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Debacle: Part I.

By Tom Mahoney

What a debacle. I mean, what the hell was Brad Stevens doing? "He can do things that other guys canít do, whether itís offensive rebounding or getting to the basket or whatever the case may be," Stevens said about Brown, after Game One. "We need some of those things. So I would expect him to continue to play a large role for us in this series." To not start Jaylen Brown in Game Two was a crime against Banner-18. 

Somewhere along the line they forgot that the only thing that matters is Banner-18. "Not at all, and I never will be," Brown said about being intimated by the Cavs. "We lost, so it wasnít how I planned or expected. I just went out and played hard, left everything on the floor. We needed a spark so I was just trying to be aggressive and get to the basket." They need to develop Brown's considerable talent in this Series.

I mean, did you see the basketball that the Cavs were playing? They were bringing a basketball whirlwind down on the Celtics heads. It was really something to see. Brown needed to be in the middle of that whirlwind, not sitting on the sidelines watching like a fan.

He needed to be in there on LaBron, learning. "Just playing basketball," Brown said about LaBron. "He laces his shoes up like I lace mine up. Iím just coming out playing basketball, and trying to make it tough for him. Thatís my job." His rookie season ended with the Regular Season, so they need to get him on the floor. 

I mean,Ö "Is there a better development than getting a chance to play in the playoffs and playing in the second round, Game 7, and making huge plays, then winning Game 7?" Brad Stevens said after he started Brown in Game One. "To me, going through the ups and downs of a year, we usually just talk about development in terms of minutes, but going through the ups and downs of a year, especially when you're a young guy, and then taking all those good things and applying them in a game with that kind of intensity is invaluable." Seriously? Put his ass in the starting lineup!

He needs to be in the middle of it all, soaking in the effort, toughness, and intelligence that LaBron was laying down. Brown should have been covering LaBron from first minute to last. Let the kid who you are planning to lead the Celtics to Banner-18 get in their, and study at the foot of the master. LaBron was showing it all in Game Two. He was rebounding. He was defending. He was stealing. He was passing. He was blocking. He was scoring. He was doing everything to lead the Cavs to Banner-2. 

He was showing Brown everything he needs to learn to lead the Celtics to the Promise land (though he is still more a rookie than I want;). "We have a very uphill climb but I still think we can pull things off," Jaylen Brown said. "I just think we have to come out and click on all cylinders. We still havenít done that. We just have to have the mindset that we have to come out and be aggressive no matter what the matchup is or whatever the scenario is. We just got to attack the ball and I think weíll be fine." When you take a guy 3rd overall you are saying he has to be the Man, or I might lose my job. 

This Series is not about winning it all this year. That's up to the Cavs and Golden State. This Series is about testing, prodding, and pushing Jaylen to see if he can be that Superstar that they thought they drafted last year. "Yeah," Brown said. "I have a lot of expectations for myself. This is the biggest game of my career. And Iím ready to step up to the challenge." Now is the time to get him some minutes so he can see and experience things you cannot garner in the Regular Season or practice. 

The next two games have to be the two most important things in his development his entire rookie season. "Iím just trying to compete," Brown said. "I mean, Iím a competitor. So I donít look at it as Iím guarding one of the best players in the game. Iím looking at it as Iíve got a job to do. And if I donít do it? Then Iím not going to play." He did it in the first Two games this Series. So start him in Game Three and Four for Auerbach sakes.

I don't even mind if they start Gerald Green. "Green always has been in my ear from the beginning," Brown said. "Heís been in the league a lot and heís been in the league, out of the league, but heís always made an effort to come talk to me, and heís been a perfect example for me, so I learned a lot from him about how to be ready and how to take advantage of every situation because you donít know how situations might end up. Heís super talented, can jump out of the gym, and heís had unfortunate events, but heís still here and heís positive, and heís been one of the best people to help me understand about the NBA, how itís a business and everything. Gerald Green has helped me out the most out of everybody. Heís been in my ear. Heís been telling me everything thatís going to happen, and itís been true, so a shout-out to him." But you cannot start Green over Brown. It could cause them to take another year to raise Banner-18.

But you can start them both just as easily. "Itís really an honor for him to say that," Green said. "Out of all the rookies Iíve been associated with heís probably one of the best rookies that Iíve ever had as far as: talent-wise, being a sponge, being able to do all the little things. And I really think that someday he will be a great player in this league." Brown needs to start learning what he doesn't know he needs to learn, on the floor, with LaBron, in the Playoffs!

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