The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Sixteen. Part V.

Clemson Vs. 

Ohio State.


This is going to be a good one. The 1st Overall Pick in this year's Draft Vs. the 1st Overall Pick in next year's Draft. There are so many Prospects it is difficult to keep up with. Two guys to watch are K'Lavon Chaisson and Justin Jefferson. Two extremely under valued prospects who could slip down to 23 for the Pats. Lawrence has never lost a game, and Borrow is having the best season a college QB ever had. 

I don't see how LSU loses this game, but if there is a team that could beat LSU it is Clemson with the Brady-like Lawrence at QB. I don't see how Borrow loses this game. But I also don't understand how this could be Lawrence's first loss in his amazingly clutch Clemson career. But I have to go with LSU, playing at Home in the Superdome. 

#11 *Isaiah Simmons- 6-4, 230, (U) 4.31, DB/LB/Sam, Rs-Jr– I think you can argue that he is the best athlete in the Draft. He certainly is the most unique athlete in the Draft. He has played LB and Safety very well. But he also lined up on the line and covered TE, WR, and RBs. I see him as a Safety, but he won the Butkus in 2019.

He looks like the best OLB in this Draft, but often lines up at ILB or the Mike and makes plays. “2019: Thorpe Award semifinalist … first-team All-ACC selection entered bowl season credited with 65 tackles, (5.0 for loss), 2.0 sacks, five pass breakups and a team-leading four interceptions in 496 snaps over 13 games (all starts).” He really completed the Transition from jack of all trades DB to Sam Linebacker this season.

He will struggle when teams run the Option right at him. He was playing OLB against A&M. Then he would line up at Cover One Safety. No a lot of guys have the size to play the Sam and the speed to play Cover One Safety. He has been reading things faster this season. 

So he is a linebacker? “It’s very fast for a linebacker, or whatever you would call his position,” Dobbins said about how Simmons plays on Tape. “He’s athletic. He’s going to be all over the place and he’s going to make a few plays. It’ll be fun to play against him.” He will also line up at Corner and cover like a CB.  

He was named the ACC Defensive player of the year. “Let him rush the passer. Let him cover a man one-on-one then spy a quarterback. Let him play half field,” Clemson LB Coach James Skalski said. “Hell, let him get out there and see if he can play a little bit of corner. He can do it all. He’s a world-class athlete, and he’s really figured out the football part.” He plays with phenomenal speed to the ball.

I mean, in four sentences in his Bio says it all. “1st-team All-ACC selection … tied for team-lead with nine tackles vs. Georgia Tech, sharing team defensive player of the week honors … recorded five tackles and a pass breakup vs. No. 12 Texas A&M … led Clemson with 11 tackles and a career-high 3.5 tackles for loss including 2.0 sacks at Syracuse, earning ACC Linebacker of the Week.” That shows his astonishing versatility and production. 

Athletic defender who transitioned from safety in 2017 to the starting nickel/sam linebacker position in 2018 and was eventually named the Butkus Award winner as the nation’s top linebacker in 2019 in only his second year at the position … enters 2019 bowl season credited with 239 tackles (26.5 for loss), 9.5 sacks, 19 pass breakups, three interceptions (including one returned for a touchdown), five forced fumbles and a fumble recovery in 1,683 career snaps over 42 games (27 starts) … selected as a Preseason All-American for 2019 by Phil Steele (first-team) and Athlon (second-team).
2019: Won the Butkus Award, becoming the first Clemson player in the award’s 35-year history to earn the honor presented annually to the nation’s top linebacker … Nagurski Trophy finalist … Bednarik Award finalist … Lott IMPACT Trophy finalist … Walter Camp Player of the Year semifinalist … ACC Defensive Player of the Year … first-team All-ACC selection.

#43 Chad Smith- 6-3, 240, Will/ILB, Gr-Sr  He can line up on the Strongside and get across the field, punch off a  blocker and tackle the RB on the weak. Good feet sliding back in coverage. Special team maven his whole career at Clemson. He is likely to go on Day Three. Bounce moving back in coverage.

Nice speed to turn the corner to the RB from the ILB position. He plays a lot of ILB, which allows Simmons to roam more. He will over pursue to the weakside. Slide to the side nicely to stay in front of the RB, and makes the tackle when he breaks through the line.

He will step up to the line and  blitz, but is not very adept at that. However, he can shed the OLG, and retreat back to the RB. Nice job faking the blitz, and then hopping back to tackle the RB at the line on the screen. Very quick and instinctive LB. 

Key special teams contributor early in his career who earned a starting role as a fifth-year senior … Entered 2019 bowl season credited with 142 tackles, 9.0 tackles for loss, 5.0 sacks, an interception, a pass breakup, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries in 797 snaps over 56 games (13 starts) in his career.
2019: Entered bowl season with 68 tackles (4.5 for loss), 3.5 sacks, an interception, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery in 517 snaps across 13 games (all starts).

#8 *A.J. Terrell- 6-1, 190, CB- He is a terrific rusher. He will line up like an D-end and run the arc to the QB and sacked Mond on 3rd down against A&M. I admit that was very impressive. Terrell is another young DB who is more likely to stay in school than declare. We will see if the trend of Clemson defenders staying in school for their senior seasons continues in this Draft. He is not going to play the run hard. Small WR who looks like he is made of smart glue in coverage.

Great feet moving backwards. He can stay in pedal for over 10-15 yards smoothly. Likes to play off. Great job moving backwards while eyeing the CB, and angling to stay with the WR. Snaps out of pedal and burst forward when the WR breaks inside.

Nice hips swiveling late when the WR tries to run past him. He does not let WRs run past him. That is how he plays and how he uses his technique. Great burst outside and forward when the WR break out short. He can panic and bail, when the WR surprises him with a strong inside move and goes deep, and still beat him to the ball.

When he lines up in finesse press, he has some serious snap in his hips to turn and run. Nice job using his feet to angle to side and cut off the WR quick. He can really move and stay with the WR on the double move. He plays on both sides, and can stay in pedal in off amazingly deep on the QB’s left. A large reason are his elite hips that snap back in a flash. 

Entered 2019 bowl season credited with 94 career tackles (3.5 for loss), 17 pass breakups, six interceptions (returned for a total of 160 yards including a 44-yard touchdown) and two forced fumbles over 1,654 snaps in 42 games (28 starts) … started all 15 games in his first year as a starter in 2018, scoring the first points of the College Football Playoff National Championship on a pick-six … selected as a fourth-team Preseason All-American by Athlon for 2019.
2019: First-team All-ACC selection … entered bowl season credited with 26 tackles (0.5 for loss), four passes broken up, four pass breakups, two interceptions and a half-sack over 612 snaps in 13 games (all starts).

#19 Tanner Muse- 6-2, 230, SS- He moved back a little to accommodate Simmons, but he was really a strong Safety before this season. Great job stepping up and covering the Slot guy. He is another versatile athlete that can play more than one position in the Clemson secondary (SS, FS, Nickel). He is not the best Safety in this Draft, but he might be the most versatile.

They will line him up a FS, and blitz him. He has s knack for getting to the line, on the Blitz, and finding the ball carrier behind the line. It is tough for OLs to block him when he times it right from so far back. Tough run stuffer, who two OLs will try and block at the same time. You just don’t see that a lot.

They like to line him up behind twins on the QBs’ left, blitz one of the Corners, and have him pick up the deep WR. They line him up all over the place, but all most always on the Weakside, but at all three levels. Picks up the TE late sometimes, but has the speed to get back into coverage. Then he’ll drop into Cover One. 

Veteran safety who entered 2019 bowl season with 229 career tackles (9.5 for loss), 15 passes broken up, 4.0 sacks, seven interceptions for 102 yards (including a 64-yard return for a touchdown), a forced fumble and a 63-yard fumble return for a touchdown in 1,748 snaps over 57 career games (37 starts).
2019: Thorpe Award semifinalist … first-team All-ACC selection entered bowl season credited with 65 tackles, (5.0 for loss), 2.0 sacks, five pass breakups and a team-leading four interceptions in 496 snaps over 13 games (all starts).

#22 *Xavier Kelly- 6-4, 305, NT, Sr-Jr Transitioned from defensive end to defensive tackle prior to the 2018 season and entered 2019 bowl season credited with 26 tackles (2.5 for loss), 2.5 sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in 256 career snaps over 28 games.

2019: Entered bowl season credited with nine tackles, including a half-sack, as well as two pass breakups and a fumble recovery in 87 snaps over 10 games … recorded two tackles and a fumble recovery vs. Georgia Tech … added a tackle vs. Charlotte … registered two tackles including a half-sack vs. Florida State … contributed three tackles at Louisville … added a tackle vs. No. 22 Virginia in the ACC Championship Game.



#5 *Tee Higgins- 6-4, 210, WR, Clemson- They will line him up in the Slot to get the D to cover him with a Safety. He is so good at getting the inside shoulder, and when the QB throws it high to his other shoulder he can leap up and do a 180 and snag it over the Safeties head. Incredible athlete and adjustment to the ball in the air.

His height and vert make him impossible to cover the alley-oop. “A jump-ball guy,” Swinney said. “[You go high and] go down the field and just throw it to him. He had a lot to learn from a technical standpoint about the position. He’s been such a joy to coach.” He seemed to finally get it mentally late in the season.

He finished with ten TDs in the final five games. “A great accomplishment [compared] with those two guys,” Higgins said about being compared to Hopkins and Watson. “In this receiver room, we just go out there and play. [We] don’t worry about stats. If one guy is doing good, go congratulate him and keep going.” He capped the season with 9 catches for 182 and 3 TDs in the ACC Champ game.

He can run a multiple patter. He ran and stopped to look back at the QB and drew in the CB, and then broke back upfield and got open 20-yards down field. If the ball is near him he will go up and get high over everyone. He has great concentration and can make the quick adjustment to the ball in the air, as he did catching the ball was tipped at the line in front of him.

He struggled mentally

70. *Travis Etienne- 5-10, 215, #9 RB, Clemson- He has that way of hopping through the line to find the crack to slash through on short yardage. He will try to give a little chip on the D-end off play action, but he needs more impact and not whiff.

He is terrific on screens. Which is important. His weakness is that he is not a lot of help in the passing game, so anything he can do to help his QB in the passing game is huge. Great speed outside and turns the corner fast.

He looked stronger and faster against A&M, he was breaking more tackles with his legs. He has that great speed and flash so teams are going to want to see a few other aspects to take him high, like the work ethic to get stronger in the weight room. He does a good job falling forward through contact.

#74 John Simpson- 6-4, 330, OLG, Sr- Very strong. He can drive the DL up with one arm. Nice quicks to move inside to hit the late blitzer and knock him down. Nice job getting to the LB and sealing him inside. Great job doubling the DT, and sliding off to hit the ILB.

They like to run behind him on the Goalline. He can get to the blitzing LB and drive him out of the hole, and around to the outside. He will lose his balance and fall down sometimes. Good balance and smarts to shove off more than one rusher moving backwards.

Offensive lineman who played both guard positions for the Tigers in 2017 before earning the starting role  … entered 2019 bowl season having played 1,916 snaps over 48 games (27 starts) in his career … selected as a Preseason All-American for 2019 by Phil Steele (first-team) and Athlon (second-team).

2019: Outland Trophy semifinalist … first-team All-ACC selection … played 598 snaps in 12 games (all starts) prior to bowl season.

#73 Tremayne Anchrum- 6-2, 315, ORT- He is rising up the Charts. He could be a very early Day Three pick. Powerful blocker in the run game. He can drive the DE back with such power he bends back like a bow. His slide is very clunky, but he can cover some ground. He will shuffle back as well. Needs to keep his hands high and tight consistently. He will get high in slide and get knocked back with speed to power. He has to get lower in slide and move his feet more smoothly.

He will get beat by a quick move inside, but then grab shirt from the side and shove the DE to the ground. He will keep his hands too low and wide sometimes. Terrific turning inside on play action and shoving the DT back, and then shoving the LB nearly off his feet. He might have the heaviest hands in this Draft. He has good feet. He can power inside and drive the DE into the other DLs and collapse the line.

Became the full-time starter at right tackle in 2018 … entered 2019 bowl season having played 2,378 snaps over 53 games (35 starts) in his career.

2019: First-team All-ACC selection … played 704 snaps over 13 games (all starts) prior to bowl season … played 48 snaps vs. Georgia Tech in helping Clemson to its most rushing yards (411) in a season opener since 1957.

#76 Sean Pollard- 6-5, 310, OC- Terrific shotgun snapper. Consistent and quick snap. Nice power until he gets a little high. Very quick feet moving backwards. He gets low and wide when no one rushes his lane, and turns to the side and knocks guys blocks off. He will move forward to hit the LB on play action and stone him. Day Three OC who should stick.

Enrolled in January 2016 and has started at both guard and tackle during his Clemson career … entered 2019 bowl season having played 2,190 snaps over 53 games (36 starts) in his career.

2019: Second-team All-ACC selection … played 588 snaps over 13 games (all starts) prior to bowl season.

#59 Gage Cervenka- 6-3, 325, ORG, Gr-Sr- He is very tough in a phonebooth. Excellent power blocker who can collapse the DTs knees in run game. Nice job driving the DT who got him inside of him, and drive him past the QB. He has some lightness on his feet moving forward. He can move sideways in zone block quickly and strongly.

He can struggle to sustain blocks. Strong as an Ox. Terrific drive blocker. He has some agility, to get up after he was tripped, and still block the ILB. Not the niftiest moving backwards, but once he gets his hands on the DL and headbutts him the rush is done. He can be a little slow on stunt, but give a good hit and wins.

Redshirted as a defensive tackle before switching to offensive line in August 2016 … served as the backup center during the entire 2017 season before earning a starting role at guard (and one spot start at center) in 2018 … entered 2019 bowl season having played 1,346 snaps over 44 career games (21 starts) … one of the strongest members of the team, setting the program position record for bench press reps at 225 pounds (44) … in the 2019 offseason, received a 99 rating in ESPN’s PlayStation Player Impact rating for the 2018 season, the highest in the nation.

2019: Second-team All-ACC selection … entered bowl season having played 635 snaps in 13 games (all starts).  






#9 Joe Borrow- 6-4, 216, QB- He is the best QB prospect I’ve seen since Elway. But that doesn’t mean that he will be the best QB ever. Brady was a 6th Round pick. Tim Couch, David Carr, JaMarcus Russell were all a 1st overall picks. And while no true Draft evaluator liked any of those QBs, ever! I liked all three (though I was just a little nervous about Couch, I now seem to recall;).

But... I mean... Borrow completed 77.9% of his passes playing mostly in the SEC this season, and no one seems to comprehend the greatness of that stat. That is as impossible a stat as I have ever seen. That is a number that is hard to truly comprehend. That is almost an 80% completion percentage, when I have never seen 70% before. 

Most QBs are happy to get a basketball field goal percentage, while Borrow impossibly had a free throw percentage for a completion percentage this season. I mean... I am having trouble comprehending that competition percentage. 

I mean... he is not a dink and dunker either. He throws it deep consistently. He'll stay in the pocket for too long, barely avoid a couple of rushers, and panic out of the pocket. I sit there knowing without a doubt that is going to take off and run. But then he somehow gets into position to throw and puts it on his WR hands 40 or 50 yards downfield. 

I mean,,, did anyone watch that Alabama game. I mean... that is the best game I ever saw a QB have. In regards, to avoiding the rush, while keeping his eyes downfield, and running through rusher and then throwing it accurately downfield. 

Alabama had a great rush all game, and he still completed almost 80% of his passes! AND THAT WASN'T AN ABERRATION! Might be the best I've ever seen. 

He has a terrific arm, not an Elway cannon (but who does;), and no one throws it more accurately than he does, especially on the run. His ability to go smoothly from one side of the field to the other with his eyes and throw to his forth option is at an NFL level. My big worry is that he plays behind a great O-line, and gets a lot more time than he will in the NFL. But his ability to flee the pocket with his eyes down field (always down field, like Brady), and throwing to a WR 30 to 50 yards down field is also elite.

Elite footwork in the pocket, and always seems to be in balance. He moves around and inside the pocket with Brady like technique: on his toes, ball high, ready to throw, with his body in position and balanced to throw as well, and eyes downfield. Great patience and footwork in the pocket leave him always ready to throw accurately.

Great job throwing accurately to the RB, as the blitzer is diving at him to wipe him out. Easy arm to go forty to fifty yards downfield. It is amazing how he can make more than one rusher miss in the pocket, and then get outside and throw 40-yards downfield accurately enough for the WR to run for a 74-yard catch. Great accuracy in the Redzone. Great job throwing quick slants inside the Redzone so his WR can run.

#77 *Saahdiq Charles- 6-4, 295, OLT- When he get his hands in the shirt of the great rusher, he just calmly dances with him like it is nothing. Great size and strength. He is tough to break, once he gets his hands in a blockers shirt. He is a little clunky moving backwards, which worries me. But he wins. He has that knack for position moving backwards that cannot be taught.

#2 *Justin Jefferson- 6-2, 185, WR- Great hands to catch the ball at every angle. He has that knack for getting open on the 3rd level. He has that knack for getting open in the Redzone. 

He might be my secret favorite WR in this Draft (because the Pats might have a shot at him, though Jalen Reagor, Devin Duvernay, and Collin Johnson, are more likely fits for the Pats after they trade down into the 2nd). I like the way he moves on the field and gets open in pattern.

#79 *Lloyd Cushenberry III- 6-4, 315, OC- He always plays low and balanced. Great leading the QB sneak for the 1st. TMIWHTMILH. Great leverage, power and balance in pass pro. They run behind him a lot. He might be the first OC taken in this Draft. 

He is a plug and plays OC, who will play in the Pro Bowl someday. Stays and plays low with excellent leverage. He will get a little grabby with his hands. Understands position and controls the turf right in front of the QB. 

#68 Damien Lewis- 6-3, 332, ORG- Nice low set. He has some great knee bend. Absorbs initial hit with power, and slows and stops DT inside rush with calm and balance. Good hands he uses to push the DT up. Runs down field to continue blocking the DL, after the throws short. 

When they don’t rush his lane, he can turn and smart the great DT to the ground. He will play in the NFL. Terrific power in the run, to drive back the DT five yards. He is a Day Three guy who will get drafted and play in the NFL. 

SENIOR SEASON (2019): Along with center Lloyd Cushenberry, is the heart and soul of LSU offense ... Has started alongside Cushenberry at right guard for 26 straight games ... Tigers are 23-3 over that span ... First Team All-America in 2019 from the Athletic and second team All-SEC from both the SEC Coaches and AP.








































































#18 **K'Lavon Chaisson- OLB, 6-4, 238, - Chaisson is a top character player. He was award LSU's biggest honor for a player by being given #18. That means a lot at LSU, and means a lot to me in the Draft. Like Tre'Davious White, who incredibly is having as good a season as Stephon Gilmore this year. That is the kind of smart leader and character player the #18 produces at LSU. 

Great burst upfield to force the QB to throw quick. Then he will leap up as the QB throws and knock the pass down. Great job using his hands and feet together to swipe and hop past the OLT. He needs to add some weight.

This cat really flashes and dashes up field like a reindeer, and might be my favorite player on this Defense. He just needs a little more consistency. 

He has some gallop moving backwards in zone drop. Quick to pick up the TE cutting through his zone. Great job bursting off side when the OT twitches to draw the flag. 

He can get overwhelmed at the point outside. I like him better on the QB's left. Nice job jamming the TE at the line, and then picking up the crosser in coverage. When he beats the OLT to the corner, the QB takes off fast. He is so quick flashing around the blocker and getting to the RB in the backfield on the screen that he needs to be a Patriot. He remind me of Van Noy at BYU. 

He is so fast off the Corner into the backfield that the OLT can't touch him sometimes. Good with his hands, but has to get stronger. When can't win with his speed and/or his hands he looses in the rush. When he gets to the outside shoulder of the OLT, he can beat the best OLTs swiping the OT's arms down and ripping past him.

#7 Grant Delpit- 6-3, 203, LSU, SS/FS- He somehow got underrated during he season. He is a Chung type Strong safety. He is one of the best run stuffers in this Draft, and can cover the TE. And a fierce leader when he is healthy. He got injured this season and played through the injury, just not well. So he could end up being a steal in the Draft for a team late in the 1st. 

He was great early in the season, and then got injured. He stayed and played, and his game went downhill. Then he got healthy again and started making plays again late in the season. How he plays in this game will be huge for him.

Great job doubling the WR down the seam. Great job keeping his eyes on the QB in coverage, and can burst outside when he sees the throw. Great blitzer off the Corner. He has great speed on the blitz.

#22 Kristian Fulton- 6’, 200, CB, LSU- He can get physical in coverage. He had a quiet season this year. But that is what he does. He quietly shuts down the WR on his side. A true elite athlete, who has great instincts in coverage. 

Moves out of the Zone to pick the crosser smoothly and easily. He played some in the Slot. He has some snap in his hips. Twitchy turning and running at the line. Terrific moving his feet at the stem, and then breaking hard with the WR digging back. 

He has safety size and physicality outside at CB. "We're just talking about it a little bit [putting Fulton in at Nickel-Safety]," Orgeron said. "[It is] about putting the best guys on the field in certain situations. That may require a situation where we put Fulton in there and give Cordale [their sensational rookie CB] a chance at cornerback. We're just going to see. That's an experiment." He is not really a true Safety.

He has the speed, quicks, agility and size, and just doesn't give up space for the QB to throw into. Remarkable smarts and instincts in coverage. He likes to grab the inside arm of the WR, so the ref can't see it. Stays and plays on the QB's right, and shuts it down. He can take a false step inside, off the great release by the WR, and catch up quick and still shut it down. 

He is a little too easily blocked in run defense. He locks onto the WR so intensely that the WR can just run into him and take him out of run defense. He stays locked onto the WR so intensely that the WR doesn't even have to block him, just run downfield. 

#90 Rashard Lawrence- 6-2, 308, DT- Great job powering inside to get to the RB on the Dive. Plays hurt. Plays hard. When he sees the hand off he can get to the RB in the backfield. Very-very strong. He plays out of position a lot as a true D-end, and is still disruptive. 

Knows how to use his hands. He plays 5-Tech in odd fronts, and it looks like 3-4 Teams have to look at him early. A 3-4 team could take him in the 1st. He can be explosive inside at DT. He might be the most versatile DL in this Draft, but he will have to play more inside in the NFL.

They will line him up on the Nose, and he has the quicks and agility to get outside and jam the TE and then turn upfield. Amazing job getting outside the OLG, and slashing inside the OLT to hit the QB. Very interesting quicks and explosion off the snap when he doesn't have to two-gap or run around the OLT when lined up inside of him. When he hits the QB he hurts him. 

He wins low, and can take off too low, fall down, and still tackle the RB running to his side. He lines up at 5-Tech mostly, and that is a long way to go for a guy his size. He will line up slightly inside the OLT, and still try to rush the edge. He needs to line up more inside. 

#45 Michael Divinity- 6-2, 241, ILB/Edge- He is a twitchy LB. He plays both inside and outside. He is more of an off the ball LB than Chaisson. But he can flash off the Edge as well. He lines up like a Mike or ILB a lot. He is more of a space player. 

He will get stuck in trash and traffic. He has that knack for finding a lane to the QB, when he blitzes behind other guys. Needs to do a better job setting the Edge, but he can fight through the double outside sometimes to get to the RB.

He is smooth and fast moving backwards in coverage. Flashes out of drop when an RB crosses and picks him up easily. Athletically he looks like a DB in coverage. Keeps his eyes locked on the QB, but is still aware of receivers around him. 

Nice awareness of when the ball is in the air, and he can break on it like a DB. He is the guy that sets up the LBs. He is terrific running through traffic to find the RB. He is an OLB/ILB like the other LSU LBs, but he is more of an ILB than the other two. 

#6 *Jacob Phillips- 6-4, 233, ILB/Edge- He doesn’t always see it in Coverage. He can destroy the RB outside, and force the RB to turn upfield into the line before he want too. He looks a little small sometimes, but is incredibly strong at the point taking on blockers. He will play the Mike, and does a good job sliding through traffic to get outside in front of the RB.

He looks a little light, but he's tough to block on the 2nd level. He can take on the block of the OL and get through to the RB. He still needs some technique work taking on blockers with his hands. Very aware of position in Zone as he watches the QB’s eyes. Terrific hunting the WR down all the way across the field through traffic after the catch. He can cover the fast Slot guy in the slot. Amazing athlete.

He is usually a run first LB. Nice quicks and speed to run around blockers and get outside in front of the RB. He is more of an ILB than an Edge. But he does play outside sometimes, and is pretty good rushing the edge. 

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Trump, the official said, offered no proof to support his theory of Ukraine’s involvement.

“We spent a lot of time . . . trying to refute this one in the first year of the administration,” Fiona Hill, a former senior director for Europe and Russia on the National Security Council, told impeachment investigators in October.

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Trump impeachment inquiry: House judiciary committee releases report. Nadler: constitutional situation is ‘Framers’ worst nightmare’

Trump derides ‘witch hunt’ while boosting US economy

The House judiciary committee released a report on the constitutional grounds for impeachment on Saturday. Shortly after that, Donald Trump once again insisted the whole thing was a “witch hunt” and “a total hoax”.

In one such call, on 25 July this year, Trump appeared to make the release of military aid conditional on Kyiv investigating Joe Biden, a political rival, and a conspiracy theory about supposed Ukrainian interference in the 2016 US election. A White House meeting with Trump was also dangled in front of Zelenskiy.

House Democrats contend the 25 July call and testimony by diplomats and Trump advisers provide evidence of serious abuse of power, and thus grounds for the impeachment of the president and his possible removal from office.

“The Framers[’] worst nightmare is what we are facing in this very moment,” the House judiciary chair, Jerry Nadler, tweeted on Saturday, after releasing the 52-page report.

In contrast to the House intelligence committee’s 300-page blockbuster released this week, which summed up bombshell testimony delivered in private and public hearings, the judiciary report was written by Democratic staffers for use in the drawing up of articles of impeachment.

It considered what those who wrote the US constitution in the 1780s meant when they provided for presidents to be removed.

“President Trump abused his power, betrayed our national security and corrupted our elections,” Nadler wrote on Twitter, “all for personal gain. The constitution details only one remedy for this misconduct: impeachment.”

A vote on articles of impeachment against Trump is expected before the end of the year. Trump’s alleged attempts to obstruct the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in 2016, and links between Trump and Moscow, may also be considered....

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