, got knocked back three straight plays to the friggin' 45! To make it 3rd and 33! In-friggin'-possible. This was the greatest NFL game ever played, in part because the Pats stopped them on 3rd and 33, and forced Atlanta to punt. Which allowed the math of getting within the mythical two friggin' scores suddenly seem possible.

Oops, I spoke to soon. The problem was that the Falcons then downed the punt at the 9-yard line, which means the Pats had to go 91-yards with to go 3:30 to go, score the TD, and then essentially score another TD on the 2-point conversion, just to tie the game. Then they had to win the game in over time.

But if you don't mind me contradicting myself, it somehow seemed possible now. But if the Pats did it, it would make this the greatest NFL game ever played. And I knew I was just too old and unlucky to ever see my Pats do such a thing.

But then again, we do have our Brady. "We've done pretty good over the last few years, you know?" Brady said. "We were in the AFC Championship Game last year, and won the Super Bowl two years ago. So I don't think anyone's feeling bad for the Patriots. This is all positive. This is unbelievable." It truly became not-believable even as we watched it happen.

I had a little anxiety blackout, as I saw Brady getting hit in the Endzone, but then Edelman made the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. "I knew I got it," Edelman said. "I felt like I had it." That ball bounced off of everything except David Tyree's Helmet, Asante Samuel's hands, and Jermaine Kearse's crotch.

Then suddenly White was running into the Endzone to get down two. "He was the same as he always is: calm, cool, and collected," Amendola said. "He's the leader, the general, the best ever and that is the end of the story." Then Amendola caught the pass that completed the mythical down two-scores/16-point conversion.

Of course there was still the issue of scoring again to actually win the game. Which is the final flaw in the mythical down two-scores/16-point conversion math. But because this was the Greatest Football Game ever played, as soon as the Pats won the coin toss and chose to receive in Overtime, even the Falcons new the greatest game in NFL history was over.

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