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Patriots Vs Titans Preview: 

5 Things to Watch. 


1st Thing: This is going to be one wacky Preseason Game. We might actually see some starters on both side of the ball. Imagine that. Last week everyone went nuts over the Lions falling apart. It was fun to watch but it was really meaningless. Both team kept there starters off the field. Which was big for the Pats.

They put in St. Louis and Skipper in at OT. Skipper was great in that game. However, if Flowers and Da’Shawn Hand were in at DE. Both Skipper and St Louis would have been beaten up much more. They made it look easy against Eric Lee and Mitchell Loewen? Who the hell is Mitchell Loewen? Did I spell that right?

Wynn is the most important player on the Patriots roster, because he is the guy who has to protect Brady’s back. Wynn is back on the field. He is slowly being worked into the lineup. He may or may not be ready. They cannot go into September without a Left Tackle to protect Brady’s back.

I would trade for Trent Williams in a heartbeat. Give up the 1st and whatever they want. And I am Wynn’s biggest fan. But they have to protect Brady’s back. Both teams will have to incorporate actual starters in this game in the 1st Half. Even if just in the 1st Quarter. Both Tackles with be facing legit NFL D-ends, or OLBs. Cameron Wake and Harold Landry will be on the field in the 1st quarter, their OLB.

So watch Skipper and St. Louis at the Tackle spots in the 1st half. We might actually learn something about them. You could see Wynn, but it was reported that he wasn’t really practicing full time. He might get on the field a little, but I think they keep him on the bench. Also watch St. Louis who is a more sudden moving backwards than Skipper. I found some old notes On St. Louis from MIami:

#78 Tyree St. Louis- 6-5, 312, OLT- He has started on both side of the line. Nice quick feet in pedal. He has some quicks moving backwards. He started every game at ORT in 2017 and is looking to start every game at OLT in 2018. Could make a nice Day Three Swing Tackle for a smart team. (then I had some genius insight;) He is a good college OLT.

Wisconsin stopped rushing his side. He can get outside easy and seal the OLB outside. Nice job cutting off the speed rusher way outside, and giving him a heavy punch with his outside hand in the chest, as he grabs shirt with the other. He has some suddenness off the snap. He is nice and smooth in pedal. Does a great job keeping his hand high and tight.

2018 (Senior): Started season opener vs. LSU (Sept. 2), making first ever start at left tackle...Helped Miami outgain Tigers with 342 yards of total offense...Started at left atckle against Savannah State (Sept. 8), helping pave way for 494 total yards, including 239 rushing yards...Helped guide Hurricanes offense to 49-point, 473-yard performance in win at Toledo (Sept. 15) with start at left tackle...Made fourth straight start at left tackle against FIU (Sept. 22), leading Miami to 488-yard performance on offense.

2017 (Junior): Started all 13 games at right tackle...Extended streak to 21 straight starts by season's end...Started season opener at right tackle and helped lead offense to 550-yard performance against Bethune-Cookman (Sept. 2).

2nd Thing: The Pats young secondary was great last week in Detroit. However, the Lions did not have the first string QB or WRs in. Joejuan was great in the 1st quarter. I’ll be watching him closely. JC has looked like a star this Preseason. I’d start him over Jason McCourty. I’d like to see those guys battle it out a little.

Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor are going to give the kids a ton more trouble. If they are on the field. Will the Pats put Gilmore in on Davis? He will need some reps before the season as well. Or do they put in Joejuan, JC, and Dawson. I’d like to see the three young guys on the field against actual NFL talent at WRs.

3rd Thing: Okay, Gordon is suddenly on the team again. However, was it too sudden to get him on the field for this game? Could he fly to Tennessee and start this game? Man, I would love to see that. Dude can play. In fact, now that I saw him in my head again, I figured out who he reminds me of.

“For the past eight months, Josh’s situation has been entirely a league matter,” BB had written for him. “When Josh returns to our program, we will evaluate the entire situation and do what we feel is best for Josh and the team.”

Or should I say visa-versa, N’Keal Harry remind me of Gordon. That is what the Pats want Harry to develop into. They want him to be what Harry was at the end of last season. They want Harry to develop into a big physical WR like Harry, without the weed. They are so similar in size and physicality.

“We are all rooting for Josh to succeed, both personally and professionally,” Goodell had written for him. “Everyone shares in that hope and will continue to support him to every extent possible. But as Josh acknowledged, ultimately his success is up to him.”

Harry’s hands are so close to Gordon’s. It is really more about concentration for Harry. He gets the dropsies when he takes his eyes off the ball. He tries to run sometimes before he catches it. He likes to peek down field to see where his legs can take him just before the catch as well.

So it will be worth getting Gordon on the field a little just so Harry can watch him and see how he works on the field and runs patterns. By all accounts Gordon is a good dude, he just can’t say no to the ganja. But he can play. He knows how to run patterns to get open and how to read the secondary. Those are two critical aspects of NFL Football that will make or break Harry. Just watching Harry runs patterns can do nothing but help him.

Also, does this mean that the NFL is lightening up the Weed discriminations. Do you think it might be time to stop stuffing Oxy down players throat for pain management while suspending them for using weed for pain management?

4th Thing: I just want to see some starters. I don’t care if its Derek Rivers. Is he a starter yet? Or Wynn for three snaps. I’m all for watching Skipper, St. Louis, and Farquaad, I’m mean Froholdt. But I sure would like to see some Cannon, Wynn, and Shaq. I actually don’t want to see Cannon on the field in this game, but I heard he was killing it this week. Shaq signed the big new contract. And I tired of a Wynn and a prayer.

If Brady is going to play, and the second preseason usually has the starters in the game for the 1st Half, than they have to play some Vets in front of him. But because they practiced against the Titans this week it lessons the need to play the starters. But they have to play for at least the 1st quarter. The have to start getting their timing down against real competition.

They didn’t play last week. So the offense and especially the O-line has had no time to get their real timing down. I want to see Skipper at OLT on every snap the rest of this Preseason. But I really don’t want to see him at all in September. I really-really don’t want to see him at Brady’s back.

So let’s see some Cannon, Shaq, Andrews, Thuney, and gulp Wynn/Skipper for a half in front of Brady. They might not want to play the starters for a full half, after two straight weeks of practicing against other team. But the Starters do have to get on the field and get some reps together. 

And don't forget, Wynn is still a rookie who has never played before in the NFL. He is set to start tonight at Brady' back. He has to be great in every snap at Brady's back. I will not take my eyes off him every second he is on the field at Brady's back.

5th Thing: The Pats linebacker Corps. Was spectacular last week. In fact, the entire Back-7 looked like the best we’ve seen around here in a long time. There is more talent in the back seven than they know what to do with. Is McCourty a starter at CB, or JC Jackson? Is Joejuan Williams ready for prime time. Could he be their starting Nickel? Do they have too much talent at Corner? They are going to have to release an NFL CB in September.

What about Bentley? Is he a starting ILB with Hightower and/or Van Noy? Can one of those three play outside as a 3-4 OLB like Jamie Collins and Rivers did last week. Van Noy was an Edge, a 3-4 OLB, at BYU. If Bentley is going to get on the field, they have to go to more Even fronts, or Hightower or Van Noy has to step outside.

Is Rivers, Van Noy and Collins outside, with Hightower, Bentley, and Christian Sam a viable rotation for a 3-4 Base defense? Where does Bennett fit in? He is a 4-3 D-end. Can he rush in an Odd front with a hand down? Do they put him in just on passing downs to rush. He ain’t getting’ any younger. He has rushed from the inside, but can he rush as a 5-Tech?

There are as many question going on in the front four as the back seven. This is the deepest defense I have seen for the Pats in a long time. I mean, Shelton and Adam Butler were great last week and they are listed as backups.

Wise was not as good as hoped. Cowart and Winovich made plays against the 3rd and 4th stringers in Detroit. Their not clearing wavers to reach the Practice Squad (well, Cowart still might). Simon started at OLB and made plays in the 1st quarter. But he ain't gonna start on opening day! Is he? I don’t know?

I’m going to be studying the linebacker rotation very carefully in the 1st quarter and hopefully the 1st Half if the Titans keep their starters in. Derek Rivers flashed and got the best stats last week against the backups. I can’t wait to see him against a starting quality OT. Can he still explode off the line and dip around an NFL OT? If he can, he could be a great Weakside 3-4 OLB for the Pats.

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