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Post Trade Deadline.

George Butler: Part II.

By Tom Mahoney

So Celtics fans it is time to grow up and deal with reality. The Celtics are in such an incredible position that every Franchise in the NBA officially hates them again. Anyone with half a basketball brain can see that once LaBron is gone the Celtics will own the East for decades. But it is going to take some ball-aching time. So what? Grow up!

"Everyone knows the assets we have and the young players we have," Ainge said. "In any conversation we have the price is a lot because of what we have in the bank [two friggin' top four Lottery picks! And! Browns' unlimited potential]. That’s the challenge we're facing [ball-aching patience], and we’re trying to stick to our plan [while every GM in the NBA plots to steal the Nets Picks]. If a deal comes along where the price to add someone to the team who is more long-term than someone who is just the last 25 games of the season, we have more interest in that than we do in finding a Band-Aid."

Do Celts' fans understand the incredible theft that Danny pulled off? Sweet Jesus himself could not have pulled that off if his father was paying people off. He stole the future of the worse run Franchise in professional sports. And! He built a Playoff contender at the same time with scraps, lost puppies, and a kitten named Thomas not Tom.

Not getting George Butler conclusively means they don't have a shot to win it all this year. They can't beat LaBron. They can't seem to beat Toronto, and if they did? They are not beating Golden State in the Finals. The reality is that LaBron will own the East for another three years or so. So any thing they did this year is not really going to help them win a Championship the next few years, and then George would be gone.

"Those are things that can't happen until the summer time anyway," Ainge said about contract situations. "Isaiah knows that we love him. He loves playing in Boston and he knows that we love him as well. And same with Avery Bradley. I think they're a good combination. Both of those guys know how much we appreciate them as players and all they've done, and what they're becoming. So yeah, there's going to be a time when we'll sit down and have conversations with all of our guys. But in the meantime we're trying to build a championship-caliber team." 

But that is why you cannot, under any circumstance, trade one of the three Picks. Trading one now will not get the Celts to the Finals, unless LaBron gets broken. Plus, you have the Raptors who seem to have Celts-bane for some reason. Though with Bradley on friggin' DeRozan? Maybe he won't drop 43-points.

They are going to go to war against the East very soon. With the Pacers' attempted-robbery core of Tom Brady… I mean, Bradley, Smart, Brown, Crowder, and of course Thomas. They can beat Toronto with home court advantage. They still have three games on the Raptors. Plus, they are only a LaBron ankle from going to the Finals. They are in the incredible position of being Playoff Contenders with a couple of guaranteed Lottery ticket as well. 

Plus Horford has been a veteran godsend for this team, and if you can't see that than you do not understand basketball. He's best center at defending the pick and roll in the NBA. Best passing Center in the NBA, leads all centers in assists. He can still rebound, just well enough, while he drags the opponent's center out to the 3-point line to open lanes for Isaiah. Oh, he is not only a good  3-pointer shooter, he makes the clutch shots the team needs to win as well. That is the difference between winning and fantasy.

"He's a guy that he's trying to help the next guy. It's so crazy to have a guy like that on the team that," Thomas said. "We shot together a couple days ago and he was just like, 'Man, I'm here to make things easier for you. So just let me know what you need.' That's just wonderful, especially a guy that has that much talent. My job is just making things easier for others and he's making it easier for me already."

Danny made them the most enviable Franchise in professional sports. But it comes with a cost. It comes with every team trying to swindle your veterans, or the Dynastic Picks, or like Larry… both. It comes with ball-aching patience. It comes with the caveat that no team is going to trade with you, except to attempt to swindle some of those Dynastic Picks or cheap veterans. So now is the time to be smart fans, and not Jets fans. They are going to feel like they are within a step of a title for a while, while they are really within a hop, skip, and a jump, and not able to do anything about it. 

"I think that when you're trying to build a championship team, we're trying to preserve some things," Ainge said. "The picks we have are very valuable, the cap space we have this summer, we don't want to jeopardize in case we can land a very good player (Durant?). We are weighing all of these different things. I can give you an explanation on every player you are referring to, but we're choosing to stay patient. We like our team, we think our team will be better. I don't think you've seen the best of this group of guys yet."

But the Celts are in a spot teams have never seen before. A Playoff team for three straight seasons, followed by three straight top three picks. Which will feel like we are knocking on Heaven's door. But really? We are five or so years from a title.


As for DeMarcus Cousin? He sucks. If you think he is a great player than you do not understand basketball. He will blow up any team you put him on. There is a huge difference between realty and fantasy basketball. Just because a guy gets Superstar numbers doesn't mean he is a superstar.

NBA Superstars are like NFL QBs, wins are their most important stat. In fact, I think his best comparison is an NFL QB. Cousins is the NBA's Jay Cutler. Cutler is a great fantasy QB, but he has a petulant personality that destroys team chemistry just enough to take away a teams ability to win. Cousins never is, was, or ever will be a Superstar. 

He is a coach-killing team-chemistry time-bomb. "The lack of a push on Cousins from the Celtics may be revealing in itself," Steve Bulpett said. "There was a time when sources insisted the Celts found him appealing, but not to the degree where they’d give up either of the first rounders owed them by Brooklyn. Now it’s fair to infer that the scouting report the C’s got from Isaiah Thomas on his former teammate was not encouraging for his fit here. In fact, sources have indicated that to be the case." He will blow up any team you put him on.

Also I heard one idiot arguing that he fits the Celts' system. Well? He doesn't. He didn't. And he never will. First off the Celtics system is one of chemistry. All the guys are good character guys who love the game and work well together. Messing with that chemistry can hurt the Celtics in a lot of ways. 

Also the Celtics system is to spread everyone out system, to open up lanes to drive through. They want to pull the opponents Bigs out of the Paint. They want Thomas driving into the Paint and causing havoc for the opponents defenses. The defenders have to slide too far way from their man to go help on Isaiah to stop his penetration, which opens up more holes.

Cousins is a paint cloggier. One of the reasons he hurts teams more then helps them is that he blocks lanes to the basket, and if you say anything about it he goes nuts. He gets his stats and everyone else can go F themselves. 

That's the difference between fantasy and reality. "We have the floor spread and we have skilled Bigs," Ainge said. "Al is leading NBA centers in assists this year, and that’s the way that we play. First of all, we know that we don’t have a great rebounding team from a personnel standpoint, but we also don’t play a great rebounding style, in that we rely on our Bigs to play out on the perimeter and make plays and make passes and open up the court up for our guards." Cousins is a big lump of poo right in the middle of the Paint on offense.

Their spacing systems hurts them rebound wise. "It is a weakness," Ainge said. "There are some guys out there that can rebound OK. I think there was one or two rebounders that I would say that were good rebounders that could help us rebounding. But we’re always trying to evaluate if they’re going to help our team overall." But it also forces all five players to rebound, box out, and fight for boards harder on defense. 

Cousins would have blown that all up. That is why Danny had no interest. That is why Brad would have quit if they signed. He is a big pile of poo right in the middle of the lane. And he poops over everyone in the locker room. You do know that fantasy means does not exist in reality, right?

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