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The Pats chose to receive to start the 1st Half. Which I thought made perfect sense. A large part of conceding to the 2nd Half was continuity. The Pats knew that they would play defense first and then start the 2nd Half with the ball. Now, everybody was choosing to give the ball to the Pats first. So choosing to receive first was keeping that continuity going. The Pats knew before the game that they would have the ball first.

Plus, the Playoffs are different. The pressure in the Champ game is extraordinary. The team that scores first puts so much extra pressure on the other team. Then it just keeps building as the game goes on. "Yeah," BB said. "We took the ball because we thought that was the right thing to do." So the Pats knew they would get the ball first, and immediately had to get that first score, and put all that extra pressure on the Steelers' shoulders.

It was clear from the start that the Pats were just more prepared than the Steelers. "It was a great job [by this team]. Really! 16 wins [is like a hot fudge Sunday totally covered in awesome sauce]! A great job by this team," BB said [sort of]. "The players played great tonight. The coaching staff did a real good job. We had a good week of preparation. I thought we got a lot of things done in the game that we wanted to get done, or needed to get done in order to be competitive against the Steelers." The Pats clearly executed their game plans better than the Steelers.

Home field advantage in the Playoffs is so paramount to victory in: preparation, continuity, and execution. "They're a good football team. Give them a lot of credit for the season that they had," BB said. "I thought our players today just were able to make the plays we needed to make. We had a lot of areas, a lot of guys contribute and we were able to take advantage of some opportunities and turn them into big plays, turnovers, stops, touchdowns, whatever the case might be. A lot of work this week paid off out there tonight. I'm proud of the team, happy for the team, happy for all of these guys. They all deserved it. It's a good, hard working group. We're excited to move on." The Pats just dominate both lines of scrimmage from start to finish.

Like I said before the game, the Pats had two more days of preparation than the Steelers, which friggin Tomlin was complaining about before the game like it was the Pats fault. "I tip my cap to those guys, they are the champions of the AFC and rightfully so, you know," Tomlin said rather graciously. "Not a lot went our way tonight. Not only in terms of the final score, but just how the game was played. They are to be complimented for that." Though he was right, when you give BB two more days to prepare than your team is in big trouble from the start.

But that is the schedule of the NFL Playoffs made by the League Offices: one winning team plays on Saturday in the Divisional round, the other winning team plays on Sunday, and if the second team has to travel that puts them two days behind the team that had the best record. "We didn't get the things done that we wanted to get done really, on offense, defense and special teams in a consistent manner for it to be competitive and close," Tomlin said. "And some of the splash plays that you look for and in those competitive and close games, things that we've done during the stretch run that we've had in the second half of the season. Just not enough positive things in terms of the style of play, for those things to unfold. So, the result is the result." Plus when you get the Flu, like the Pats had against the Colts in the 2006 Champ game, that gives half the team even less time to prepare.

That was the reason I predicted a blowout. Too often fans forget that in the end even pro football players are just human. When one team has more time to prepare, and the other looses too much time do to unusual circumstances, and the way the League sets up the Divisional and Champ Weekends, that is usually too much of a steep hill to climb.

Now the Patriots Franchise is going to their Unprecedented seventh Super Bowl, to give Brady and Belichick a shot at their Unprecedented Fifth Super Bowl Rings as HC and QB! "Yeah, it was a good day," Brady said. "I mean, we're going to the Super Bowl. Man, You've got to be happy now." I'm pretty happy now.

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