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The Pats Are In Some Big Trouble: Part III.


The Pats are apparently searching out another OLT. I am a Wynn guy, but I don’t think they can go into September with their situation on the O-line at Brady’s back. Better to have too many Veteran OLs than not enough. Right now, the Pats have “not enough”. So the trade sounds real to me, but there might be too many stumbling points. 

On the one hand, it really fits the Pats M.O., like the Bennett deal. A one-year deal given to an ultra-talented troubled dude. BB bets they can hold it together mentally for a season. Williams was not mentally stable early in his career and in college. A big money multi-year deal could be a bad bet. However, he has appeared to have put it all together mentally the past few years. 

He has been to the Pro Bowl seven times. Now he is not just holding out on the Redskins, he is bailing. He seems to not want nothing to do with Washington at any price. He doesn’t trust the training staff that appears to have lied to him too many times. So you can’t blame him for holding out for a trade. But, will he accept a one-year deal with the Pats? 

On the other hand, the Pats want a one year deal for a one-year nut job. That will take the pressure off the half-a-rookie, with half a broken wing, who seems to be rushing back. Then they can slip Wynn in at OLT next season. But that ain’t gonna happen. Williams has the juice to get nothing less than a multi-year deal. And the Pats have inquired to what it would take to rip him from Washington’s cold dead hands: 

“The Redskins are having trade discussions regarding tackle Trent Williams, according to a source,” Jeff Howe said. “Unclear what type of compensation they'd require in a trade. There's a feeling around the league the Patriots would be involved due to depth issues at the position.” The rift is deep. DeAngelo Hall said that Trent Williams said the Redskins Medical staff can’t be trusted:

“It's not about money,” DeAngelo Hall Twitted. “That's what makes this so unorthodox and something we've never seen. We've never had a player say, 'Hey, get that training staff out of here or I'm not coming back.” That ain't gonna happen. 

So I’m sayin’ there’s a chance. If, “it’s not about the Money?” Then the Pats have a chance. They will not give him top dollar and they won’t give him anywhere near the most years. But they could give him a Ring and a chance to rehab his reputation, like Moss. But will he accept a one or two year deal that could change the way everyone looks at him. 

If the Pats give him two years, I still don’t see how Wynn isn’t the OLT in 2020. Williams would be 32 after this season and 33 after the 2020 season. He might be better off trying to get that big deal at 32 than 33. Moving Wynn inside to Guard is interesting, but Shaq signed a five year deal and Thuney didn’t give up a Sack in 2018. Marcus Cannon is locked in until 2021. 

They are also currently working on a deal for Thuney. Who is the most underrated OL in the NFL. I love Shaq. He made the Pro Bowl. But Thuney didn't give up a Sack last season! So they could have five OLs locked up for a while in a week or two. So how do they sign Williams for more than two? Granted, he is a seven year Pro-Bowler. 

But reality is screaming, “Screw the other OLs on the Pats! Just sign the damn 7-time Pro Bowler at OLT for as long as you can and shut up!” 

I mean, screw the half-a-rookie. They’ll be injuries and he can play every position on the O-line. When you a shot at a perennial Pro-bowler you just sign him up and ask questions later. But that’s not the Patriot’s way. You have to prove it in Gillette not Washington! Phew, I give this a 50-50 shot at best that Williams is interested. Or that the Pats will go past 3 or 4 years (which I think is technically a 25% chance;). 


Wynn got in on two plays in 11 on 11s on Wednesday and was on the field early for offensive team drills on Thursday (CURSE THE GODS! I had to leave practice early today and didn’t see any 11 on 11s). He wasn’t great, but he blocked twice on the edge in full practice contact.

Skipper has been playing well at OLT. But he wasn’t facing much speed. He got beat on his outside shoulder twice on Wednesday to speed, but didn’t give up a hit. He played and stayed low. Lining up as low as Thuney on most snaps. However, he did have a tendency to get higher and higher as the play went on. 

The Pats need is real. Even though I am Skipper’s number one supporter. I believe the Pats have legit interest in Trent Williams. But is there really a reason that Williams would accept a two year deal? Is there a place in reality where the Pats would give him more than three? This is similar to Moss. Moss could handle the Pats structure for a year, but not two. 

But If Williams agrees to come to New England, a 7-Time Pro-Bowler at OLT, and he wants four or five years? How can the Pats say no? Wynn was great at Georgia. But he is half a rookie, with a bum Achilles, and traditionally too short to play OLT in the NFL. But he is Scarnecchia’s guy and he can play all four OL positions. 


Jakobi Meyers might be the best rookie WR for the Pats this season (and that hurts me to say because N'Keal is my guy). I wrote in my “AFC East Draft Review” that Meyer’s was the most likely URFA to make the team. No. 1 in my book. He never drops a pass. In fact, at NC State, I think vs. UCLA, a vender threw a hot dog on to the field and Jakobi ran under it and caught it. I swear! 

He looked invincible on Wednesday, like Superman catching the ball. Not a drop. Not from the Slot. Not from the parking lot. Not from the Stidham. I do not like green eggs and ham Sam I am. On Thursday he was spectacular. He actually did run for a 50-yard, or so, touchdown after an unbelievable catch where he tipped it to himself. 

Meanwhile, the other top rookie WR N’Keal Harry had four drops from Brady on Wednesday. But in usually Harry-fashion he made spectacular catches after each drop. He made such an amazing catches through contact, and had maybe his best catch on the next play after his second drop. On Thursday the DBs dominated early. 

Harry has the flair for the spectacular, like Moss. But he will turn to the defense to run after the catch, before he catches it and drops some easy ones. But Jakobi doesn’t care. He just catches everything. Even if he just falls down afterwards as he is watching it into his hands. 

He is not going to run for a 75-yard TD after the catch like Harry (I had to change it to 75 after the catch he had today). But he is not going to drop three passes from Brady, maybe all season. He knows how to get open in the slot. He knows how to catch it through contact from DBs and LBs. He was a great slot guy at NC ST for Finley. So even though he is a legit 6-2, he is the next big time slot guy for Brady. 

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