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Post Trade Deadline.

George Butler: Part III.

By Tom Mahoney

This four part series is a little late, because I have been scouting. Which is what I do best. Danny was not talking trash when he said the top five picks were just about equal. And yes, the Celts will be drafting a Point Guard with their second Dynastic Pick. There has never, and I mean never been such a collection of PGs in the Draft like this before.

There are at least four Franchise changing point guards in this Draft. "Every draft is different," Ainge replied. "I think that sometimes you have the top One is better than other drafts, [and sometimes] the top two. This one is a little bit more equal in the top few picks of the draft as it appears right now. This is something that we're spending all our time [scouting on]. We have people all over the world evaluating this as we speak. So I think that at this point in time, I think that, yeah, there's four or five guys [sitting on top]. There's not a lot of separation at the top of this draft." Josh Jackson is also a wing who passes like a point guard, and my 4th ranked player in this Series.

He is the swing forward from Kansas, who actually reminds me of a better passing George, only without the great jumper. He also shows that great competitiveness that NBA players need, and reminds me of Jaylen Brown at Cal. He is a great defender, who has been forced to cover power forwards in the Post, and rebound in the paint.  Even though he is more point guard than Wing. He is a Wing that can allow teams to go small ball, because he can help cover power forwards. He is one the best passing Wings I have ever seen in college.

He has been compared to Wiggins. "It’s a fair comparison," Jay Bilas said. "[He] is more skilled with the ball and he’s a better passer. And he’s got a better feel for the game. Wiggins was a better shooter, although Josh is a pretty decent shooter. He’s better than I thought. He’s got a little hitch as he gets it up into his shooting pocket. But once it gets here it’s good and he shoots a good ball. So he’s gonna be fine." I don't by that at all.

He is a much different player than Wiggins. Wiggins was a great shooter. And Jackson is a great passer. "He’s the real thing," a scout said. "He’s gonna be good." Jackson struggles to score sometimes. Wiggins was a longer athlete. "Both are great athletes and special talents built for the game," a scout said. "Both have good offensive skill-sets at a relatively early age. They are good guys with an unlimited future." Jackson is more of a stout athlete who can cover much bigger guys.

Wiggins was a smooth scorer his one year in college. "Jackson will get better as the year continues," a scout said. "He’s still a top-5 pick regardless of his inconsistent shooting." Jackson's lack of scoring touch should keep him out of the top four picks.

Jackson is a rare talent, who can look like he can do everything you want on the court. Elite passer for a swing forward. Which means he fits the criteria of a Superstar. Like I said earlier, the NBA Superstars are like an NFL QB. And like an NFL QBs he has to be able to be the primary ball handler, like LaBron, and win. It is very difficult to dominate in the NBA without the ball in your hands. Johnson is a Wing who can be the primary ball handler. I placed him 5th, because his jumper is not at the buzzer beater level yet. He can tighten up at the end of games and miss shots.

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Third is Dennis Smith. "Best point guard in the draft," one scout said. "He has the opportunity to be an All-Star in the future. You rarely see college guys with such a killer instinct." He tore his ACL in 2015, and his potential came into question.

Dennis Smith is the PG from NC ST. He is a phenomenal talent. Great quick twitch point guard. I like his shooting mechanics the best, and he is a stone cold killer on the court. He also is the best fastball passer of the PGs, which often translates better to the NBA. Though all five players are great passers. 

I put him third because he is the smallest. "Fultz, with his shot-making has the advantage," an exec said. "But Ball has better leadership qualities. The kid is special. He'll be a success in our league, a la Jason Kidd. Smith has the tools. My concern is, can he lead, as the other two can lead better today? Smith is more quiet and moody." There are times when he looks like the best pure basketball player of the four, but at 6-2 he will have more limitations in the NBA than the other three.

He sometimes forgets to play defense. "I think Dennis legitimately," his HC Mark Gottfried said, "realistically, is the kind of player with a great year that could be the No. 1 pick in the draft." But he took some heat for looking a little lackluster in his performance against Louisville, as though a freshman should be the model of consistency in anything.

He tore his ACL just 17 or 18 months ago, but oddly struck up a friendship with Markelle Fultz as a result. "I remember asking, 'Who’s this guy on my team?'" Smith said. "He’s nice. Of course being on the same team, we started talking. We clicked before anyone knew he was that good. We were then playing on the same team in Los Angeles, when I tore my ACL." They have helped each other through the stressful times of the past year and half.

They played on the same Adidas Nations Team. "That’s my brother," Smith said. "I’m proud of him, all the way. We can talk, relate so much as to what’s going on with us now." He was the 5th leading scorer in the ACC with 18.7 PPG, 6.3 APG, 2 SPG, 4.3 RPG, and 3.4 TOPG. 

Excellent shooter and scorer, but he can lay down a nice bounce pass to his big in the paint. "I knew about him but he didn’t know about me," Fultz said. "I had a lot of respect for him." Nice pick and roll pass to his Big rolling down the lane. He has some elite suddenness in his shoulders. 

He can slash to the left, and then throw the high lop pass to his Big cutting to the rim. Terrific eyes.  "I think the way we play basketball and how competitive we are, it's pretty much like we challenge each other," Fultz said. "We go at each other all the time. We’re both struggling this season, but our teams are both better than what people say. We go back at each other with how he scores, how people try to stop me in transition. We’d beat his team, no doubt. Easy. And with us guarding each other, he’s not going to stop me. I get on him a lot for that. I say, 'Dennis, who’s going to stop me on this team?' [He's] a so-called lockdown defender. He’s a good defender, but there’s no way he’s guarding me." Nice job going left and spotting his shooter in the corner and hitting him.

Nice crossover exploding to the hole righty. "From an instinctive standpoint, he has that rare basketball savvy that very seldom comes along with a player his age," FLA St coach Hamilton said. "Guys with his kind of ability come once in a decade. He has the whole package: the strength, the quickness, the speed, the ability to create his shot, create for others and athletic enough to take it to the basket and finish on top of you." He is great at hanging in the air to let the Big fall, and then swing the ball around under him to score.

Even opponent players respect his talent. "He has everything and can do everything," FLA ST SF Terrance Mann said. "He can: pass the ball, can score, he’s fast, can shoot. There are no gaps in his game. I’ve told NBA people if you pass on him, you’re going to make a mistake, period." Very tricky dribbler. He gets so low while dribbling that it is impossible to steal his dribble

He exploded with brilliance against Duke. "Look at his numbers. Look what he’s done. He’s played different types of games," Gottfried said. "He’s had two triple-doubles. First time in the history of the league in league competition. Think about how many good players have played in this conference as freshman. You look at his numbers across the board, his shooting percentages, his steals, all of it. If I was an NBA franchise I’d build my future around him." He has astounding basketball instinct and plays the fastest, quickest, and twitchiest of all the top PG. 

Read the books that support the Website that supplies the best Draft information from a Patriots perspective. As thousands of fans have already done and enjoyed.

Frank Ntilikina might turn out to be best of the four. He is the freak Euro kid who reminds me a Giannis Antetokounmpo. "Yes, he said, he was learning to use his prodigious wingspan, measured at around seven feet, to disturb opposing players, eliminating passing angles and making them think twice about shooting," NY Times write Keh said. "And no, he said, he would not allow his circumstances, preparing for the draft [and] facing limited minutes on his team, to disturb him." At 6-6/6-5 and a 7-foot Wingspan, he is still growing.

Though Ntilikina is a pure PG in France, and Giannis was a pure SF in Greece. He is 6-6 with long spider arms that almost touch the ground (and he knows how to use them on defense). And at 18-years old his is still growing and learning from some of the best fundamental coaches in the world. Nice handle. He has some moves with his dribble. Very nice size. He towers over defenders at PG. He can stop and go with his dribble and get to the hoop with a floater. 

Though it is a little worrisome that he considers energy a weakness. "What I can improve?" Ntilikina said. "My aggressiveness to the rim, my energy." He is playing with more minutes with solid efforts this year. 

He plays in a higher league in France. "It was not just luck," Ntilikina said. "My teammates gave me confidence, and my coach, too. I had to take care of my responsibility to get the win." He is learning to be a leader as he goes against grown men.

He has to be more assertive on the court to play PG. "He’ll tell me, 'I have that [assertiveness] inside," coach of the French National team Collet said. "I tell him: ‘Don’t keep that inside. Show it." France is not the top League in Europe (Spanish ABC and Euroleague are considered the top two), but French League players have been playing well in the NBA recently.

He will show his age sometimes, and over dribble around aimlessly and throw up a wacky jumper which you don't see a lot from Euros. "Frank doesn't have a ceiling," an American playing with Frank, and ex-teammate of LaBron, Romeo Travis said. "He has everything: He has height, athleticism, ball-handing. He can shoot. So I'm just trying to give him that push, that confidence that he can be anything he wants to be." I love the way he plays defense at his size and length.

Nice hands on defense. "I think his defense is worth a mention," an anonymous scout said. "He has the chance to be a lockdown defender. I saw him in a game against Orleans this year, and he had a very impressive defensive game. He was everywhere, switched on almost everybody and helped his team to steal at least 4-5 balls." Nice long arms that he uses to defend in the lane. 

He can cover much bigger guys as well. "If I have to make a comparison," a scout said. "I'd say that Ntilikina may be like a taller Dennis Schroeder." Nice job grabbing the rebound and leading the break. 

He sees the slashers on the break and advances the ball consistently. "If he were playing at Kentucky or Duke, he’d be in the mix for the No. 1 pick," an anonymous scout said. "If you are picking in the top five and need a point guard, I’m not sure you can go wrong with any of these guys." Elite athlete. 

Great long arms that he can reach out, when his man is passing, and steal the ball. "He can shoot the ball really well," a scout said. "His mechanics are good. He also has great length for a PG, which may allow him to move and play some minutes as SG or SF. He just can contribute in so many ways." Terrific driving into the paint, and stopping as he draws in a big, then dishing under him to a cutting teammate.

He could be another player the Celts stash in Europe for a year or two as they figure out their over abundance of picks and assets. "Maybe this is the best draft we have seen recently given to how many talented point guards it has," a scout said. "Guys like Fultz,  Ball, Fox and  Smith are all very good. I think that Frank would be a top-3 pick if he waits another year. But this year I have him as a top-10 pick" I think he is a top 4 pick this year, but he might be more potential then the other top five players right now.

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Read the books that support the Website that supplies the best Draft information from a Patriots perspective. As thousands of fans have already done and enjoyed.

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